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The game ARMA 3 is outdated and not a prenes of such an atmosphere of the simulator. Our group came to the conclusion that it will not continue production of the island's mods. And we stop all actions. July 3, 2018. Very sorry!

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TheNightstalk3r Aug 22 @ 10:32am 
Steam's 29th most played game? Yea absolutely "outdated". </sarcasm>
Ahroovi Aug 21 @ 1:41pm 
Arma 3 absolutely is outdated. It JUST had a bug fixed that had existed since their first game release, using this engine. Yes, THIS engine, it is the same engine as the older ones, just with stuff tacked on to it that makes it more unstable and run worse.
Granted, this is the only game of it's type so we're stuck with it for now, but with mods it becomes great.
GeneticResearch Aug 17 @ 4:42pm 
The Game Arma 3 is outdated? Is that a joke? Arma 3 is the most recent large scale military simulation. Arma gets new updates, content and developer support till today. Nothing exist what is more current. Or did you have a newer Arma or large scale military simulation game? where it is?

If you dont like to update your mod or create a new one for arma then dont lie.
NightmareHxC Jul 29 @ 11:15am 
No please!
realitywups Jul 24 @ 6:41pm 
Will you be back when Arma4 comes out with a new graphics engine?
Broken Spoon Millita Leader Jun 30 @ 4:09am 
Will you guys release Clafgahn 2.0 before you guys leave?
Moonraker Jun 20 @ 10:32pm 
Sad to see you guys leaving Arma, any chance will you be releasing the Lost Region map before July 3?
Nichols Jun 11 @ 1:25pm 
Are you guys going to leave the mods on the Workshop or are they being pulled? I hope they stay as we really like the maps and live with the small bugs we have found.
2RGT Hollywood May 22 @ 3:51am 
Hi Nremik, I have a problem with UHAO ISLAND and its bisign. I saw that in the Addons folder such maps has an extension other than. PbO and there is no bisign... trying to throw a mix on the server tells me that it does not have an accepted key and then makes me go out. Thanks
Mister_X May 13 @ 3:10am 
...Merde vous êtes Français ..... j'avais pas fait attention ... rhooo le con.... :steamfacepalm:
Bref tout ça pour dire qu'avec un scénario comme OPEX de Gemini .
Oh putain !!! j'en rève ... :steamhappy: