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AWESome : Aerial Warfare Enhanced Somehow
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Feb 14, 2018 @ 7:58am
Dec 3, 2019 @ 4:39am
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AWESome : Aerial Warfare Enhanced Somehow

# AWESome : Aerial Warfare Enhanced Somehow

Enhances the ARMA 3's flight environments to be more
realistic (Aerodynamics, GPWS, ATC, etc.).

Recommended to use with ACE since AWESome will take
advantage of ACE when able such as ACE Interactions,
ACE Weather and more.

This addon is SP/MP capable and basically works as a
client-side mod, and gives some additional features when
used on both client/server.

Although this addon is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0,
feel free to contact me if you need any code from this
addon for applications.



1. Realistic Aerodynamics (drag, lift, etc.)

Basic drag model is replaced with an enhanced model so
that it better reflects the drag in real life. This will
generate drag that's much more complicated than a simple
polynomial function and create many effects such as the
so-called 'Sound barrier'.
Vehicle's fuel status and weapon loadout will now affect
mass and aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle,
resulting in high aerodynamic drag and lowered stability
when armed heavily.
This also brings air density and wind into consideration.
Air density is calculated based on altitude, temperature
and humidity which gets more accurate if ACE3 weather is
used together.

Can enable/disable at addon settings (enabled as default),
and effects of wind can be adjusted with "Wind Multiplier"

2. Voice Informer & GPWS

GPWS(incl. Voice Informer) has three modes: B747, F-16
and Rita. B747's GPWS has more familiar sounds from
commercial airliners including altitude informers during
landing. Suitable for large transport or support planes.
F-16's ♥♥♥♥♥ing Betty GPWS includes missile warning and
other sound-warnings (voice informers). Gives basic
warnings such as: Counter; Warning; Caution; etc., and is
suitable for fighter planes.
Rita is a Russian voice informer which works similar to
♥♥♥♥♥ing Betty, but speaks Russian and has fewer
features(it's mainly because I don't speak Russian, and
therefore I can't find enough sound files).

You can set default setting for GPWS in addon settings
which will override plane's default GPWS mode setting
and set GPWS mode to what you want when getting in a
plane. However, if someone with this addon is in or has
been in the plane, the GPWS mode will not change and
stay as it was.

3. ATC (Air Traffic Controller) Systems

Shows friendly & civilian planes on map with name, speed,
altitude, and heading. Useful when commanding multiple
planes. Information lines are consisted of the following
three lines:

Pilot's Name or Callsign
Altitude Speed

Here, altitude is displayed in multiples of 10m or 100ft,
so if the unit is set to "feet (x100ft)" and 083 is displayed
as altitude, the actual altitude would be 8300ft.

Pilot name/callsign/custom callsign setting and units for
speed & altitude can be changed at addon settings tab.
Supports kph/knot for speed and meter/feet for altitude.
To set a custom callsign, add this to the plane's init field:
`[this, "My Callsign"] call orbis_atc_fnc_setCustomCallsign;`
If no custom callsign is set, it defaults to the unit's
group ID.

To enable this feature, you need to add the following code
to the target object's init field:
`[this, _radarMode] call orbis_atc_fnc_addRadarScreen;`

The `_radarMode` (default: 0) parameter works in 3 modes:
0: Civilian, same side or civilian side aircrafts only
1: Military, civilian mode plus radar detected aircrafts
2: Observer, all alive aircrafts

When using Military mode, custom parameters can be used:
`monitor setVariable ["orbis_atc_radarParams", [radarObject, isMaster]]`
monitor: Monitor object the atc radar was added
radarObject: Radar object (default: monitor)
isMaster: displays all airborne objects if true (default: false)

`radar setVariable ["orbis_atc_performanceParams", [radarPos, radarRange, counterStealth, volumeCR, groundCR]]`
radar: radarObject from "orbis_atc_radarParams"
radarPos: Position of the radar, can be object or position ASL (default: radar)
radarRange: Standard detecting range for RCS 5m^2 vehicle in km (default: 30)
counterStealth: No effect for now (default: 0)
volumeCR: Volume clutter reduction ratio (default: 1000)
groundCR: Ground clutter reduction ratio (default: 10)

`radar setVariable ["orbis_atc_radarDetailParams", radarDetailParams]`
radar: Radar object
radarDetailParams: Radar detail parameters (default: [])

`radarDetailParams` can be used in two modes: preset/custom.
There are two presets available, `"AN/APG76"` and `"AN/APS145"`.
APG76 was used in A-6 aircraft, and APS145 is used in E-2A/B/C.
APG76 works well against ground clutter but is weak against rain.
APS145 has almost no effect from rain, but gets highter ground
clutter values and therefore cannot detect low-altitude aircrafts
in certain situations.

When using custom values, the parameters are as follows:
`radarDetailParams = [radarFrequency, pulseWidth, azimuthBeamwidth, elevationBeamwidth]`
radarFrequency: Frequency of radar beam in GHz (default: 16.5)
pulseWidth: Pulse width of radar beam in micro seconds (default: 1.25)
azimuthBeamwidth: Azimuth beam width in degrees (default: 2.2)
elevationBeamwidth: Elevation beam width in degrees (default: 3.8)

4. ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service)

Plays ATIS radio broadcast using real in-game atmospheric
data. Provides wind, visibility, etc. Temperature, dew point,
QNH will be provided when ACE Weather is enabled.
With basic settings, ATIS provides real-time data, but with
addon setting changed, ATIS data should be updated on

To let the controller manually update the data, disable
'Real-time ATIS data update' option in addon setting, and
add the following code to the target object's init field:
`[this] call orbis_atc_fnc_addATCConsole;`

5. Cockpit Utility

Adds camera shake feature reflecting the vehicle's speed and
status including the touchdown speed, and checklists feature
for fixed-wing pilots which provides decision speed, rotate
speed, landing speed and many more automatically filled in.
This helps pilots to check if they have anything forgotten
and gives reference speeds for takeoff and landing.

6. Ground System

Provides towing vehicle & system for all planes. Works in
MP and does not require other players to use this addon for
towing their planes.
Offroad vehicles are used as towing cars, and can tow
planes by deploying towbar via Interaction / Action outside
the vehicle. Once the towbar is deployed, place target
plane's front gear at the end of the towbar, then use Action
to connect target plane to the towbar. After towing around,
stop the vehicle and disconnect target plane using Action.

NOTICE: moving too fast may occur collisions, so drive
with caution when towing.


**Issue Tracking**

To report issues, please use Github's issue tracker


**Steam Workshop**

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**BI Forum thread**

For more specific update notes, please visit BI forum thread



Orbis2358 ( : Project Manager & Programmer


< >
Lt. Ruben (AUT) Jan 16 @ 7:36am 
hey Orbis, could you please upload a version with just
"1. Realistic Aerodynamics (drag, lift, etc.)"
without the other 2 things? would really appreciate it, since i am mostly looking for a fix to the aweful flight model for jets.
LuizBarros99 Jan 16 @ 4:42am 
Also, the tweak to the low altitude drag seems a bit too high. Neither the F/A-181, nor the To-201 can exceed 1200km/h at sea level.
Realisticly they should be able to exceed 1300km/h (1350km/h at sea level for the F/A-181, and 1450km/h at sea level for the To-201)
LuizBarros99 Jan 16 @ 4:17am 
Does this work with AI units, or only affects aircraft flown by players?
COL C. Prater Jan 3 @ 10:06pm 
will you be extending this to also cover helicopters?
Dec 29, 2019 @ 3:08am 
Fantastic mod! Does Betty and Rita have overG warnings or they are not implemented yet? Would love to hear them
batman6311 Dec 3, 2019 @ 2:31pm 
it runs perfect,outstanding job one of the best mods on the workshop!!:steamhappy::steamhappy:
batman6311 Dec 3, 2019 @ 2:24pm 
thanks that was fast
Orbis2358  [author] Dec 3, 2019 @ 4:48am 
@batman6311 Bugfix has been updated as v1.3.1, should be no problem with latest update!
Orbis2358  [author] Dec 3, 2019 @ 12:37am 
@batman6311 Thanks for the report, I'll work on that ASAP
batman6311 Dec 2, 2019 @ 3:36pm 

the f-35a light2 from the usaf mod 2019 has a problem with script line 29 and 167 and keeps saying error expecting number