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Stormy Cabin
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Feb 19 @ 1:28pm
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Stormy Cabin

This is a cozy cabin in the woods with a mild rain and occasional thunder/lightning.
Nice ambience, atmosphere. Particle effects, fireplace, sounds and lighting effects. Great place to relax and enjoy the sounds of a stormy night in your warm cabin.

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Lawrence Feb 22 @ 11:36am 
There are also a whole set of tutorials on using SteamVR Home tools which cover these topics and more. You can find them here.
freemancw  [developer] Feb 21 @ 9:28pm 
No worries! This entity class is available in the public version of SteamVR Home. Just scroll down the entity dropdown and you'll find it - here is a picture:

I think it should be pretty self-explanatory for what you're trying to do - there is a world model that you can set on the entity just like you do with prop_static.

Hope that helps.
Tiporari  [author] Feb 21 @ 8:50pm 
Thanks Freemancw, if you don't mind my asking... Google results in the 10's of results for that class all point to parts of steam's repository that refuse my connection.
I notice you are tagged as a developer. Do you have access to documentation that is non-public?

I'm obviously a nobody using free tools I didn't pay for and as such have no basis to demand answers.

Am I just a moron and missing something obvious to the talented creators on here, or is some pertinent information restricted from the unwashed masses like myself?

Please understand I appreciate and respect your obviously superior knowledge, I only hope to understand that which presently eludes me. Do I need to pay licensing fees to see under the covers? Your insight is genuinely appreciated. I'll try your suggestion tomorrow. It pained me to post a redundant copy of a map just because I was too stupid to figure it out.
freemancw  [developer] Feb 21 @ 5:35pm 
Hey - should have been more specific:


is what you want.
Light Sculptor Feb 21 @ 4:39pm 
Just wanted to follow up to say the new empty version is great! The wall sconces provide some really nice lighting. It's so fun to be able to customize the entire space. The thunderstorm creates quite a soothing atmosphere and I'm really enjoying just being able to hang out and mess around with my own interior design ideas. Also, I didn't realize we could step out of the cabin and then teleport, until it was mentioned in this thread. Being outside and looking back at this lighted cabin in the midst of a dark forest and storm looks really cool. Thanks for all your great work!
Light Sculptor Feb 21 @ 1:38pm 
Thank you very much! I just saw your post, subscribed to the new empty version and am about to jump in and check it out. Looking forward to the version with revised lighting as well. Wall sconces are a really great idea and a perfect solution to being able to still have that important extra lighting while also allowing for all the flexibility to custom design the space. Thank you again!
Tiporari  [author] Feb 21 @ 1:25pm 
Tiporari  [author] Feb 21 @ 11:55am 
So I have tried converting the prop_static entities to prop_dynamic, and inside the compiled SteamVR home map, you still cannot modify or delete the props.

I played with different prop types including prop_dynamic_override, ornamental, etc. No dice.
Not sure if I'm missing something (likely) or if this is another example of where destinations don't quite behave like the rest of the source engine games.

In the mean time I'm building another version which will be published soon which has revised lighting (wall sconces) and NO furniture so people can populate the map however they wish.

I'll post a link here after the build is complete and uploaded (takes forever for my computer and connection).
Tiporari  [author] Feb 20 @ 8:53pm 
Thanks for the tip Freemancw.
Emmaterasu, I love that this art has evoked such a powerful feeling. That's the whole point. Thank you for that!
Emmaterasu Feb 20 @ 8:44pm 
There's an interesting dichotomy here. Inside the cabin, the storm helps you feel warm and comfortable and cozy. But when I put my hand through a wall and teleported out into the woods- I immediately felt like I was about to be hunted down by a serial killer.