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Official PlDyn Starbound Modlist
This is the official mod-list for the PlDyn Modded Starbound server.

This list will be updated as edits are made to the content on the server. Make sure that what is located here is installed on your client before joining the server or else you may crash. Content here will also likely be a "one-way-trip" such that the mods add new biomes to worlds and whatnot. Joining a vanilla world with a modded client will likely crash the world. Make sure that if you are switching back and forth between vanilla and modded, that you do it caarefully and correctly or else you may lose your characters.

Some of these mods in this collection are a client only mod such as the container GUI tweak (which is amazing). These will not be installed on the server, but are considered part of the modded server content.

Collection Information
This is a compendium of mods from various different authors. It was composed in such a fashion that the goal was quality of life (QoL), gameplay enhancement, and mechanical improvement. The biggest of these power players are the "Frackin'" mods. Here below I will list the descriptor for the mods, more detailed informaion can be found on each mods respective workshop page.

  • Frackin' Races: Gives races each their own perks and abilities. Overhauling food and base stats within certain scenarios. (ie: Glitch's get more food from Currentcorn and Wattage Potage. Hylotls gain a movement bonus while in liquids (You know, because fish)).
  • Frackin' Universe: A massive mod that adds all kinds of new stuff from new biomes, to items, creatures, and general gameplay tweaks. (ie: Mech suits no longer constantly drain power, if you stop moving then your energy stops draining)
  • Container UI Tweak: Makes it so what when you open an inventory for the first time, you can move your inventory out of the way to see what you're opening. Then for each one after, automatically opens with noted position. (ie: looting a cluster of crates is difficult when you keep hitting 'E' on the crates inventory.)
  • AnTiHair: Seems obvious. New hairs for each race.
  • Crazy's Music Collection: It''s a music collection.
  • Matter Manipulator Manipulator: A QoL mod that adds functionality that would seem basic, such as switching from 3x3 to 2x2 or 1x1 sizes. Toggleable block/liquid collection. Paint color changes can now be clicked on instead of scrolled. (This requires the Quickbar Mini Mod)
  • Dramatic Deaths: Makes dying look a lot better. Instead of *poof, you're some particles*, its more like *Fall over, poof, you're some particles*

Questions? Open a topic in the PlDyn forums or ask any of the staff members about it.
Items (13)
Container UI Tweak
Created by Lunchghost
When interacting with containers, move the inventory and container windows so they don't obscure the area near the player.

This is a purely client-side mod and should be compatible with all other mods.

*** TL;DR: Starbound v1.1 saves your invent...
Frackin' Races
Created by Sayter
Does not add races. Adds -abilities- to races

You will need to download supported modded races on your own time. A modpack for all races is not provided.

Frackin' Universe
Created by Sayter
Note: FU adds new races. FU requires a Character Extender such as or you'll experience crashes when attempting to create characters or load.

Disclaimer: Installing F
Created by Annuschka

This mod adds 275 new hair styles for all races. A lot of them are long (especially for the males) and most of the human male styles have beards too. Human and Apex hav...
Quickbar Mini
Created by Silverfeelin
A standalone version of the Quickbar from zetaPRIME's StardustLib mod.

If a mod requires this mod, you may also choose to install StardustLib instead. Installing both mods won't hurt eith...
Matter Manipulator Manipulator
Created by v6
I have uploaded a early version of MMM 2.X that requires Quickbar from either Quickbar Mini or StardustLib.

This version allows you to
- Change size & alt size (holding down shift)
- Toggle block & liquid collection.
- Change color of paint to
Dramatic Deaths
Created by アイッラ
Replaces the vanilla death animation with a weightier, more dramatic motion. More specifically, it replaces the first six frames of the animation using hand-drawn pixel art with the intent to make the act of dying and killing more impactful than the origin...
CrazyFreak's Musical Collection
Created by CrazyFreak
NOTE: I have moved the song list to a Google Spreadsheet for ease of management. Check it out by clicking 'Song List' below!

Hey there, I see you've stumbled across my musical collection! Let me ask you this: Have you ever wanted a particular s...
AMP - Another Mod Pack (Hair and Beak Collection)
Created by Heck.
Update 4.1! - Edited one or two hairstyles that just looked... weird... Only minor changes, don't grab your pitchforks and torches just yet.
- Added some new Hylotl fins.
- Fixed Glitch Hairstyles being female only. (Thanks CheshAmoeba for catchin
Industrial Elevator
Created by Nekobi
This simple mod adds a new tram with an industrial style.

Now you can travel with style and safely thanks to those fences with hazard tape on it!
As it is lighter than the original one, it's also sligthly faster, perfect for your mining bases or indust...
Better Shield Generator
Created by Cipher
Simple mod brings Shield Generator into the game!


Buy item from the Pixel Printer then place it attatch switch test with matter ma...
Timeout Patch
Created by Cryztalzone
If you connect to a server and it immediatly disconnects you due to inactivity you can install this mod to prevent it from doing that. It sets the inactivity time to 3600 seconds (1 Hour) so it can disconnect you after one Hour of playtime

Extended Songbook
Created by v6
This is a client-side mod.

Extends the Songbook window so you can fit more items at the same time.

If you want to extend more of your GUI then you can find the mod "Extended GUI"