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Support Scout: A Brief MvM Guide for Beginners
By Scoutfingers
This is a brief guide on how to play Scout in terms of support in Mann vs Machine. A lot of it is based on the Two Cities tour since that is where most of my experience comes from.

Because almost any primary works for Support Scout. Feel free to use any not mentioned too. Just please avoid the red x's.

Actually no idea. Just what I tend to end up using. You know what, just use Soda Popper (see below) or something. Maybe because mine is killstreak.

The hype allows you to draw aggro away from your team and dodge it in the air for a longer period of time. Simple as that. It's also a great Damage Scout tool but that's for another guide :smiley:

Extra speed seems great at first. You can run around even faster to get the money. However, because jumping eliminates this extra speed and even cuts it, it's terrible. You jump so much as Scout to avoid aggro and it's just a necessary part of the class.

The reason some people probably consider it good is the reason I consider it bad. Knocking back can be extremely annoying. If you have a Sniper, they can say goodbye to their aim. It's not as bad as say airblast but it's still annoying. You can pit the bomb I guess, but I'm not fond of pitting strategies anyways.


Allows you and your team to heal back a lot of health in a short amount of time. In a lot of situations even outheals a Medic. Use on Giants, large groups of robots, and bosses. Also, very useful on Super Scouts with the Slow Speed upgrade.

I would only consider it on early waves or waves with a lot of spam. It can be very useful for getting past a robot push to collect money that's still up front.


While in normal TF2 the one target mark for death isn't particularly useful, it is in MvM. Because of the presence of Giants and bosses, the one target mark for death is way more bearable. Your whole team can do mini-crits to them. No Buff Banner required. The melee is a tool for support and not damage in MvM with very few exceptions anyways. Might as well get some free extra damage. Just make sure marking something doesn't get you killed in the process.

Upgrade Path
This is the general order for how your upgrades should be purchased:
  1. Jump Height
  2. Movement Speed
  3. Resistances most helpful to the wave (Screenshot uses Crit Resistance as Example)
  4. Milk Slow
  5. Resistances that are helpful for the wave
  6. Milk Recharge Rate
  7. Any extra cash can be spent on Damage and Clip Size upgrades. I prefer these over the Reload Speed and Firing Speed upgrades since damage isn't your main focus. Burst damage will suit you better in case your Demoman/Sniper/Crutch Passer Pyro fails at taking out the Uber medics.

Amounts aren't given because starting money varies between missions, so sometimes it's better to do combinations. Say you get 2 Movement Speed and 3 (Full) Jump Height if you get $700 to start, but you get 1 Movement Speed and 2 Jump Height if you only have $400 to start. That being said, starting upgrades should be a combination of Movement Speed and Jump Height in order to dodge and avoid aggro.

Scout's primary role is to collect the money, and you must stay alive to do so, therefore resistances will assist you in doing that.

Uber canteens are another option if you're having trouble staying alive to collect the money, although it shouldn't be too difficult if you have resistances and are dodging with your speed and jump buffs.

How to Play
Run and jump around to collect the money. Use your Movement Speed and Jump Height to do this quickly and use your resistances to survive the aggro while collecting it or simply wait until the bots are gone to swoop in and collect it. (Scout's increased money collection radius, health from money, and instant respawns to get to money quickly after dying make him ideal for this role)

Throw milk at Giant robots, large groups of robots, and bosses. Especially Super Scouts if you have the Milk Slow Upgrade. Being able to regenerate health very quickly by dealing damage even without killing the target will be a strong benefit to your damage classes.

Fan the Giant robots and bosses so your team will deal mini-crits to them. It will allow your team to kill much quicker because of the damage increase.

Take out snipers if your Soldier is slacking or busy on something else (Shooting large groups, on a tank, etc.)

You may be able to drop Uber medics if your Demoman/Sniper/Crutch Passer Pyro has failed in doing so or is dead. I usually shoot them once and mid range and then go in for a meatshot. If you're lucky, the mid-range shot won't make them pop while also putting them in range for the meatshot to kill them. Otherwise, don't shoot Uber Medics until your Demoman/Sniper/Crutch Passer Pyro takes them out.

Protip: If you want to farm support, milk every sentry buster that spawns. As long as you have the Milk Slow upgrade, each milked buster grants around 3,000 support, and another 3,000 if it explodes. It's a guaranteed free 3,000 and usually 6,000 support as long as you're paying attention to the announcer. The buster might not explode depending on if it takes any critical damage.

Protip: Refill canteens refill the Milk's charge. This can be useful on waves filled with Super Scouts that all come out around the same time (Ex: Wave 3 of Metro Malice).
Red Money
Red Money is generated by kills gotten with any Sniper Rifle. It used to be headshot kills, but it's now just any kills from the Sniper Rifle. That said, any money missed can't be your Sniper's fault unless he's SMGing or meleeing for some reason. It still gives you health and overheal, but it's already collected towards the wave's money count. It gives the Sniper points in the Money category on the Scoreboard. Green money takes priority over it, but still pick it up if it's the only money on the field since it still heals/overheals you.
Addressing Anticipated Comments
I'm gonna clear the air a bit in this section. It's mostly for the advanced players reading this guide not for their own gain but simply to critique it or something idk. Actual beginners can just skip this if you want; it doesn't really pertain to you.

  • I put resistances and milk upgrades above scattergun upgrades because this is a Support Scout guide. I will make a Damage Scout guide some time in the future. Shouldn't need to say this but I have a feeling someone would point it out.
  • I put resistances at all in this guide because my target audience (although more advanced players will probably end up reading it) is beginners to MvM or beginners to the Scout class in MvM. They'll need resistances to stay alive more than advanced players who've learned ways to manipulate aggro and keep it off them.
Collect the money. Milk giants and large groups. Fan giants. Draw aggro away from your team and avoid it with your mobility. This guide is generalized for the most part, so don't go saying in the comments "you forgot this," as I probably didn't forget it, but rather left it out on purpose because I decided it was too specific. However, if you truly feel I did, I may change parts to fit whatever fix you may have in mind. Cheers.
Changed Loadout images to show stats and pictures of the weapon rather than just pictures of the weapon.
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Scoutfingers  [author] Mar 11 @ 11:18am 
ONlock Mar 11 @ 11:17am 
Nice guide. thanks
LordInviSpy Mar 9 @ 3:10pm 
Scoutfingers  [author] Mar 6 @ 6:09pm 
LordInviSpy Mar 6 @ 6:06pm 
Scoutfingers  [author] Mar 2 @ 3:22pm 
Yeah, what Jet said. More often than not, Mad Milk is a better healing source than a Medic on Giants. Bonk is only useful on waves that are too spammy for the amount of credits you have to combat them, like Hamlet Hostility Wave 1. Recharge Rate upgrades on it aren't useful since you only ever need it for like a single part of a wave, therefore it won't need to recharge quickly because it's had its one use.
This isn't my best game yet I still got 247k support. Wouldn't have been near possible without Mad Milk
LordInviSpy Mar 2 @ 7:25am 
i just realized this is a scout guide
Jet Mar 2 @ 5:40am 
You really shouldnt limit the team out of the help of mad milk. Theres little to no consequence to you dying as scout, so using bonk without reload upgrades for the ocassional cash grab and then swapping to another useful secondary is better.
Dont upgrade bonk. Switch to it when you need to get money on a risky situation, then switch off.
When i play Scout in MvM, i use the Bonk, and max out it's recharge. Then, i hold back for a bit until there's a large pool of money, rush in, get 400 overheal, then just hold the front and live off my massive pool of health.
Scoutfingers  [author] Feb 24 @ 8:59am 
It's just gonna be annoying to write since you never really max anything out all at once.