Master Levels for DOOM II

Master Levels for DOOM II

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How to play Master Levels without modifying the game files or downloading extra WADs
By Huguy
There are multiple guides that involve teaching people how to modify WADs or guide them to download ZDoom and derived ports that are not really user friendly, because none of them offer native support for Master Levels. The aim of this guide is to show people how to use another less known source port that supports Master Levels natively, and allows players to pick the level they want to play directly in the menu.
There are a lot of guides on Steam that teach people how to edit the levels, and use modding tools to compile them together for ZDoom (and derived ports) to load. The problem is that ZDoom does not offer perfect compatibility, and requires a lot of set up to properly use.

The purpose of this guide is to raise awareness about other Doom source ports that offer a more user-friendly approach. In this case, Eternity Engine, which offers compatibility with the Master Levels "out of the box". It also offers other features like high screen resolutions, mouse-look and such, in case users want them. They come disabled by default, but players who really want them can activate them in the options.

Obtaining Eternity Engine
Eternity Engine can be downloaded from the its official site here:

There's a link at the bottom of the page to download the latest official version, under the "Latest version" section. However, the latest official version has a problem with games saved on some levels, which has been fixed on the nightly builds. So naturally, you're advised to download the latest nightly build from here[] (it's the same link you find on their official site).

Just pick the version you want for your system.

Windows users can click on the link provided in this guide, and you should download either the 32 or 64-bit versions, depending on your system:

You can check your system version by right clicking Computer, and then selecting "properties".

In the screenshot, it reads "system type".

Mac users can click on the menu you find to the left of the link I provided, where you will see this listed under "Eternity":

You will be able to download the compiled DMG files from the list then.

Since Eternity Engine is open source, Linux users can get the source code from Github[]. Building instructions are detailed on the main page of the project, which you find in the link.
Setting it up
Okay, first of all, a disclaimer: this section will mostly apply to Windows, because Master Levels for Doom 2 is not available for the Linux version of Steam, and I don't know if it is for Mac (since I don't have one).

So, after downloading the zip file, all you have to do is to unzip all the files inside the Master Levels folder. To do this, go into your library, and right click over the Master Levels icon, and press properties. After this, click on the "local files tab", and you'll see this dialogue:

Clicking on the highlighted option will open the Master Levels folder. All you have to do next is simply rename the Dosbox executable you'll find there to something else, and name Eternity.exe "dosbox.exe". In the screenshot, I renamed Dosbox.exe "dosbox.ex_" and placed Eternity.exe in its place:

After you've done this, you're ready to launch the game from your Steam library.
That's all. Once you launch the game, the Eternity Engine will start Doom II: Hell on Earth. This is intended, because the engine loads all the Doom 2 data from the Doom2.wad file present on your "doom2" folder there.

All you have to do is start a new game, and you'll be greeted with the "Which Expansion?" menu, where you can select Master Levels:

Once you select it, a prompt pops up where you can select whatever Master Levels WAD you want, and it will immediately play:

If you want to configure things like screen resolution, rebind keys, or modify other aspects of the game, you can do all that in the options:

Most default options (save for the controls and screen resolution) will suit about everyone, so unless you feel like messing around with more advanced settings (like selecting Enemy AI behaviors, text colors, etc.) those would be the only 2 things you will probably need to change. Otherwise is just a matter of selecting a WAD and starting your game.