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Mining Guide & Resource Locations
By Tranquil Evening
This guide tells you the best places for mining and where to get rare materials early.
Resource Locations
Here I will list the earliest points where you can gather the material and my recommendation for easy harvesting.

  • Earliest: Safe Shallows (Metal Salvage & Limestone)
  • Best: Safe Shallows & Kelp Forest (Metal Salvage & Limestone)
  • Large Deposits: Lost River

  • Earliest: Safe Shallows (Limestone)
  • Best: Kelp Forest Caves & Grassy Plateus (Limestone)
  • Large Deposits: Southern Blood Kelp Forest

  • Earliest: Kelp Forest (Sandstone)
  • Best: Underwater Islands (Sandstone)
  • Large Deposits: Jellyshroom Caves & Lost River

  • Earliest: Kelp Forest (Sandstone)
  • Best: Underwater Islands, Jellyshroom Caves & Sea Treader’s Path (Sandstone & Shale Outcrop)
  • Large Deposits: Jellyshroom Caves & Lost River

  • Found in Lost River, both in single chunks and Large Deposits.

  • Earliest: Kelp Forest (Sandstone)
  • Best: Kelp Forest Caves & Grassy Plateus (Limestone)
  • Large Deposits: Lost River

  • Earliest: Mountain Island (Shale Outcrop)
  • Best: Mushroom Forest (seafloor) & Jellyshroom Caves (Shale Outcrop)
  • Large Deposits: Lost River

  • Earliest: Jellyshroom Caves (seafloor)
  • Best: Jellyshroom Caves & Lost River (seafloor)
  • Large Deposits: Jellyshroom Caves

  • Earliest: Safe Shallows (caves)
  • Best: Grassy Plateus (in the grass) & Underwater Islands
  • Large Deposits: Lost River & Grand Reef

  • Earliest: Jellyshroom Caves & Mountain Island (Shale Outcrop)
  • Best: Underwater Islands & Sea Treader’s Path (Shale Outcrop)

  • Earliest: Sparse Reef (caves)
  • Best: Grand Reef (seafloor and caves) & Bulb Zone (caves)

  • Earliest: Inactive Lava Zone (Large Deposit)
  • Best: Inactive Lava Zone (Large Deposit), Lava Castle (caves)
  • Only found in Large Deposits.

Crystalline Sulfur
  • Earliest: Lost River (seafloor, in poison pools)
  • Best: Lost River (seafloor, walls), Lava Castle (walls)

  • Earliest: Mountain Island (underwater, on the mountain walls)
  • Best: Lost River & Deep Grand Reef (seafloor, walls)
  • Large Deposits: Underwater Islands, Lost River & Deep Grand Reef

Readers' findings:
  • TheJAY_ZA recommends huge cave system in Mountains for Rubies and Uraninite. Watch out for Reapers nearby!
  • Sandvich found Nickel in the Deep Blood Kelp Zone, about 800 meters down (caves).
Tips For Beginners
  • For easy resource gathering in middle parts of the game I recommend these leviathan-free zones: Underwater Islands, Mushroom Forest and Jellyshroom Caves. Later on Lost River provides you with almost every resource you need.

  • Caves usually have the most rare resources of the biome, but be careful not to get lost.

  • If you need gold, diamonds and lithium early, head to Mountain Island. Remember to bring water, cured food and a first aid kit.

  • Build a Scanner Room to help you find useful materials.

  • Add Storage Modules to your Seamoth and Prawn Suit for extra storing space on long mining trips.

  • Prawn Suit Claw Arm can pick up resources and break outcrops. Items will be stored in Storage Module.
Mining Nodes
Limestone is a great source of Titanium, important material for crafting early game gear. It is very common in biomes near the surface and is usually found on seabed, walls and caves.

  • Titanium
  • Copper
Recommended harvesting locations:
  • Safe Shallows (easiest)
  • Kelp Forest (small & medium predators)
  • Grassy Plateus (requires Oxygen Tank, small & medium predators)

Sandstone Outcrop
Materials from Sandstone are crucial for crafting important components, such as computer chips and wiring kits.

Materials: Lead, Silver, Gold
  • Lead
  • Silver
  • Gold
Recommended harvesting locations:
  • Kelp Forest (easiest, small & medium predators)
  • Grassy Plateus (requires Oxygen Tank, small & medium predators)
  • Underwater Islands (requires Seamoth, medium predators)

Shale Outcrop
Contains materials for advanced tools and gear.

  • Lithium
  • Gold
  • Diamond
Recommended harvesting locations:
  • Mountain Island (easiest if you don’t have Seamoth, usually found underwater on the walls of the island base, avoid Warpers)
  • Underwater Islands (easiest if you have seamoth, islands have plenty of Shale Outcrops on them, avoid Bonesharks)
  • Grand Reef & Deep Grand Reef (requires Prawn Suit or upgraded Seamoth, large predators)

Found on Reefback leviathans (not aggressive). Reefbacks spawn near the surface of plain and forest type biomes. They might have aggressive spiked plants on their back, so watch out.

  • Copper
  • Silver
Recommended harvesting locations:
  • Grassy Plateus (easiest)
  • Bulb Zone
  • Sparse Reef
Large Resource Deposits
Large Resource Deposits give a great amount of one resource. They can be harvested with Prawn Suit Drill Arm.

Large Deposits are useful in mid to late game when returning to shallow biomes isn’t needed, reducing backtracking for gathering materials. The best places to find large deposits are in Lost River and Lava Zones. Tree Cove in Lost River is the safest option and is full of all kinds of Large Deposits, while Lava Zones have Large Deposits scattered all over the place with plenty of predators (and even Leviathans) lurking around.

Following materials have Large Resource Deposits: Titanium, Copper, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Lead, Lithium, Magnetite, Quartz, Kyanite and Uraninite.

Good locations for harvesting a specific Large Deposits are listed in Mining Resource Locations.
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belaxir Jul 12 @ 2:33am 
bro just go to sparse reef grassy plateus kelp foret you have all the loot imo lol
no Feb 10 @ 2:04pm 
warpers are terrible, terrifying, terrible, and terrible.
d.neutz Feb 10 @ 11:16am 
warpers will still attack you even if you dont stick yourself on any stage you play.
no Jan 14 @ 1:45pm 
Sparse reef is also quite good for easily spotting sandstone outcrops pre-scanner room, or atleast in my experience. Just watch for the tiger plants.
no Jan 13 @ 3:02pm 
I noticed in the blood kelp, specifically blood kelp two, the quartz is extremely easy to spot and there's quite a ton of it.
B Site Guard Nov 19, 2021 @ 6:04pm 
theres so many quartz nodes in the crags
Tranquil Evening  [author] Nov 5, 2021 @ 7:10am 
I added my location recommendation to the tips section.
Also to add to my previous comment: I recommend taking seeds and table/tube coral materials with you to Lost River. Some plants are not available in these areas.
Tranquil Evening  [author] Nov 5, 2021 @ 7:06am 
Safe places I usually visit for better resources are Underwater Islands, Mushroom Forest and Jellyshroom caves. These are easy places you can visit with Seamoth.
After you get the submarine or prawn, you can move to Lost River. It has almost all resources you could ask for, it's very easy to build a new base there and you rarely need to visit the surface for anything.
TalmondTheLost Nov 3, 2021 @ 2:38pm 
Lithium Deposits in mushroom forest
TalmondTheLost Oct 31, 2021 @ 4:12pm 
I found Uraninite in mountains, at 133m.