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Content used on open server "Rennsimulanten.de6 EVENT" for our fun-events every tuesday.
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2nd Update Blackwood DX11 for rFactor2
Created by Leonardo
This is the second DX11b release of the conversion for the famous Live for Speed Track Blackwood for rfactor2 (With permission of www.lfs.net)

Version DX11b
+ better AIW at start/finish,
+ improved gridmarks,
+ improve...
Adelaide Street Circuit
Created by odb
➡️ original Track created by wizzfactor2
➡️ converted to rfactor by Redhawk and Flaux
➡️ converted and updatet for rfactor2 by digga (www.simracingteam.net)

Special thanks to McNolo for some great stuff, Nuno Lourenço for help and feedback and Simraci...
Adria international raceway
Adria International Raceway has been in operation since 2001. In these years it has become one of the significant tracks in Italy for national and international motorsport activities and manufactorer devolopemnt, as well as being a complete structure to re...
Created by Heikki21
With kind permission from Jaasu, comes a conversion of the legendary Ahvenisto “Appara” Circuit in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The track was scratch-build by him based on LiDAR data.​

Please see it as a V0.9, as there are still some things I'd like to improve...
Albi 2020
Created by odb
Albi 2006 completely reworked to Albi 2020 for rfactor 2 by digga (Facebook SimRacingTeam)


v1.01 (2006 to 2020)
- new terrain splatter map
- some aiw fixes...
Algarve Motorsports Park 2020 - Portimao
Created by odb
⚠️ Note! venue name changed to Algarve Motorsports Park 2020!! ⚠️

☝️ uninstall or unsubscribe the old Portimao v1.13 then install or subscribe the new version

changelog v1.31
➡️fix material loading issue

changelog v1.3
➡️ IBL Shader for most mat...
Anglesey Circuit
Created by ~IsR~Corti
ANGLESEY CIRCUIT v1.05 (AC conversion)

First, many thanks to Tyrone for the permission to bring his AC version of Anglesey Circuit to rFactor 2.
This conversion was a big challenge, many things are consider first time for us, with trials and err...
Anneau du Rhin 2016 v1.02
Created by =fab=
Anneau du Rhin 2016 3.70Km/2.3Mi Converted by Fab . Made by Bobleric, NeelJani and Thierrydu81 from Scratch for rFactor 1. thx to ISI and Studio 397 for RF2 Materials, thx to Mr Francois Rinaldi and all the staff of l'Anneau du Rhin .....
Apple Valley 2015
Apple Valley Speedway is a two-mile low-banked D-shaped oval superspeedway. The facility has hosted stock car and IndyCar Series events for three decades. Our Apple Valley Speedway release has three configurations.

Oval – 2 mile oval
This high-speed o...
Autodrom Most v1.1
Created by odb
changelog v1.1 (digga)
- dx11 material and texture update
- reworked and increased road mesh
- add multi layer shader to terrain
- improve AI
- modify some cam position

➡️ Autodrom Most 1.00 create by Zdenek for rFactor 1 (Many thanks!)
➡️ convert...
Created by Nibiru
Original Track: Darren Blythe
Conversion: Craig McDonald (Nibiru)
Objects: Darren Blythe, Nibiru, ISI
Textures: Darren Blythe, Nibiru, ISI
Cam File: Hexogramme
AIW: Hexogramme.

All rFactor 2 elements have been added
2 Layouts (Long and Short)
Bathurst 2014
Located in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, sits a 4-mile rectangle of public road draped over a mountain and out onto the slopes beside it. With a strict speed limit of 37 mph to restrict the racing fan on a pilgrimage, Bathurst features an impressiv...
Belgium 1966
Located in the Belgium Ardennes is this beautiful and blindingly fast circuit that was home to many races. This is the 1966 layout of the track....
Bikernieki Race Track
Created by poozik0
Bikernieki Race Track, Riga, Latvia
This laser-scanned track is conversion from AC.
Author of original AC track is Martins Upitis. Thanks him for this track and for allowing the porting it.
Thanks Alexandr Meshkov for help with optimization.

Created by odb
Created by =fab=
Crystal Palace Park area in south London, England, The circuit opened in 1927, Improvements begun in December 1936 increased the circuit to 2 miles (3 km) in 1953 the circuit had been reduced in length to 1.39 miles (2.2 km)

The final meeting was held o...
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Canada
Created by senormen
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - formerly Mosport Park and Mosport International Raceway . . .

Original track model created by John Ramos . . . big thx to him for permission to work on the track and bring it to rFactor 2 . . .


John Ramos made...
Castle Combe Circuit v1.05
Created by odb
modern & classic Layout

changelog v1.05 by digga

-dx11 texture and material update
-new fence and fencepost around the track
-new trackedges, whitelines
-aiw optimation

Good play for all, have fun...
Circuito de Jerez v1.26
Created by odb
Circuito Permanente de Jerez- Jerez de la Frontera 🇪🇸

v1.26 (digga)
- dx11 Texture and material update
- rework add new nightlights
- added run off areas
- rework pit exit road
- slightly ai improvements
- rework cam settings, trackedges, r...
Cleveland 2007 v1.02
Created by =fab=
Burke Lakefront Airport, Circuit of Cleveland, Ohio, 2007 Version, 3.389Km/2.106Mi, designed by Fab . Made with BTB and 3D Simed from Scratch . thx to ISI and Studio 397 for the RF2 Materials ; thx to IDT Simulations has inspired me with the RF1 version...
Croix en Ternois 2017 DX11 v1.12
Created by =fab=
Circuit de Croix en Ternois

France 2.00Km

2017 Version designed by Fab

Made with BTB and 3DSimed from Scratch with Stéphane BOSSARD for the Championnat de France 2017 of the FFSCA Ligue

Thx to ISI and Studio 397 for the RF2 Materials....
ENSO CLM P1/01 ByKolles LMP1
Created by Nick9320
ENSO CLM P1/01 ByKolles LMP1 by Advanced Simulation


– 2020 season spec car shape;
– 2015-2020 seasons liveries;
– Latest IBL shaders and materials;
– Gibson V8 and N...
FVR V8Supercars 2020
Created by Jeremy Sharp
Scratch Built Australian Supercars Series 2020.

Please read comments below for latest updates or news. If you can spare a few bucks and you wish to support us please make a PayPal donation to paypal.me/atFVR

FVR V8Supercars 2020 V10.xx simulates the...
Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
Hampton Downs Motorsport Park is located in northern Waikato, New Zealand. It has has been in use since 2010. The 2.63 Km national circuit features a very challenging 1st corner and a very narrow hairpin half way through the lap. The modern facilities arou...
Haute Saintonge 2018 V1.1 DX11
Created by =fab=
Circuit de Haute Saintonge , 2200m , la Genetouse , FRANCE .
designed by Fab . Made with BTB and 3DSimed from Scratch . thank to ISI/Studio397 for RF2 Materials...
Hidden Valley Raceway
Created by Nibiru
Conversion: Nibiru
Hidden Valley Raceway is known for its high speeds and fast lap times. It is 2.87 kilometres (1.78 mi) long and has 14 corners, with a main straight 1.1 kilometres (0.7 mi) in length. In order to win, the race car has to flow well throu...
Highlands Motorsport Park
Highlands Motorsport Park has been in operation since 2013. Based in Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand. The track layout, (an 8 figure!), has been inspired corners as we find on some of the world's most famous race tracks. Its 4.1Km, and offers lots of very fas...
Hockenheim 1966
Created by sergiomloro
Hockenheim is one of classic circuits of all time, it was born back on 30's
and had been hosting all kind of racing since then. This is the mid/late 60's version of track, when motodrom area was build and racing direction change. This is the non-chicane l...
Created by odb
- original track created for rFactor2 by Tommy78 (https://tpongracz.wordpress.com)
- update to new version by digga (www.facebook.com/simracingteam.net)

changelog v1.5 - digga

- IBL/PBR Shader/Material update
- add curbs turn 1 and 12

special ...
Istanbul Park Circuit
Created by odb
- converted to rfactor by WCP
- converted and updatet for rfactor2 by digga

changelog v1.6

-fixed wrong aiw garage rotation
-fixed first drs zone
-new second drs zone
-new trackside sponsors
-new trackside objects
-in some places astroturf repl...
Kenton County Fairgrounds
Created by Brentwheels
Kenton Fairgrounds is a fictional figure 8 track originally created by freew67 for rFactor. I've converted and updated it for rFactor 2. An all new track surface and texture was created by Machine.

This is a great fun track for multiplayer races or ev...
Created by lemax
This circuit is located on a military base polygon in Kichevo, Macedonia. It is used as a venue in the Macedonian racing championship. Its narrow and bumpy track and dangerous runoff areas offer very close competition, very little space for error and guara...
Kyalami 2016 V0.89
Created by Heikki21
With kind permission from "Prototype", here is a conversion of his great Kyalami circuit from Asetto Corsa.

Update V0.89

- updated terrain to new pbr shader
- updated almost all other materials to pbr
- new road detail map for road and runoff area...
Created by poozik0
Lada VFTS for rFactor 2.
Original mod for rFactor 1 by HLTC Team
Converted by Artem Shulaev and Alexandr Meshkov...
Lausitzring 2016
Created by odb
-------------------- Lausitzring_2016 ---------------------

- Original Track created by Codemasters DTM Series

- first convert to rfactor 2 by Intel48
- completly reworked by digga (www.facebook.com/simracingteam.net)

changelog v1.25
-IBL Shader...
Le Grand Circuit 1967
Created by woochoo
Based on a classic French endurance race from 1967.

2020-09-13: graphical update and minor changes to road surface.

2019-10-24: some adjustments to textures and materials, some minor mesh improvements, some minor adjustments to some corner cambers, a...
Legends Cars Trophy
Created by Cyril Cherry
Lengends Cars Trophy is based on real Legends Cars Cup

Templates here: https://mega.nz/file/fJcimJhI#Nuyfu9b2GGMqyVGCsZDrrQQchEuuSsrzxi4RRhP_f1A

Donations: For support my work, https://paypal.me/CyrilCherry

Change log: Version 1.01: - Sound...
Lester 2.0
Created by el chupacabra
Lester is a semi fictional street track located in NJ, USA....
Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon
Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon has been in operation since 1973. It was built by the Manawatu Car Club near Palmerston North in New Zealand. The 3,3 Km long Grand Prix circuit runs clockwise, and has a few slow corners, a banked hairpin, some nasty unforgivin...
Matsusaka 2015

Matsusaka is popular Japanese circuit based on a figure-8 layout. Opened in the 1960s, it hosts top level open-wheel and GT events, and slower cars can be accommodated on two shorter alternate layouts. Minor layout revisions in its history ...
Nemuno Ziedas
Created by poozik0
Nemuno Ziedas, Kacergine, Lithuania
This track is conversion from AC.
Author of original AC track is Mantas Isganaitis. Thanks him for this track and for allowing the porting it.

The first races were held here in the early 60s of the last century...
New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning
Created by odb
New Jersey Motorsports Park v1.0

- Lightning Circuit
- original track created by LilSki (Assetto Corsa)
- converted for rFactor 2 by digga

Many thanks to LilSki for creating original track & permission to convert!

good race for all, have fun...
Nogaro track DX11
Created by Pixsim
The track is based in the south of FRANCE. It opened on 3 October 1960 as the first purpose-built race circuit in France. Initially 1.752 kilometres (1.089 mi) long it was expanded in 1973 and 1989 to its current 3.636 kilometres (2.259 mi) length. In 2007...
Created by odb
➡️ original track created by Com8 for rFactor 1
➡️ converted and updated for rFactor2 by digga

changelog v1.15
- increase road mesh
- update road textures
- add IBL and rain map
- small performance improvements

➡️ many thanks to Com8 for creati...
Created by schumi21
Original track created by Mitja Bonca (from RD) for Assetto Corsa. With his permission, I'm converting this track into rFactor 2....
Oschersleben 2017
Created by odb
Motorsport Arena Oschersleben

v1.3 - by digga (www.facebook.com/simracingteam.net)

changelog v1.3
- IBL/PBR Shader/Material update

Special thanks to ....
MCNolo > flag animation
Nuno Lourenço > road textures

Good play for all, have fun......
Oulton Park Circuit 2015
Created by odb
- conversion to rfactor 2 by digga (Facebook SimRacingTeam)

Special thanks to MCNolo for his flag animation and Nuno Lourenço for significant improvements
Thanks also to VLM and SIMBIN for various objects

changelog v1.5

-IBL function added
Palatov D4
Created by marcobost
Credits to Palatov Motorsport for original CAD files.

Build 2.05, November 14th 2023:
- fixed "shining" suit and gloves

Templates are stored into your rFactor folder "Templates" and detailed info are available into rFactor 2 forum, Palatov D4 thread...
Pittsburgh International Race Complex
Created by WhereIsBeef
Pittsburgh International Race Complex is a track in Pennsylvania, USA....
Pukekohe Park Raceway
Pukekohe Park Raceway, located in the Auckland Region of the North Island, has been in operation since 1963. Probably New Zealand´s most iconic motor racing circuit. It hosts internationally renowned events like the ITM Auckland SuperSprint and the annual ...
Created by simtek
If you support my work please: paypal.me/gpfan

CLIO CUP 200 TURBO for rFactor 2

The World Series Racing Clio Cup series gives the drivers the opportunity to race in a fun and close tin top championship. Cars are current generation Renault Clio model...
Ring Knutstorp Motorbana
Created by senormen
This is a track I had in rF1 and have now put into rF2.

Countless hours have been spent updating materials, shaders, textures, and adding rF2 features including increasing the resolution of the track mesh for real road and mapping the race groove to the...
Road America 2019
Created by odb
Road America 2019 v1.0

➡️ Grand Prix Course
➡️ Motorcycle Course

👏 Many thanks to LilSki, Johnr777 and digga for creating original track & convert! 👏

👏 Thanks also to Heikki&Schumi for some work and testing

good race for all, have fun 🏁...
Road Atlanta 2022
Created by odb
👏 original track created for AC by Johnr777 - thanks for permission👏
- converted and updated for rfactor2 by digga (Facebook SimRacingTeam)

good race for all, have fun 🏁
Created by lonestar29
Customized HUD using rF2 built-in HUD editor functions added long ago with the v1109 release, including DeltaBest, tyre wear, and weather. Designed to accommodate virtual mirrors.

Easy to install . . .
Just click the subscribe button.
Next time you op...
Sachsenring GP 2021
Created by odb
>>>> Sachsenring 2020 was created for Assetto Corsa by "Gunnar333" - Big Thanks for permission <<<<

Conversion to rfactor2 with some improvements by digga

changelog v1.1 (added last updates of Assetto Corsa version)

-Wasserwerk, Hänel BTM - new ...
Salzburgring 2016
Created by odb
created for rfactor 1 by Com8 and Steppenwolf - many thanks

- v1.2 - by digga (www.facebook.com/simracingteam.net)

changelog v1.2
- IBL/PBR Shader/Material update

Special thanks to ....
MCNolo > flag animation, fotografo animation
Sentul International Circuit
Created by Harris Muhammad
Created by https://harrismuhammad.com/
Sentul International Circuit is a permanent motor racing circuit located in Babakan Madang,Bogor, Indonesia. Away from the Toll Gate of Jakarta towards Bogor, Indonesia. Its pit facilities got easy access from the Ja...
SkipBarber 2013
Used by both the Skip Barber Racing School as a training car, and as a fully fledged race car in various regional and national championships, the Skip Barber Formula 2000 is the perfect car to teach someone how to drive fast and race hard.

The multi-tub...
Created by S.Victor
A minimalist HUD that occupies as little screen space as possible, while still provides important driving info.

Available layout:

- The original layout with info bar (toggle by hotkey 5) and standings bar (toggle by hotkey 4) .

Teretonga park
Teretonga Park has been in operation since 1957, It is New Zealands oldest circuit, located near Invercargill. The track layout is anti-clockwise, it is 2,57 Km long and offers a very fast and challenging 1st sector, the Loop, followed a very difficult off...
TigerMoth 2014
Tiger Moth Aerodrome is based on a real life airfield location in the United Kingdom. We’ve taken a bit of artistic license in recreating it, and added three racing configurations using the access roads to the famous ‘Test Track’ and surrounding airfield....
Valencia Ricardo Tormo v2.1
Created by odb
Valencia Circuito Ricardo Tormo

- first convert to rfactor unknown
- converted to rfactor 2 by lestrat
- updated to new version by digga

changelog v2.1
- dx11 texture update
- modify terrain
- replaced some armcos, tyrewalls and other objects...
Watkins Glen International
Created by schumi21
Original track for Assetto Corsa created by LilSki
Track is built off of aerial LIDAR data from 2014.
Converted for rFactor 2 DA-DIGGA, LilSki, Schumi and Heikki21.
Incredible work was done specifically for rFactor 2 to create a zone of garages and padd...
Zhejiang International Circuit v0.21
Created by odb
- original Track created for rfactor 1 (private Project)
- rF2 convert by digga (www.facebook.com/simracingteam.net)

chancelog v0.21
-fixed dedicated server start crash

MANY THANKS to the author for the hard work and permission

modify and/or re...
Zhuhai International Circuit dx11 V1.0
Created by paulmarc
Zhuhai International Circuit dx11 V1.0. Finally Zhuhai arrives to rFactor2 dx11 (not tested in dx9) based on a version from rfactor1. I have been working on this track quite some time. It includes realroad (with two presets, light and heavy rubber), workin...
Zolder 2016 dx11 V1.1
Created by paulmarc
New update to Zolder 2016, this time uploaded to steam to allow better future updates to all users. Just subscribe to this one to get the track updated to v1.1

I have reworked the road mesh in 3dsMax to allow realroad to work fine. Also the AIW is done ...