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Destruction game mode
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Feb 17 @ 4:55pm
Jul 20 @ 10:55am
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Destruction game mode

Game mode goal: Attackers need to destroy weapon caches, Defenders need to protect them at all costs.
Weapon caches spawning in the small predefined areas, but exact spawn location is random.
Weapon cache can only be destroyed by incindiary grenade, that only attacking team squad leaders have.
Game consists of 3 phases, 2 objectives in each. After last phase objective destroyed, attackers win.
For each destroyed weapon cache attackers gain tickets.

Playable layers: Gorodok_DES_v1, Gorodok_DES_v2, Chora_DES_v1

Defending team : RUS (1000 tickets)
Attacking team: US (350 tickets)
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[M] Nordic  [developer] Jul 20 @ 10:53am 

50 for the first phase
75 for the second
100 for the third phase
Suspekt Jul 20 @ 10:17am 
How many tickets gained per cache detroyed?
[M] Nordic  [developer] Jun 17 @ 2:23pm 
Currently no servers running it, better mod support should make it!
☆ ☞ BL1TZ ☜☆ Jun 17 @ 11:40am 
How do i play the map?
[M] Nordic  [developer] Jun 16 @ 11:25am 
No, @ymer234 - those caches spawn at random locations and not in phases, thus hindering planning a lot.
ymer234 Jun 16 @ 8:06am 
isn't this kind of an ingame mod already? that with weapon caches
LovestoSpooge Jun 14 @ 3:23am 
While you're at it just create bf3s "Damavand Peak"map with the heli at 2phase
David Jun 13 @ 1:51pm 
Awesome shit dude! This game needs a mode like this as a standard! Devs pick up this mod!
Gooze Jun 11 @ 12:51pm 
@Pizza Delivery Guy, think of it as Rush or Gold Rush from BF3, 4, 5 BC and BC2
SN4KE Jun 9 @ 8:51am 
So this may become a real game mode for vanilla? Hope you're getting more than a thank you from the devs OP.