ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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ZA Ark Explorers Cluster Mods
A quick and easy way to download the mods for the [ZA] Explorers Cluster of servers.

The cluster consists of:

1. The Island
2. Scorched Earth
3. Aberration
4. Ragnarok

Rates have been increased to 10x for taming, resource gathering, increased mating and maturation rates.

Visit: for patch notes and other server info.

If you are new to Ark or just want to know where things are, have a look at the following guide: [EN] ARK Graphical Cheat Sheets for Beginners - Maps, Dinos, Cooking, etc.
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Death Recovery Mod (v1.11.2)
Created by Manalo
Version 1.11.2
Mod ID: 751991809
Last Cooked with DevKit: 297.2
This mod is rated: Clean and Stackable

Brought to you by Manalo and DragonClaw Studios![]

Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator
Collector auto collects eggs, fertilized eggs, and poop from ground / behind walls within a large radius across your base.
★ Incubator will incubate faster and keep all nearby fert eggs healthy.
★ Silo will send collected poop into friendly compost b
Platforms Plus (Open Source)
Created by orionsun
Source Code[]
(No license, use as wanted, with or without attribution)

Tree platforms with snap points for perimeter walls, extending ceilings, ladders, ramps and catwalks. Als...
StackMeMore (v1.51)
Created by Default
***PLEASE NOTE*** This mod was originally created by Simiyet as well as the preview image. Credit goes to him for this mods Idea. This is a re-worked and updated version of SMM, and I will continue to mai
Structures Plus (Open Source)
Created by orionsun

- All items can be picked up
- No building height limit
- Foundations are stackable
- Triangle foundations, ceilings & roofs
- Ceilings snap flush with foundations
- Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings
- Sloped walls can s...
Super Spyglass (Open Source)
Created by orionsun
Source Code[]
(No license, use as wanted, with or without attribution)


- Shows all relevant stats of dinos
- Shows how all of the dino's points(wild & tam...
eco's Garden Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 880871931

Craft fountains, topiary, indoor/outdoor lighting, fences, and planters for your garden!

100% Stackable mod.


All items
eco's RP Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 741203089

Craft decorative furniture and tons of other items for your RP (Role Play) servers!

100% Stackable Mod


All items can be pic
eco's Stable Structures and Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 1091147617

Craft rustic structures, old west decor, and storage for your stable, ranch, barn, western towns, or equestrian base!

100% Stackable mod.

Better Tek Companions (Enforcer Upgrade Armor)
Created by Shadlos
MOD ID: 1559293106

Mod is made with PVE in mind. Not everything in this mod currently or planned to be implemented in the future may be balanced for PvP use.

Clean and stackable.

This mod enhances your tek robot companions that you receive in exti...
The Chasm - Additional Creatures
Created by Trappel22
The Chasm - Additional Creatures

This mod is solely created to be used on ARK: The Chasm or ARK: Valguero if using the Dino and Map Extension made by Nekatus and me. The Aberrant Deinonychus will spawn naturally on The Chasm and Valguero. The Gol...
Randomly Colored Dinos
Created by Grebog
Randomly Colored Dinos

All creatures spawn with random colors. Male can be more colorful than female.
You will NOT lose any dino, if you remove this mod.
Colored dinos do not lose their colors, if you remove thi...
Rare Sightings
Created by Ertosi
An automated server event system. Rare Sightings allows a limited number of higher than max level dinos to occasionally spawn and notifies the entire server when they do. Tame them or slay them first for unique rewards!

Mod Id: 1300713111

Rare Sightings Tracker
Created by Temil2006
This requires the Rare Sightings mod to be installed for this to work correctly so please make sure to install that.

Adds a new GPS item to the game that when used with the left click, will display details about the rare dino from the Rare Sightings Mod....
Speed-Saddle and Speed-Potion
Created by Taura
Developed for
...but of course everyone is allowed to use this mod!
This mod consists of:[/h1
Swim Clear Scuba Mask
Created by MorkOz
MOD ID: 1102050924

Major code improvements and new skin upgrade for the TEK Helmet. See Change Log for details.

What d
Small Forge
Created by Ralph
- Small Forge -

This mod adds a Smaller Version of the Industrial Forge.
The Small Forge has less health and cost less to build and it is smaller
than the Industrial Forge.

Small Forge Stats

Required Character Level - 60
Required E...
Valguero Dino and Map Extension
Created by Nekatus

If you want to unlock extinction engrams, you have to use a mod/config for that. Its not possible to unlock engrams with a map extension!

We are NOT gonna add reaper.The aberration part is too small for reaper. I...