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Golf It!

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[Golf It] Maps
This Collection is all the Addons compiled together that we haven't played already.


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Items (32)
4 Seasons
Created by MasterChief
4 Seasons
I have created an 18 hole map, with different styles ( Winter,Summer...).
You will play on gras,ice and water all on one map!
This is an medium-difficult course.
Hope you enjoy :D...
Anything counts!
Created by Ninja
Each hole has at least 1 hole in one option (or more) its your job to find them.
There is also many more secret routes to take.
18 hole course inside a village, try and get the best score you can :)

Any feedback and/or glitches would be also appreciat...
Deja Vu [18H]
Created by PimpJuiceMcGee
The same 18 holes with a different twist each time. Thanks for playing! Leave feedback. - PimpJuiceMcGee...
Dunes of Destiny (18H)
Created by rpee
Desert themed track with a wide variety of holes consisting mostly of easy ones, some medium in between. Recommended settings: 15 strokes, 2:30 min, no golf clubs & no jumping.

Thanks to Ekomanic for the custom models.

Have fun and good luck!

Be s...
Frozen Tears (18H)
Created by rpee
Snowy winter map using various custom 3D-models. From easy to medium holes. Recommended settings: 2:30 mins, 15 strokes, no jumping, no golf clubs. HF & GL.

Thanks to Ekomanic for the custom models!

Be sure to check out my new desert themed map also:...
Golf City [18 HOLES]
Created by [EXD] Pinda
--- Golf City ---

- Grassland map
- 18 holes
- Shortcuts

Please let me know if you find any problems, if you enjoyed please like :)

Version 1.1

Made By Pinda


NEW MAP: Golf Story
LINK: http://steamcom...
Golf Story [18 HOLES]
Created by [EXD] Pinda
--- Golf Story ---

Welcome to the land of Golf Story. Golf Story is a big course filled with adventure, danger and fun. On your adventure you will meet lots of creatures, extraordinary buildings and shortcuts. Can you escape this course or will you peri...
Golftopia V.1 (Enable All 3 Clubs)
Created by Exotherz
This map has in with it 4 seperate areas, each including their respective courses. These areas are the woodland/grassland, the beach, the cave and finally the winter biome.
With a total of 25 courses, each crafted with uniqueness (I hope so anyway) and t...
Greedy or not 18H map
Created by SpickZipper
18 Hole map with lots of love to detail. Nearly every course has some possibility for shortcuts.

Hope you have fun to Golf it!

The map is created by Hrn.Hund & SpickZipper...
Hayes' Custom Holes Vol 2
Created by HayesTheCraze
This glorious 18 hole map is my first map. Difficulty Easy/Medium with 1 trolly hole. This map is very unique with 2 different biomes, jungle, and desert themed. Very clever! Very fun and addictive! Enjoy!

I'm not responsible for and rage cause by th...
Hayes' Custom Holes Vol 3
Created by HayesTheCraze
This new 18 hole map is one of a kind. Difficulty Medium with 1 or 2 trolly/hard holes. This map is very unique with 3 different biomes, jungle, and desert and mountain like themed. Very clever! Very fun and addictive! Enjoy!

(please message me if you ...
Heavy Duty Challenge [18h]
Created by Deebo
My second map. Relatively hard, I'd suggest max 15 strokes. I got a little help from my buddy "Billy Russo". Thanks for playing, please tell me if you find any bugs....
Luck Over Skill - 18 Holes
Created by Bobby Butter
This Course is more about luck than skill.
-Giant Plinko
-Basketball shot
-Roulette Style hole
-Mario Party pipe maze
- and more

I watch the sidemen more than I should on youtube, so hoping they plays this

note: some holes ...
MAXSKI'S WORLD! { 18 Holes }
Created by maxski
18 Holes of different themes all made with loving care! Huge map rich in asthetics.

Strokes - 12
Time Limit - 2:30
Collision - Any (On is fine, obviously more hilarious)

Difficulty - Medium/Hard
Length - Long
Ground resets (for...
Mining Adventure
Created by gentlm4n
Map is finally finished, try it out!

18 Holes

Beautiful Scenery


Newest Features

This is my first course, so feedback is greatly appriciated!...
My Trigger 18H Complete Map.
Created by DukeRaver
A complete 18 hole map with nice hidden bits and pieces. Check out me, Dukeraver on Twitch and we can play some Golf It together. Don't forget to rate and comment to spread the word....
Over The Rainbow
Created by Her
18 holes of medium skill based fun!...
Paradiso Minigolf Desert
Created by Audi A2 2002
Welcome to this new map!

Almost all Assets are by a guy called ekomanic. He makes some sick stuff, so feel free to check him out. This Map requires a good computer and may need some time to load all the assets. I recommend a time of 2 minutes and no pen...
TLZ 18 hole
Created by zz320
My friends and I made this course to be Fun and challenging.

Took us about one month to get everything working and pleasing to the eye.

Have fun, and enjoy the course!

c1. Fixed game play bugs on hole 14
c2. Hole 6 is now eisier to navigate. Fix...
The Land of Deception (18 Holes)
Created by bheigue
Welcome to this "troll" of a map. You were playing golf in the desert when suddenly you passed out! You wake up in this new and magical, but DECEIVING course. Play through 18 holes of trolling and confusion. Look anywhere and everywhere, but these mischevi...
The Land of Deception 2 (18 Holes)
Created by bheigue
Welcome back! Long time no see! So you came back to be tricked once more. Well, good for you because I guarantee that you will be trolled! Look everywhere and anywhere to one the elusive hole. But be warned, you might never find that trickster. Surprise ap...
The Rare Warriors Winter Map! 18H-(Hard)
Created by Hilk
Winter Wonderland map
Hard difficulty

Credits go to:
Opa Kor
The four Seasons [18 Holes]
Created by Audi A2 2002
This is the first map I created in Golf It! Feel free to give me feedback and I would be happy if you could report me new Bugs. have fun playing!...
ToffeBacklin #3
Created by #19 ToffeBacklin
18 holes. Difficulty medium. Allot of shortcuts. Created by ToffeBacklin...
ToffeBacklin #4
Created by #19 ToffeBacklin
18 holes. Difficulty medium. Created by ToffeBacklin...
ToffeBacklin #5
Created by #19 ToffeBacklin
18 holes. Difficulty easy. Par 2. Hole-in-one friendly. Created by ToffeBacklin....
Who is first ! (friends edition) (19H-3MIN-15hit)
Created by Peacem4kr
use the following settings when hosting a game (also to be found as a screenshot):
Strokes 15
Time limit 3min
Collision "checked"
game mode custom
No reset penalty "checked"

Fun "event" map where it counts to be first in order to avoid obstacles.
Created by Cupido
I'm so sorry. Ragemap!
Version 0.1.8

YuNO _ Fair Play coop
Created by Yuno ♥
Fair Play coop | AlienYuNO


I do not accept friend requests from foreign players.
If you have questions just join my Steamgroup.

Escape Room: Prison Break !!!
Created by _R0KiT_
W, A, S, D - Movement // Puzzle // Different [3 Rooms / 1 Hole]

You and your friends are trapped in a Prison.

Work together and escape!

Use levers, find objects, and look for special places.

Are you smart enough to escape the Prison?
Ape's Island Escape
Created by a Genius Ape
A great Ape adventure - Complete 18 Quests to escape from the Island.

Find hidden paths, take big shortcuts and use the natural environment to reach the goal....
Cuck Golf
Its like normal minigolf except when you miss you get cucked. Each hole features a trap (or set of traps) that throw the golfers farther back on the course whenever they miss. Test your skills, or get raging with your friends (you miss, you cuck everyone!)...