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Feb 20, 2018 @ 2:56pm
Apr 16 @ 4:54am
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Strike the mod menu of your server!

/ ✓ \ works perfectly with all Anticheat System / Admin Menu System / ✓ \


I propose to you an original idea of meepdarknessmeep [] code source called "anti net exploit"

with a supplement of exploit rather consequent.

Unnecessary in solo mode it is essentially for a multi server, just add it to your collection for it to take effect!

SNTE offers various functionalities:

- Detection of a exploitable net.Start (give money | laggy exploit) - Block vicious infect via lua_run - Patch the new method crash exploit (Armdupe) , convars set "1" default (snte_duperun 1) - Patch the "Bouncy Ball" exploit (crash method) - Self ban of the player using an exploit menu (because is he deserves it) - management method for displaying the ban pattern in various external systems (gban/gextension/fadmin/ulx)

UPDATE 26 & 27 !

Q. How do I designate SNTE ban patterns in a system I use such as GBAN?

R. These very simple, go to your web panel and type in the console snte_banmethod gban ,SNTE start to display in GBAN users banned for attempted exploits!

list format of the different compatible systems that you must type in the web panel :

snte_banmethod base
snte_banmethod ulx
snte_banmethod fadmin
snte_banmethod gban
snte_banmethod gextension

-- UPDATE 27 Redesign of the anti lua_run --

the anti lua_run before didn't allow you to reactivate the lua_run as you wish (which could be embarrassing for developers) in short you can now use the convars in web panel (only) , reboot and profit:

snte_ulxluarun 1 -> set by default (so the lua_run is not usable)
snte_ulxluarun 0 -> the lua run is available (allows to use the lua_run freely)

If you have any suggestions or questions, please share them below.

the goal is to literally hurt the french and english cheats menu that breaks the balls pretty fast with their ♥♥♥♥♥♥ videos

Regarding the future, I think basically to inflate the list a little more if possible and why not add additional functions (effect before ban ?, or additional notification?)

/! \ For the staff of the server /! \

If you have clumsy cheats that are excluded from your server thank you to share the steamid via our site ( you will find a very intuitive means of contact on the right.

- Why do that? is this mandatory?

Originally posted by Sambre:
Not of course not that it is just an external help to contribute to our security addon.

Many thanks to for the pub on his discord , I invite you very seriously to come take a ride on his discord or his relayed leaked ♥♥♥♥♥♥ mod menu or backdoor menu story to analyze and understand how to avoid the net exploitable on your servers (I'm going to basically develop it)

Example indication of various mod menu destroyed thanks to SNTE (because is very famous <3):

- EC (funny)
- LOKI (as well as the 88475 version barely edit <3)
- B1G (suxx)
- BRIDGEHACK (lol who uses that in 2018?)
- Solly's menu
- Lako menu
- R8 menu
- Defqon
- Reaper (free menu)
- Ambush (tiny backdoor menu)
- Child Menu (french backdoor menu)
- DarkExploit
- Inj3 menu
- pity menu
- ect..ect

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Pandafish 4 hours ago 
Is this compatible with
Last question, I promise.
👌  [author] Apr 20 @ 7:48am 

SNTE is compatible with any anti-cheat, SNTE is a wholesale security supplement ;)
Pandafish Apr 20 @ 5:04am 
Should I use this alongside cake anti-cheat for maximum protection against exploits/hacks?
👌  [author] Apr 20 @ 3:46am 

no it is just a basic security measure against exploit menus (it concerns addons poorly developed or obsolete in terms of security), after SNTE also manages other automatic options, it is really enough to read the description to understand
Pandafish Apr 20 @ 3:23am 
What is this? Is it an anti-cheat?
mantis Apr 19 @ 10:49am 
i've seen anti-cheats to around and directly make contact with cheats just so that they can keep adding price-tags onto them (i.e texashook), but gmod seems to spawn some of the most "wholesome" menus of the sort.
mantis Apr 19 @ 10:46am 
it's a dirty business, but due to the sheer competition that a lot of programmers get, its often a resort that people go to-- the big assumption is that exploit menus and cheat menus are just programmers who seriously just have nothing to do. (same is ad-nauseum for both sides depending on perspective) for some, yes-- it's just a product of greed, but sometimes its out of passion or a genuine lack of options.

although, i do find it funny that this gay-ass banter has turned into some semi-genuine conversation.
mantis Apr 19 @ 10:46am 
i will tell you this, after a few years in programming cheats, people who really want to do so will find a way . people still pay for csgo cheats at nearly 120 usd for a client. it's insane how much market there is for these sort of things, not that i'm that greedy myself.

when someone localizes a countermarket, its almost a coalition between cheats and anti-cheat to monopolize and slowly rise their prices up in order for both parents to gain the most out of people who just want to play the game.

once you become a free entity on either side, (most of my "job" is spent with unity games), you absolutely flat the bottom line. when someone just comes out of the woodworks to be like; "hey, go ahead" or "no, don't do that" with little to no charges-- you existentially kill a market.
👌  [author] Apr 19 @ 10:36am 

we like to provide a free script for the people, it sounds like a kind of rebellion against the capitalist system but it is not, we think first of all of the Africans who do not have the opportunity to have the chance to eat their fill and who also see children on their servers using menu mods.

It's a great prevention story even though we don't receive any money but ultimately only what the money has next to the smiles and thanks of the players :lunar2019piginablanket:
mantis Apr 19 @ 10:32am 
woah an anti that isn't breached on the gmodstore? it's almost like charging for modding in a game all about mods is basically like TexasHook and is a complete fucking scam???