Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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How to find & play modules on Neverwinter Vault
By Proleric
There are thousands of fan-made adventures on Neverwinter Vault.

Here's how to choose & play the best.

Also covers required items from the Vault, such as CEP or Project Q.
How to find & play modules on Neverwinter Vault
There are thousands of fan-made adventures on Neverwinter Vault to suit every taste.

Check out these module classifications[] to find the best for you.

When you've chosen a module, installation is easy.

These instructions are for all Enhanced Edition owners, including those playing on Steam.

First, ensure that you can see file name extensions. For example, in Windows 10, open File Explorer and check File Name Extensions on the View tab.

Here's an example[] of a Vault module (best opened in a new tab so that you can refer to it).

Scroll down to the Files section. Right click on the attachment link and download.

Now scroll down to the Required Projects (if any). These are just like Required Items in Steam Workshop. If you haven't downloaded them before, follow the links and download their attachments in the same way.

To make the download faster, most of the files will be compressed containers, such as .zip, .7z, .rar or .exe. The next step is to extract the contents. 7-Zip[] is a handy free utility that works with all of those formats.

What follows is easily done manually, but, if you get stuck, there's an installation tool called NIT[] .

There may be text documents (.txt, .pdf, .doc etc) with installation help / hints / walkthrough.

Install the uncompressed game files in the Neverwinter Nights folder in your Documents. If you have an earlier version than Enhanced Edition, use the nwn folder within your Neverwinter Nights installation instead. On Android, the path is Android > Data > com.beamdog.nwnandroid > files > user.

This has several sub-folders. Each file goes into the sub-folder that matches its extension.

For example, a simple module will just have one .mod file, which goes in Neverwinter Nights\modules. Others will also have .hak files with additional artwork, which go in Neverwinter Nights\hak. Here's a full list for reference (but relax, it's not normally this complicated) :

.bik, .wbm
portraits (but see below)
all other

Now all you have to do is play and have fun.

If you're playing on Steam, content download from the Vault won't appear on Steam Workshop, but it will appear in the list of modules when you start a New Game in NWN.

Override - Be aware that anything you put in the override folder will change the Official Campaign and all of your custom modules (including those obtained from Steam Workshop) which might cause compatibility issues in some cases.

Portraits - portrait .tga files are normally named with the prefix po_ and a suffix letter, e.g. po_ninjagirl_h.tga or whatever. If the name is nothing like that, the .tga probably belongs in override instead.

Movies - Enhanced Edition does not support .bik files, which need to be converted to .wbm files (NIT does this automatically). If left as .bik files, the module will still work, but movies will not play.

Licence - Fans have generously contributed these modules to the Vault for free. They can be played as described above, but please don't assume you can upload them to Steam Workshop or any other site. Refer to the Permissions section on the module page, and the Vault guidelines, for further information.

Folder Names & Path - You can change the folder name and path used for each type of file by editing the parameters in nwn.ini.
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Proleric  [author] Dec 31, 2019 @ 8:43am 
@Surazal done.
Surazal Dec 31, 2019 @ 4:08am 
You may want to mention that .wbm files are copied to the movies folder. Enhanced Edition does not support .bik files, which need to be converted to .wbm files (NIT does this automatically).
xraytec Aug 14, 2019 @ 9:20am 
Today I logged in, and it just started downloading? But thank you for the help.
Proleric  [author] Jan 1, 2019 @ 3:17pm 
@No Game Skills - probably best to ask Beamdog in their forum.
No Game Skills Jan 1, 2019 @ 2:41pm 
Is there a way for PW's to share the same CD keys made by a PC version, to a android version? The CD keys are not the same and they make a new vault when you log in.
Proleric  [author] Dec 22, 2018 @ 3:11am 
The Required Projects list on the Vault (Required Items list on Steam Workshop) tells you which haks each module requires. A considerable number of modules require either CEP1 [] or CEP2 [] so you'll probably need to download both eventually.

The only CEP versions you should ever need are the two linked above (even if a module specifies an earlier version). However, you do need both CEP1 and CEP2 to play the full range of modules.
Azariah Dec 21, 2018 @ 8:07pm 
do older modules still need a CEPv1.x installation?
Rocket Redfern Dec 15, 2018 @ 12:12am 
Beamdog were awesome in quickly helping me resolve this.
for other android users: if your modules aren't showing up in game, follow the above guide, but put your hak and mod files in their respective hk and mod folders in the data file instead of user.

great game!
Proleric  [author] Dec 14, 2018 @ 11:48pm 
@Rocket Redfern for Android, you can raise a bug report here:

I'd include screenshots of your modules folder (showing the path and contents), and the Other Modules list in game.
Rocket Redfern Dec 14, 2018 @ 11:31pm 
i used that file path and created my subfolders there, still my modules are not showing up in game :(