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Gloomhaven - Fantasy Setup (Scripted UI)
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Feb 14, 2018 @ 9:47am
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Gloomhaven - Fantasy Setup (Scripted UI)

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A Fantasy Setup for Gloomhaven!

This mod contains the full game, it is based on the second printing, contains every unlockable items from the physical game and in the near future we`ll be adding some more scenarios
We also have plans to include more scripted content.



- Used the Kraken table for more room.
- Every monster & boss has a custom infinite bag, with it`s model on it.
- Map tiles, characters, monster sleeves and HP+XP counters have custom infinite bags as well.
- All Tokens were put inside infinite bags to make them safe from deleting.
- Added music, through Orbs of music, which you can change by right clicking and select the "Looping Effect"
- Added Weather effects (snow, fog, rain), which you can change the same as Orbs of music by right clicking and select the "Looping Effect"
- Some Candles for atmosphere.
- Custom lighting and background.
- Custom (infinite) tuckboxes for decks of cards
- Custom player mats
- Added Decals for card enhancements
- Scripted scenario book
- High resolution character decks
- Location stickers
- Scripted rulebook
- Locked classes
- Town records book
- Solo scenarios book
- Custom UI controls


- More optimization
- More scripts


- Gloomhaven uses mixed horizontal and vertical hex grids, so you need to change the in game grid accordingly. To do this you have to go Options (on the top bar) > Grid > Type, and switch between Hex Horizontal and Hex Vertical, depending on the map you`re playing.



Special thanks to the original creators of the assets I used: Del (Gloomhaven Main Campaign), MeadyOker (Gloomhaven - Clean Table), XayaK (Gloomhaven Rulebook) and all the contributors from the community!

Thanks to Bjoern (Gloomhaven 2nd Printing (Scripted)) since he was the original creator of all the assets and scans used in all the Gloomhaven mods

Thanks to Kijan, for teaming up with me and creating all the major scripts in this mod.

Big thanks to Robert Jordan(prose) for making the scripted setup



I do not own any rights for this games or anything related to it. All rights are reserved to their creators Isaac Childres & Cephalofair Games.


Enjoy & buy the actual game, it`s worth it!

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Apr 20 @ 12:22am
Character standees seem to have lost connection to the player mats
Apr 5 @ 9:25pm
404 image error
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Kijan  [author] 22 hours ago 
@Sandstorm no... you could remove the snap points and lay the cards without them next to each other or put the cards on your second hand

look at decals tool from TTS
DragonFreak Apr 24 @ 5:43pm 
is there a way to do enhancements?
Sandstorm Apr 24 @ 5:41pm 
This has probably been asked before, but I'm having trouble searching on my phone..Are there any ways to add additional small item slots to the player mat. After getting a certain armor or hitting level 7, most people start bringing 4 items from what I noticed.
Urdys Apr 24 @ 2:23am 
will do! anyway thanks for the reply man, been enjoying this game for a whole month and couldn't have done it without you.
GabrielM  [author] Apr 24 @ 2:03am 
I don't think the update bag will work, but I did update the Locked Classes envelope correcting the mistakes you mentioned above. You can start a fresh game, pull out the locked characters envelope, and copy>paste it into your save (ctrl+C selected item, load your save > ctrl+V)
Urdys Apr 24 @ 1:52am 
question: do i have to use the upgrade save bag if i started a month ago? because

the two mini class still has a first-edition card (move 3 jump as bottom action on "soaring ally") instead of "command loot 1"

but the sawbones has all the correct changes from the second-printing edition
GabrielM  [author] Apr 23 @ 5:54am 
Only the starting classes have 3d models for now!
mallard0219 Apr 23 @ 4:59am 
Is there a way to search comments that I'm perhaps not seeing? It looks like the "Lightning Bolt" class only has a cardboard standee instead of the 3D model like the starting classes have (this is our first class unlock). Is there a bag with 3D models somewhere?
Sandstorm Apr 19 @ 5:28pm 
Those are already in the workshop and you can just select "additive load" on them to add them in if your group wants to.
Martdogg3000 Apr 17 @ 4:06pm 
I just wanted to say, this is incredible. I'd never used tabletop simulator before, but I've been playing Gloomhaven at a friends house and got hooked. I don't have any room for a big game, so I got TTS so I could play a seperate solo campaign. No offense to the other Gloomhaven setups on here, I can't imagine how much work it takes, but I tried 3 and the other 2 I couldn't even get a map set up. I had this running in 10 minutes. Well done and thank you so much for making this.