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Fun Landing Spots with rotatcepS & Depressed Doge
By rotatcepS =(iD)=
Go on a tour of several maps to find funny places to land with the thermal thruster. Some of them are even useful!
Obviously this guide doesn't cover all the spots in all the maps, but it showcases a few fun or surprising spots that Depressed Doge and rotatcepS have come across while playing with the Thermal Thruster and we wanted to share!

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On top of the truck in the "Mechanic's Shop"After Final BLU Spawn

These white pipes can be walked on the side or in front of RED spawn for an ambush.
Outside First RED Spawn Doors
Scouts can get here with the winger

Barbed wire around the area is a place you can stand

Many unavailable rooftops have edges you can barely stand on, still

Above the doorway to the stairs down to intel

On the rocks to the side of the stairs down to intel

A ledge on the way from the stairs to intel

BLU setup party in the rafters
BLU First Spawn
Decorations are often an option

The barn window shutter has a "sill" you can get on here for a sneaky ambush
Outside BLU First Spawn

I ended way up here with the help of a sentry (and probably only while holding "S" to float there):

outside BLU's second spawn

another classic spot

Easy for any class to ambush from

A couple of shelves upstairs at midway

Only have I made it here once, but it lets you walk the whole length of this area above everything else

Above RED's final spawn - silly, but a possible ambush by BLU.
Next to the obvious scaffold there is this vent that gets you a little higher.
First BLU Spawn
As mentioned in comments, hiding above the spawn train door's sign is a good ambush.

There are fun spots out of the gates that red snipers can leap to from the balcony

And this spot is way above red's initial spawn for an ambush

The corner of this partial wall and one of BLU's access routes from their final spawn lets you stand on it for an ambush.
Outside Final BLU Spawn

And finally I found this strange invisible ledge leaves you floating a story above the building for this other ambush spot. It's a great place for pyro parties.

Outside Final BLU Spawn

Mossrock is FILLED with mostly-on-purpose surprising surfaces. Including several ledges just outside of fences, and of course this classic one at the waterfall.

Fun spawn spot

Best hiding spot - under the front porch.

This ledge on the far side of the first point is barely visible, and can barely be reached with the jetpack.

and it's a long way down.

Interesting spot among several just after BLU's second spawn:

ninja spot near final point

jetpacking towards the final point with a sentry behind the tree, I ended up on an otherwise unreachable-by-pyro surface above RED Spawn

Mercenary Park
(No Picture) Basically every barbed-wire fence can be walked in Mercenary Park. In fact the ones on the crate-side of the First Point can be accessed by any class via the crates.

Here is a great place to taunt the other team (and reachable by any class with a jump from the barbed-wire fence corner)
First Point

Lots of room up next to these gigantic spinning blades of death.
After Second Point

Basically every windowsill in Mercenary Park is an accessible surface...
Second Point
even with bars.
Last PointOutside Last Point

Several girders can be reached...
BLU First Spawn
but only the parts that are over empty space.

The far girder can be walked between the buildings, but not right next to the building nor the other girders that go along the walls.
Outside Last Point

Here it's not the girder, but the column you can stand on. Walking further "on the girder" you fall down.
First Point

The two spots on either side of the control room at the first point are a nice spot for a couple of gargoyles. However, you have to get on top of the control room and drop down, you can't easily jump up to the spot.
First Point
And this roof edge behind the first point can be walked

In addition to the two girders in blu spawn (as well as the two angled ones above them), you can get to this wall segment, plus the cave stone here can be reached on either side of it...
BLU First Spawn
however this spot next to the girder got Doge stuck with his jetpack "on" and he had to suicide to escape!
BLU First Spawn

The fire alarm boxes are accessible here, too.
Second Point

Finally we have the best 2 spots in any map, in my opinion.
There are two "bent up" beams in the ceiling that are accessible surfaces. An invisible ceiling is just above this so this is as far as you can go.
Last Point
The view from there is great.
Last PointLast Point
And it ends up you can get to a few more areas than the beams
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Panini Police Mar 1 @ 6:27am 
There is one on frontier at first point you can hide on the BLU sign on the front entrance to their spawn
Phallus impudicus Feb 27 @ 6:12am 
thermal thruster pyros like things thrusting up their rear
rotatcepS =(iD)=  [author] Feb 23 @ 8:16am 
Do you know some funny :balloonicorn: or sneaky :spycon: spots to land?
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