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Stormy Cabin
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Stormy Cabin

This is a cozy cabin in the woods with a mild rain and occasional thunder/lightning.
Nice ambience, atmosphere. Particle effects, fireplace, sounds and lighting effects. Great place to relax and enjoy the sounds of a stormy night in your warm cabin.

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Tiporari  [author] Jun 15 @ 7:46am 
I like hammer also. On the whole it is quite good. A few things however I find arduous. Like animation, sound, and dynamic lighting. It is performant, has a pretty good property based renderer, good scripting capabilities and physics, powerful particle system. Lots to like. A few hangups which probably won't get fixed any time soon if ever. It would be nice if there were some tools to handle sounds (compiling and defining), some sort of in editor model and animation capabilities. Working in 3rd party tools and importing is miserable. It is understandable. Never meant to be a one stop game development platform. It would be cool however if the handful of weak points could be enhanced to make them easier to work with. Probably take a skilled developer a week to write a tool to fix the sound workflow.
Linkz Jun 14 @ 1:35pm 
It sucks that they're not making a game or uploading it as an open source engine, they could make that one game, which has a number beginning with "th" :steammocking: but yeh, I love hammer world editor, I find it really easy to use and it has potential since it has features other engines don't have.
Tiporari  [author] Jun 14 @ 12:36pm 
They do, you just have to place files in game and content folders, modify some compiling files, specially format the sound itself, define coordinates (I think), etc. When I used to fool with unreal engine back in the day it was much simpler. Seems like parts of this engine are slick and simple. Other parts? Pffft. Sadly I don't think they have any plans to update the editor because there are no games being developed using the engine as far as I know. Never really meant to be an end user product.
Linkz Jun 12 @ 11:48am 
Do they not have trigger and sound thingy wingy magigy anymore?
Tiporari  [author] Jun 12 @ 10:06am 
Gotta figure out how to get point sound sources working. It's on my to do list. They don't make anything easy in engine. Lots of adding files here and there, compiling this, writing little scripts. Even for seemingly simple tasks. Documentation is a bit fractured to say the least.
Linkz Jun 1 @ 2:01pm 
Well erm you sir... need... erm... to... keep making cool things! Not drinking, please don't. Btw where's the fireplace crackling? I need that sound! Most important thing ever!
Tiporari  [author] Jun 1 @ 1:10pm 
@Linkz That's what everyone tells me. I don't think I have ever been totally satisfied with any creative endeavor. It could always be a bit better and all that. I suppose that can drive us to create greater things. Could also cause us to quit. I think successful artists find a balance between motivation to excel, and depression fueled alcoholism. I'm on whisky number 3 and it is 4 o'clock. Rut Ro. :)
Linkz May 28 @ 7:05am 
You're a bit harsh on yourself Tiporari.
Lawrence Feb 22 @ 11:36am 
There are also a whole set of tutorials on using SteamVR Home tools which cover these topics and more. You can find them here.
freemancw  [developer] Feb 21 @ 9:28pm 
No worries! This entity class is available in the public version of SteamVR Home. Just scroll down the entity dropdown and you'll find it - here is a picture:

I think it should be pretty self-explanatory for what you're trying to do - there is a world model that you can set on the entity just like you do with prop_static.

Hope that helps.