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Saddle Torch Plus
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Feb 19 @ 11:28pm
Jun 11 @ 6:35pm
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Saddle Torch Plus

Very basic and simple Mod. Haven't seen much love for the saddle torches since they came out so figured I would expand on them to make them more useful.

  • added glow effect similar to the attached torches to all tamed dinos.

Will be looking into future ideas of changing the flame colors based on different actions around the player similar to how the Sholder pets notify you of max level dinos, etc. for now, just a basic mod. will consider expanding it later.
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soepie7 Jul 30 @ 4:21am 
How about a consumable that adds the effect to a dino, instead of it being forced to everything?
jokobo11689 Jul 27 @ 10:09pm 
tinny suggestion. Mod is great but perhaps turning the saddle torches off for some animals that don't have saddles that are also ridable (thinking mostly of Ovis sheep). I leave them on breed so that my dinos have easy food, but once I came back to my cave on fire with 30 sheep glowing like angles and my only male Elk stuck above the heard being underlite. Maybe animals for farming shouldn't have the effect? Just athought
Jim Hawkins Jun 23 @ 5:58pm 
I understand, nice mod anyway, I'm just a dreamer ahah
Temil2006  [author] Jun 23 @ 5:48pm 
@JIM :: it not that easy. to do what you stated, yea that would be great. that would also require the devs to change / add a new torch saddle location (as that is set by the devs). Would also require all moders of all dino mods to follow suit. "OR" or would require me with this mod, to remake every single sadle and add a pocket with the graphics for it.

alot of work, for something so minor. that's why the Devs placed them where they did. because it would have been way to much work to change all the old saddles and all
Jim Hawkins Jun 23 @ 5:19pm 
I like this mod but I would love to see more realistic looking torches.
Imo torches are weird when placed on dinos, they should be attached to the saddle like in a pocket or something. Nice mod tho
Temil2006  [author] Jun 23 @ 1:06pm 
your request, you are asking to have the flight to be the same as the one from the glow pets? I might be able to do that, but i was also trying to make it more unique and not simply reuse the previous dev effects, etc. ;)

about the range, it's a litle shorter, as the torch one, with all the dinos having it, is rather blinding. place true torchs on them all, and see what i mean ;)
Temil2006  [author] Jun 23 @ 1:06pm 
DRNSKR :: in reference to your feedback.
the light radias is lightly below, because of having to take into account "ALL" dinos, moded as well and not all dinos have the same pointers, etc for locations on them. it's acually slightly below there face area, so that it can proejct correctly, instead of projecting from inside the dino.

correct, it does work with pets that don't have saddles. this is to address multiple times that people asked for this feature. also to fix the issue where moded dinos aren't created with all the correct points, speicficly the torch point, which was placing the torch on the ground which was crappy looking.
drmskr Jun 23 @ 12:42pm 
I have also knoticed that the light almost seems to be coming from underneath the pets instead of ontop of them. The light radius is also quite a bit smaller.

I have mixed feeling about the way it currently is.

I like the look of multiple pets in an area, lighting up the base which so far, has eliminated my use of standing torches in this play through...

It works with pets that don't have a saddle, which seems kind of cheaty, yet same pet, if you pick it up for your shoulder, the lighting vanishes..

Any possibility of an Aberration version, where the light is the equivelent to a glow stick instead of a torch? *shrug*

I don't know, just a couple quick thoughts.

Thanks for the mod!
soepie7 Jun 21 @ 8:05am 
And then maybe as toggle you can use the "Light" emote, which also toggles a Lantern Pet on your shoulder.
xxbeatxx6 Jun 20 @ 9:09pm 
so pretty blanced