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Configurable Resource Converter
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Configurable Resource Converter

Mod ID : 1310242589
Clean and Stackable

Configurable Resource Converter

This mod will allow you to convert any resource (or item) into any other resource (or item).
There are no preset conversions within the mod.

No messy GUS.ini codes needed, everything is done ingame via the Configuratorer.

No need to post your servers conversions on your chat group/forums ... a dynamic UI attached to the Resource Forge will list them for you.

Compatible with other mod items.

Configuring The Resource Forge

Adding, Amending or Deleting conversions from the Resource Forge is done via the Configuratorer.

The Configuratorer is admin spawn only, and once placed, can only be accessed by admins (no need to worry about leaving one in your corpse or storage box).

The Configuratorer has 2 inventory slots. The first slot is the Source/Input of the conversion and the second slot is the Output of the conversion.

The quantities you put in each slot will reflect the conversion ratio.
The image above would make a conversion entry of Stone->Flint at a ratio of 7:2 to the Resource Forge

Simply click the Update button in the inventory page to add the entry.
A system message will appear and the items will disappear.

To Delete a conversion, simply place the 2 items of an existing conversion (in the same order) into the Configuratorer (with the EXACT quantities) and click update.... again, a system message will appear and the items disappear.
e.g. placing 7 stone and 2 flint into the configuratorer will delete the conversion.

To Amend a conversion, Simply place the 2 items of an existing conversion (in the same order) into the Configuratorer (with your amended quantities) and click update... again, a system message will appear and the items disappear.
e.g. placing 5 Stone and 2 Flint into the configuratorer will amend the previous 7 stone, 2 Flint to a ratio of 5:2.


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Apr 12 @ 10:00pm
Feb 22 @ 5:17pm
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Xrl69 Apr 18 @ 1:20am 
So I have 2 bugs to report not complain just wanted you to know the list somehow dupes and when I looked at the info chart it went to another players screen and was stuck on there. When you get time fix it if possible.
The Beard Apr 1 @ 6:54am 
This works for all items, admin use setup is in the description!
Spawn in the admin item, spawn in items, do your conversion!
R4skall Feb 25 @ 4:18pm 
@Gumballz can you do a converter for abberition items like you did for scorched earth? it would be really helpful to have that available to me as for some reason on my non dedicated server i can no longer use commands for whatever reason. even through the host options tab and would rather not have to configure the settings manually for them
Hermit Feb 24 @ 4:06pm 
(Also, please excuse the momentary off-topic, but I really love your avatar! :D )
Hermit Feb 24 @ 4:05pm 
@Arlia: There are none by default. The server admin sets up whatever conversions they want to use by adding items to the admin-spawned configuration tool, then those conversions can be seen by players in the radial menu of the forge. So you can have whatever conversions you wish^^
Arliayanna Feb 24 @ 2:29pm 
Very nice. Is there a way to see a list of all conversions at all?
Harl Blabberhoof Feb 24 @ 12:57am 
Yeah, I also like this mod alot. It's easy, it's super-hyper-fast, it's reliable, it's flexible. But as Hermit said, a n:1 conversion option would be baller (e.g. if you want to convert 10 Fertilizer into 1 Oil and Fertilizer not being stackable...). And we should post such insights better in the "Suggestions" Thread instead of here, but man, I just wanted to leave a comment as well :D
Hermit Feb 23 @ 2:11pm 
Okay, given this a test, and I love it! It seems to work nice and smoothly, and is ideal for getting resources from other maps without having to go there^^

Perhaps my one small wish is that there was an option to require two different items for the conversion process. For example, the option to have fungal wood crafted by a piece of normal wood and a rare mushroom. Or an item of sulfur requiring both spawkpowder and charcoal together, instead of just one or the other.

But that's only a little thing, no big deal. I can set to require multiple of a particular item if I need it to be a little more expensive, so it's all good. Whatever the case, this mod is gold - thanks for your work Gumballz :D
Hermit Feb 22 @ 6:42pm 
o.O Interesting...that's a completely different way of doing it to what I would have expected, but now that I read it I see the potential. This could be amazing!

Thank you for bringing it to us Gum, I'll try this out soon as I'm able :D