Stick Fight: The Game

Stick Fight: The Game

Not enough ratings
[Stick Fight] Maps
This Collection is all the Addons compiled together that we play on.

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Items (30)
Tight Squeeze
Created by SuperJack
Woop Woop!

A Maze like map made by Super Jack!

For the full collection of Maps made by SuperJack:
Tower of balance
Created by Harryolo
2nd LUL...
The Abandoned Bridge (broken DX)
Created by Netriosilver
**Broken by update, now almost instantly collapses**

I'm glad people haven't mass unsubbed since it broke like a year ago.
Still on page three!

Skip to 6:53 or 25:00 on the video above...
Ice Caves
Created by Arcalis
They're ice caves, caves with ice....
Inactive Volcano
Created by Arcalis
A volcano, but inactive....
Nerf pyro pls
Created by EL REY DE VOXER
pls volvo...
Created by Kwebbelkop
Woop woop...
Spiky Walls
Created by Kwebbelkop
Woop woop...
Jumpy Walls
Created by Kwebbelkop
Woop woop...
The Death Run Race
Created by Cataclysm
Slightly unbalanced, also drop a sub
Cactus Crisis
Created by Arcalis
Climb the cacti....
The Colossus
Created by Arcalis
Not much to say....
Modern Times
Created by Kled mit Skaarl
Good Luck have fun :)

How to download:Click Subscribe,go to the game ,Stick Fight The Game in press:ESC>Options>Maps,Edit>Customonline>Modern Times>Activate>

Fun or not Fun and have some feedback?
Come back and like or dislike,describe w...
Winter God Bless
Created by Arce
Woop woop...
The Icy Labyrinth
Created by Arcalis
The icy labyrinth, like a normal labyrinth, but icy. Before it gets asked in the comments, yes, all spaces are possible to go through....
Created by ramba.zamba
Woop woop...
Created by 夜夜
Woop woop...
Ancient Treasure
Created by Arcalis
Not much to say here....
Get the Knife 2
Created by WAssa Boiatch
Woop woop...
Crate Escalation
Created by Timkoe
Woop woop

Please rate it if you enjoy. :-)...
Closed Shooting 4.1
Created by Lord Saturn
This time with a secret weapon! You may have to use the recoil glitch to get it.
I highly recommend you to play with 200% or 300% HP.

Update: I managed to get around the bug that was preventing me from updating the map, so now it is a bit more balanced...
Snakes on a Plane! v.1
Created by dragon_shoot
An airplane and a bunch of snakes

Hope you like the map! :)...
Created by ILikePandas233
Woop woop...
Ultimate Cave Fight I
Created by Fremy
Woop woop...
Brawl on the Castle
Created by Snakularity
Woop woop...
Star Wars - Battle of Hoth v.1
Created by dragon_shoot
Based on the Battle of Hoth from the Star Wars universe.

Map features Echo Base, an AT-AT, a T-47 airspeeder, a DF.9 turret and two trenches.

Hope you like the map! :)...
Parking Lot 1
Created by Blauze
Okay so you guys in the comments kept sending me tanks. I had to store them somewhere, right?
So there we go, don't ask how they got on the second floor, just assume it's space-time magic or something.
Enjoy !...
Created by CreeLoPer27
Have fun playing this city theme map :D


Check out my other maps:
Slaughterhouse 2
Created by Lord Saturn
Same story, now with weapons... and crates....