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Transport Fever

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Energy & Workers 3
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Energy & Workers 3

Updated 2018.03.02 - Fixed double delivery crashes. Simplified energy requirements - just coal and oil are required to energize industries. Industry worker/passenger demand remains the same as in version 1.

Fixed crashes when delivering energy and ingredients of the same type to chemical plants and steel mills.
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jcaf  [author] Feb 22 @ 3:32pm 
Hi, Aleksander1234. All I can think of is to unsubscribe to my mod, close TF, relaunch TF, then subscribe to my mod again. You can confirm that you have subscribed to my mod by clicking on "Workshop" > "Your files" > "Subscribed items" as per the image below:

I hope it works. If not, you may need to post a topic for discussion on the forum to ask for assistance from someone more experienced than me.
aleksander1234 Feb 22 @ 4:44am 
I have did all that and still does not show
jcaf  [author] Feb 21 @ 4:33pm 
Hi, Aleksander1234. Yes, a Youtube video would be a great idea. I will do that a little later, though, as I want to finish my final mod. For now, here are some screenshots that should help.

1: Lauch Transport Fever and select "Free Game":

2: Select "Custom", then "Advanced":

3: Click on the "Enable" switch on my mod, then click "Save" at the bottom right. If you have other mods enabled at the same time, my mod may or may not work, since my mod changes the industry files.

4: Click "Start".

If my mod still does not run, turn off all mods except for mine. If it still doesn't work, remove my mod from your mod folder on your hard drive, and then subscribe to my mod again. Then run steps 1 to 4 again.

aleksander1234 Feb 20 @ 6:31pm 
please make a game video showing it works and put it on youtube ok
aleksander1234 Feb 20 @ 6:30pm 
it not working for me
jcaf  [author] Feb 20 @ 4:47pm 
Hi, Aleksande1234... Do you mean it is working for you now? Or is it still not working for you?
aleksander1234 Feb 20 @ 1:21pm 
i did that and clicked put in the game
jcaf  [author] Feb 19 @ 7:16pm 
Hey, texaswildgoosechase... I'll be uploading a version 4 in a few days, by the weekend. It will be simplified like version 3, but I am going to reintroduce logs for the early years. I like logs better too. I like the look of them, and it's more realistic for the early years. Even the locomotives used to run on wood before coal. I'll post a thread in the forum when it's ready.
jcaf  [author] Feb 19 @ 6:40pm 
Yet even though the bricks in storage at the constuction materials factory stopped at 58, I was able to continue delivering stone up to 126, which is a little more than double the 58 of bricks in storage.

When the construction materials factory was completely full in its storage (maxed at 58 bricks and 126 stone), then I was no longer able to deliver any more stone. This caused the stone quarry to fill its storage to 58 stone, because I was not able to pick-up any more stone since the construction materials factory was no longer accepting it. When the quarry's storage was full at 58 stone, it too stopped producing.

Thus, if we do not take products away from a perticular industry, then the entire production chain behind it will eventually shut down when all storage areas along the chain are full. To keep everything humming along, keep delivering outputs down the line, ultimately ending up at the cities themselves as the final place of consumption.
jcaf  [author] Feb 19 @ 6:33pm 
Hi, ChancellorPalpatine. I ran another little test and found something more to your question. In this test, I delivered stone to a construction materials factory.

I let the stone quarry run by itself, and I did not pick-up any stone from it. When the stone in storage reached 58, the quarry stopped producing.

Then I started picking up stone and delivering it to the construction materials factory, which started converting the stone into bricks (actually, construction materials, but it looks like a brick icon).

I did not deliver the bricks anywhere else, and when the bricks in storage reached 58, the construction materials factory stopped producing bricks.