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(CTF) Sawmill Rainy
Created by IS★Mania★Puddy

it's ctf_sawmill but it's very rainy and stormy and flood


yeah i port some left4dead2 hard rain campaign stuff too....
Created by Whomobile
If a joke is funny once you might as well run it into the ground!

ctf_2fooooooooooooooooort (that's 17 o's, doesn't mean anything this time, it's about 25 times longer but 25 o's was too much) is a continuation of the "stretched out versions of overplayed...
2fort with a twist
Created by Blade x64
It's 2fort with a twist and less crashing

You can download here

ctf_2fort_twisted; map workshop/896196052...
Box Trot Warehouse
Created by NIX
Play hide and seek with friends, with a custom gamemode keep in mind this is my first map. and this map has been patched by Lazyneer. this map would not be as awesome without his help. you can join his server hosting the map here:
Created by Tuaam
RED's brand new pipeline facility is nestled deep intp the New Mexico badlands, where large walls and mounted guns guard the perimeter at all costs. A war has broken out between RED and BLU, calling mercenaries to arms as they fight between large expanses ...
Fake Doors!
Created by Phoenix
Hey, are you tired of real doors cluttering up your house where you open them and you actually go somewhere and go to another room?

Get on down to Real Fake Doors, that’s us! Fill a whole room with them!
See, watch, check this out, won’t open, won’t o...
Created by ALIEN31[ITA]
[img=[/img] Don't Forget to Vote!

  • Run this map with a GOOD PC is Required

==DOWNLOAD Current NAV File==
http://www.mediafire .com /file/tw...
Created by Dack
the remix no one asked for. It's viaduct but even more chaotic. The entire map has been rolled up in to a cube for your meme pleasure....
Mann Co weapon showcase
Created by Aeprl
the team finds an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the jungle, this is what they find.
To enter the map you can go to the console and write "map mann_co_weapon_showcase"
or you can start a new server and choose "mann_co_weapon_showcase".
if none of tho...
Created by BigfootBeto
Almost a year in the making, Luftangriff is a Rottenburg-Themed map created for the Frontline! Community Update.

The Frontline reaches this "peaceful" German town...
After the control point is captured sirens go off, and, well, if you translate "Luftangr...
Mann Mall
Created by Glubbable~ ❥
Somewhere in the middle of a soulless city, Saxton has called upon the mercs for assistance.
The job? Finding possible ways to attack & defend the location in order to determine the best methods of deployment for the new murder robots. Cause, only an idi...
Created by void~
Made for the Winter 2017 72hr TF2 Jam, Minotaur is a nearly-1:1 replica of the largest presented layout of the Overlook Hotel maze from The Shining. Random spawn points throughout drop up to 32 players into the depths of the maze, separated from the rest o...
Created by Dannyboyy
A koth map in space! Choose a team and fight over who gets to keep the ominous space rocks! Final Version
Credits: dewm assets
Payload Race: 2fort
Created by ThePlayaJam
Note: This map isn't meant to be taken seriously. However, it's not meant to be like those extended maps.

If you can take 2fort and extend or twist it to absolute insanity, why can't you shove a few bomb carts and some tracks onto it. So that's what I h...
Created by Dack
hell is real and memes have gone too far. experience the pain of hightower but now higher. check this one out if you like over played valve maps
Created by Shad0w
A payload map that rises as you progress

A big thanks to basilhs333 for helping me with fixing the spawn points and adding details around the map :)
Created by ThePlayaJam
Remember: This map isn't meant to be realistic. It's meant to be a joke map.

Here is another map in the collection of stretched out TF2 maps. Have fun trying to cap now.

To run the map, open the TF2 console and type: map workshop/900610283...
Sludge Puddle
Created by squ1rrel
Note: Due to the amount of people adding me (which is nice 'n all) I will no longer accept friend requests unless for specific reasons.

A king of the hill frontline/WW1 themed map. Yes- lots of trenches for you to crawl around :)
For bots to work pleas...
Created by ..::GooBaLL60
Love it or hate it, 2Fort is one of TF2's most iconic maps. Since Winter is coming soon (sort of), I made a snowy version of 2Fort.

Known bugs:
-Snowy ambient sounds aren't working (they work fine in the TF2Maps download)
-VPhysics errors floo...
Created by Whomobile
Everyone loves Turbine right? Have even more Turbine!

Inspired by a comment left on a video for cp_orange_50f_tower_v6, ctf_turrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbine (that’s 17 rs, one for every 3 turbines) is everyone’s favorite capture the flag map but with an additional...
Super Mario - Star Road
Created by 76561197963515486
This map is a partial port of the Super Mario 64 hack called "Star Road"

It features various tasks for the players to complete in order to unlock new areas, as well as neat little secrets like a music room, a fun slide and more!

The map can be played...
Broom Closet.
Created by Smiley the Smile
RED team owns a very scenic broom closet.
BLU team cannot allow such horrid thing to be happening.
BLU team needs to capture the broom closet,RED team needs to defend it for 2 minutes.

Special thanks to the creators of the cp_overgrown and Constructio...
"Close Encounters": A TF2 BioShock Map
Created by deltaalpha05
“Close Encounters” is a Team Fortress 2 map based on one of the highest rated FPS's of all time “BioShock”. “Close Encounters” is a control point map for Team Fortress 2 and players must control two areas to win the location.

Some things to note:

Created by Gezzabeast
Welcome to the MannCo. Museum, home to multiple active nuclear missiles, Witty Exhibits, oversized vents and a gift shop!

To run the map put "map workshop/1337487250" into console.

- 3 control points
- 32 player spawns
- fancy lighting
- fancier...
[MvM] Degrootkeep
Created by IS★Mania★Puddy
but ZooL already made....
he made a really generic normal mvm version while this one is mannhattan style version.

the bots will capture both control point in to get inside just like the regular cp_degrootkeep but bomb carrier bot had other path to get in ...
[PD] Bitconnect
Created by Alex Turtle
My entry for the "UEAKCrash's April Fools 2018 Mini-Contest" on

A player-destruction map that features:
Questionable cryptocurrencies
Questionable practices
Questionable everything

Players drop bitcoins on kill

Bring bitcoins to the bitconne...
Created by Whomobile
A Mystery contact has asked BLU to deliver a Casserole to a microwave in the borderworld Xen. Sadly during transportation the beloved scientist Dr Walter has become stuck in the Casserole but the mission must go on! Now it's up to RED to save Walter's life...
Skirmish (Watchpoint: Gibraltar)
Created by Mikroscopic
A recreation of Overwatch's Watchpoint: Gibraltar for the TF2Maps 2018 April Fools mini-contest.

This map features almost 2000 voice line replacements! (Custom sounds may not work in the workshop version - download from the TF2Maps link to hear the voic...
CTF Convoy
Created by Nixel
This CTF map was designed by Jahrain on Gamebanana. I love this map, so I uploaded it here, hoping it will get the attention it deserves!

Original description:
This is a standard CTF symmetrical map. It consists of 2 moving rocket carriers racin...
Created by Dr_DJ_BLu
I edited turbine and made it a mvm map (this is just beta) (pop file : (map files: (bsb <--) (nav -->) https...
Created by Dack
this is a remix of turbine with visual and gameplay elements of 2fort. The prophecy is fulfilled. UPDATE: I added a new version of the map to fix some gameplay errors and minor visual errors. have fun...
Turbine but the ventilation system is a maze
Created by Goatinator
It's Turbine, but the room between the two bases was removed and replaced by a giant 100x100 maze that can only be entered through by the vents.

Type "map workshop/1348754448" into the developer console to launch the map....
Created by LemonMeister
Play one of the most legendary levels in FPS history, now in Team Fortress 2! Aside from a few tweaks to suit TF2's gameplay, this is a faithful recreation of the classic Doom stage. Rip and tear until it is done....
[KOTH] AquaticRuin
Created by Gamebun 🐇
Originally just something I started to get used to hammer, but went ahead and made it a full fledged map. Colors are gonna be bright but is otherwise playable. Something I'll keep in mind for future maps.

Textures (obviously) taken from Sonic 2 & Sonic ...
Longest Yard [Quake TF2] (Updated)
Created by <2F F> | PJX
Q3DM17 also known as "The Longest Yard", is the most influential and one of the popular maps of Quake 3 Arena.
Since Q3A released this map got much attention from the modders of the other communities as well as Quake community itself.

Other notes:
Lolcano (KOTH)
Created by Dr. Spud
Lolcano is on the cutting edge of serious TF2 comp action. Boasting more than 13 years of play in backroom CPL matches, Lolcano in its current form is the culmination of feedback from hundreds of top-tear pro players.*

koth_lolcano takes a "back to basi...