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(BROKEN) EMGC Respawn Ship Replacer
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Feb 19, 2018 @ 7:20am
May 29, 2018 @ 6:52pm
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(BROKEN) EMGC Respawn Ship Replacer

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SAVTec EMGC Advanced Cargo Ships
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Welcome to MODTec

SAVTec on mods!

NOTE: This mod is currently broken due to the Survival update changing how Respawn ships work.
I will fix it soon. Please be patient!

This mod replaces all the vanilla Respawn Ships with my EMGC advanced versions and adds one alternative advanced version of Respawn Ship 2 (the blue one) based on the original design of the vanilla ship.

The Small Drill has been disabled from the list, as it's an obsolete design with no EMGC advanced version. It will be replaced soon by an EMGC advanced version of the Easy Start blue drill ship.

All ships are tested & working as they should.
See the links below for standalone blueprints and detailed descriptions of each of the new ships.

  • Ore detectors on the 3 Atmospheric Landers Thanks to Samyaza93 for the report.
  • New colour schemes for the Mars & Alien Landers (see screenshot). I hope you like them!
  • Parachutes on the landers - set to autodeploy at 3,000m. Thanks to ShadowGuardian1337 for the request.
  • Missing parachutes on the landers fixed. Thanks to WarHicks for the report.
  • Parachutes on the landers now connected to conveyor system.
  • Secret things categorically not added to all 3 landers... so whatever you do, don't go looking...

For the Atmospheric-Landers-only version of this mod

For the complete collection of EMGC Cargo and Respawn Ships

Companion mod - EMGC Cargo Ship Replacer
Want to replace your vanilla Cargo Ships with my updated EMGC versions?
Glenn G has what you need...

This mod does not rely on any other content.
You don't even need to be subscribed to any of the EMGC blueprints.
The mod does all the work for you!
Just hit the green "Subscribe" button above and add the mod to the mods list for your world - the new ships will appear in the Respawn menu the next time you respwan. Easy!

Known bug
There is currently a known bug with Parachutes not opening. This bug is with the game, not with this mod. There is nothing I can do to fix it. Hopefully it'll be patched with the next game update.

Ships Replaced

What you get when you respawn in an EMGC ship
All new ships will spawn complete with...
  • A small amount of Uranium in the Reactor
  • A small amount of Ice in the Oxygen Generator
  • Full Oxygen Tanks where applicable
  • 1 Spare Oxygen Bottle and/or 1 Spare Hydrogen Bottle
  • A set of basic hand tools & a rifle
  • A modest amount of rifle ammo divided between the Cargo Container and any turrets the ship may have
  • Fully charged Batteries
  • Small amounts of randomly selected components... or no components
Settings & misc
  • All new ships are fully fitted & finished, with no missing, damaged or incomplete blocks.
  • Default Cooldown timers are the same as in the vanilla game.
  • On ships with turret weapons, the turrets will be turned off by default, with all their targetting options also set to "off"
  • All ships are compatible with any & all inventory size settings you choose for your worlds, though I cannot guarantee or predict results where custom inventory size mods are used.
  • The 3 Atmospheric Landers will spawn in their proper locations at those planets if playing on the Star Sytsem map.
  • The KR-P Advanced Escape Pod carries a Parachute containing one Canvas, which is set to AutoDeply at 1,000m.

Out of scope
Annoyingly I can't seem to do anything to affect the order in which the ships appear in the Respawn menu, as the game tends to change the order seemingly at random.

It is not possible to remove the "Space Suit" option from the Respawn list. Sorry!

Also, sometimes the menu window may display the full names & other times they may be cut off. This appears to be a display resolution issue present in the base game which may or may not affect you & is outside the scope of this mod to fix.

Mod compatibility
This mod is tested in the vanilla game and alongside Glenn G's EMGC Cargo Ships replacer mod (link above). It is not tested alongside any other mods.
It *should* work with nearly any other mod that does not affect Respawn Ships (and possibly some that do), however no guarantee is given in any event.
If you'd like me to test this mod with another Respawn Ship mod and attempt to make the two compatible, please leave a comment with a link to the mod you'd like me to test and I'll respond when I can.

Do not attempt to use this mod in the same game as my EMGC Landers-only Replacer mod. They WILL conflict and I cannot predict the results. Use one OR the other or use them in separate worlds!

Hidden secret things
I have no idea what you're talking about! There are definitely no secret hidden things aboard the Atmospheric Landers... nope, no secrets.

Using this mod alongside other Respawn Ship mods is likely to cause undesirable effects. You have been warned!
By using this mod you agree that I the author cannot be held liable or accountable for any inconvenience, loss or corruption of data or any other misfortune you may suffer as a result of using it - including but not limited to heart attacks, strokes, embolisms and fits of mania caused by the insane coolness of the mod.

Comments / questions / suggestions / constructive criticism all very welcome.
This is my very first mod for Space Engineers, so please do let me know in the comments that it works for you and what I can do to improve it.

If you like this & want to see more of my work, please check out my workshop pages
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Aug 23, 2018 @ 5:49am
Changing spawn locations for custom maps
< >
cptsavarus  [author] Mar 29 @ 7:18am 
Ah, I try not to get involved with the whole DLC debate if I can help it. Seems to me like every game out there ends up with some big argument going on in the boards about how the devs should run their business. The way I see it, I like the product a lot & as long as Keen continues putting out products that I like & want, I'll be happy to continue buying them.
I've had easily my money's worth and more out of my original purchase over the last 6 years - if an extra £3 here or there extends my enjoyment of it then it's worth it to me. Beyond that I honestly don't care what they do with the money once it's theirs. My personal experience with Keen has always been really positive - fair to say I like them as a dev. I know not everyone shares that experience but that's for them to get across & it's not exactly like they're shy about speaking up! Haha!
I just enjoy building cool stuff & entertaining people with wacky descriptions. :steamhappy:
Grimoire Skye Mar 29 @ 6:51am 
Yeah, update bugs, as I recall the issue was that I would pilot the ship, pistons would detach and fly without me, would steer too but just the flock of piston parts, don't tell me Clang isn't a space wizard.

The new update, yeah, people are pissed, the DLC is going too far, console launch is coming up and customers (game testers) are having bugs they already know about, at this point I just love how the discussion page has made Keen, Marek and their new mansion office a punching bag for their frustration, it's funny.
cptsavarus  [author] Mar 29 @ 6:30am 
I'm only just now starting to catch up (again) on what I've missed the last couple of months. I see there's been an update but don't know anything about it yet. Heading over to look now.

No worries if you got mad at my pistons - I do too sometimes. One minute they work perfectly, so I publish them working perfectly, then an update hits and breaks everything, then a hotfix or another update & it's all back to working normally again. When there are no more updates due, I'll go through my whole workshop & fix everything.

Starbase does look pretty damn amazing from what I've seen. Looking forward to that one... though I still have Empyrion to download & learn, so keeping track of 3 such similar games is going to be... interesting! I think SE will always remain my go-to & favourite though - having been on board with it from the start, it feels like an old friend.
Grimoire Skye Mar 29 @ 6:06am 
Yeah, life ain't all lemonade, well good to know the intent is there, I often doubt that with SE as my recent comments on update show.

Think I got mad at you in the past for how broken pistons on your ship were acting in my game, sorry about that.

Yeah that engineering stuff, I'm drooling at the thought of hand building a ship once Starbase lands! Think I will still mess around with this though as making anything over there does seem more complicated, a game like this, even as buggy as it is, will seem like a vacation compared to that.

I intend to be a taxi driver over there, all I really want to do, make passengers think I'm insane and gonna crash, have things fall apart as the experience I deliver, their chair come loose and I catch them in a cargo field! In a game like that fighting is for chumps.
cptsavarus  [author] Mar 29 @ 5:42am 
@Grimoire... Bump noted. I've been completely tied up with work for the last couple of months & haven't touched Steam or any of my games at all. I really want to get back into modding & publishing for SE, as I miss playing it a lot. It WILL happen at some point & I've had that many requests to update / fix this mod that I do want to make it a priority - right now though it's just difficult to find any time to do anything. I'm either working or too tired from working. As Keen would say... "Soon™"! Hehe!
As for what you say about dismantling ships in sections & transplanting them to other ships - I do that a lot too. Some designs are better for it than others but as a real-life engineer, I love nothing better than to build like one in SE.
Grimoire Skye Mar 21 @ 9:43pm 
Bump for fix please, btw back when base ships were still in game I would take the ships apart in sections and put them back together, thruster wings from miner fit the escape pod very well, I think not enough people think like a proper engineer with this game, I don't mean designs as yours are good though more of a drydock conversion, I mean out in field jury rigging from what is available
cptsavarus  [author] Nov 19, 2019 @ 12:03pm 
Hey @dominatrix. Thankyou for the kind compliment and yes, you may ask!
I've been offline & out of the loop for several months and have, in all honesty taken no steps toward updating this mod yet.

As for how much work it is... quite a lot and not much. It's hard to say until I've had a good look at the game files to see what's been changed around. It may be very easy or it may mean I have to learn a completely new code structure.
I haven't examined the files since before the Survival Overhaul & have no idea what's changed since then.
I will try to make some time this week to go through everything & figure out what needs to be done.
Dominatrix Nov 19, 2019 @ 11:35am 
If i may ask. how much more needs to be rebuilt at the moment to fix this awesome mod?
CrittMonkey May 1, 2019 @ 11:33pm 
I or should I say WE hope you get this fixed soon.
will you add the survival kit and take out the refinery and medbay?
cptsavarus  [author] Mar 4, 2019 @ 2:29pm 
@HeavyDeception... There's no workaround until I rebuild the mod.
Basically, with the Survival update, the code in the file that determines what ships show up in the respawn menu has changed (to show the new ships). The mod is effectively working with code that no longer exists, hence it doesn't work any more.

I will rebuild it to work with the Survival update but it's quite a fiddly & time consuming thing to do and I need to be in the right frame of mind to do it.
I'll try to get it done as soon as possible but it may still take a while, so please be patient. :steamhappy: