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Lakeside Retreat - VR HOME
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Feb 14 @ 9:29pm
Feb 17 @ 9:25pm
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Lakeside Retreat - VR HOME

A modern home situated in picturesque mountainscape. Surrounded by forest and view of a lake.

- Flying Birds
- Sliding Doors
- Steam Panels
- Eames Chair
- Furnature is removable so you can make it your own space.

I'm open to feedback and will try to improve this in my freetime.
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カービー Jun 4 @ 7:33pm 
Absolutely amazing, I'm using it as my house. One issue though, when I set it as my home and customized it, the sliding doors stopped functioning. Not sure what the issue is, but it makes the open area next to the dasboards especially useful. Great work.
Acearl May 13 @ 3:28pm 
Well Done! I really enjoy it as my virtual home.
Baloneysammitch Apr 30 @ 10:32pm 
Nice work! I would love to know how you made the sliding door.

A bit of advice: I think your collision mesh is too detailed on the Eames chair. I saw the same jerking animation behavior with really detailed collisions on my assets. You can manually create a collision mesh in the asset editor and tweak a bunch of things to get it simplified.
Ƈℓαѕѕy Mar 17 @ 4:15pm 
Truly amazing, and definitely my favourite destination so far. No joke, it makes me want to sleep with my VR headset on.
That Drunk Aussie Gamer Feb 19 @ 10:58pm 
ozy ozy ozy yeah :D and a cyber punk theme next niiice
and if only the unreal4 so much power n realizem - if only
7iger  [author] Feb 18 @ 3:54pm 
Thanks Rectus appretiate the help, I'll have a go at baking the lighting again on the next version. :steamhappy:
Rectus Feb 18 @ 3:15pm 
The lighting is stored in three things, 1, vertex lighting on static meshes, 2, light probe volumes, and 3, cubemap textures.

1, it's determined by the number of vertices, but unless you have absolutely huge amounts of them, it should be negligable.

2, light probes aresampled inside the volumes as a 3D grid, so lowering the sampling density in places with less difference and far away from the play area can have a huge impact. It has preset values to choose from, but it's actually a number so you can go in raw mode and edit it directly.

3, Cubemaps are high-res HDRi textures, so they can take up a lot of space. Your map probably doesn't need more than 3 of them, one inside, and one on each long side of the house.
X-MAS-BAD Feb 18 @ 2:53pm 
I wish Valve would make player homes based on Portal , Half Life, CSGO, TF2, and LFD
7iger  [author] Feb 18 @ 2:50pm 
Thanks Rectus, I had baked the lighting originally but it increased the file size to over a 1gb. Is there a way to avoid this? As for the fog I found it more visually pleasing as the mountains looked rather odd when fully visible. I kind of wanted a silhouette of mountains to kind of give an illusion of distance, but i'll look into how to improve it.
Rectus Feb 18 @ 10:17am 
Nice design. It seems like it's only using direct lighting though, the materials would look a lot better with indirect lighting from the environment baked in. Especailly the water could use specular cubemap reflections to catch the color from the sky.

Also, the fog looks a bit weird when it's applied to the top of the mountains and trees and is not matched in the skybox. You could try adding a height gradient to it so it only affects parts near the ground.