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A Week In Paradise Forever [AWPF]
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Feb 13, 2018 @ 3:49pm
Mar 16, 2018 @ 5:41pm
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A Week In Paradise Forever [AWPF]

AWP Forever requires manual installation, click on link below to download! Supported versions: (Steam/GOG) Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10

After latest P2 patch 5024, there are some issues with audio and other stuff, i suggest install the mod on previous P2 patch (5023) Go to Library, right click on 'Postal 2' game, then properties, go to 'Beta' section and choose '5023' Patch.

Download link

How to play with Xmod and other workshop mods :

AWP Forever v1.2.4:
Steam version of A Week In Paradise mod. One of most popular Postal 2 mod, whose original creator is Kamek, loyal fan Postal 2 game. The previous version called 'AWP' was outdated, so i made Steam conversion, introducing some changes, improvements, bug fixes ect...

What is AWP?
- AWP is an enhanced version of the original Postal 2 game and combines it with the AW expansion pack weapons and levels, plus tons of extra bonuses to make the ultimate Postal 2 experience.

AWP adds tons of new features to the normal Postal 2 and AW games:

- New custom weapons, plus weapons from the hit mods Eternal Damnation and M@DModz
- Brand-new cheats, such as Wallhack, Heat vision, unlimited dog helpers, police-hating bystanders and more
- More blood, guts, and gore
- Stronger and tougher police officers
- More bystander variety with new clothes and faces.
- New bonus missions such as 'Deliver Motherboard' mission. Go find Kamek on Monday in the Queen Estates map to activate it
- Few arcade minigames in Grossman's arcade
- New unused mission dialogs and some NPC's and Dude lines.
- New and more difficult gameplay, that makes it more challenging and intensive than Vanilla Postal 2.
- Few Bugfixes well known from Steam and non Steam Postal 2.
- Some old school features like few classic weapon animations, Hud icons, classic view models, old level design ect...

How to Install:
- Download mod from the above link
- Open package using WinRar or 7zip.
- Put "AWP Forever" folder in your game directory ...\steamapps\common\POSTAL2Complete\
- Open extracted "AWP Forever" folder
- Go to "System", find AWP.exe and create shortcut on your desktop.
- Have fun and enjoy the old school AWP mod made for Steam P2 :)

How to Uninstall:
- Go to your game directory.
- Delete folder named 'AWP Forever'.

The subscribe button, includes only old main menu. Just go to: '...\steamapps\common\POSTAL2Complete\WorkshopContent\1300887994\Maps\' move the "AW7_Startup" to '...POSTAL2Complete\AWPForever\Maps\', if you prefer old AWP startup menu ;)
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garden Apr 28 @ 9:12pm 
any mod that requires manual installation sucks
ErnestJugend Apr 23 @ 9:46am 
i downloaded the special launcher to play with xmod but i still don't have any of the features of said mod, why?
ErnestJugend Apr 19 @ 10:54am 
Hello, I remember some of the weapons in AWP had reload animations (m16, glock, some of the shotguns, mp5) is this on the mod?
Mountaindood5 Apr 14 @ 9:43pm 
Oh great. NOW I can't purge AWE Forever from my workshop folder. Now I gotta uninstall Postal 2 to see if it'll go away. Thanks a lot!
Mountaindood5 Apr 14 @ 9:40pm 
I extracted the dumb thing to my Workshop Folder, i pressed the Application button. but it refuses to boot up. "Can't find file for package Core" or some shit. Whatever.
shotgunner20 Apr 14 @ 7:02am 
does this have an AWP
lazmak Mar 18 @ 3:32am 
in my opinion xpatch is better in my opinion just saying awpf is a good mod
:IAMSOLAME::HESSTILLGOOD::FastFood:iregret nothing
Pink fluoride Dec 16, 2021 @ 1:11am 
launcher says "failed to load AWP forever mod"
abudekalove1986 Nov 26, 2021 @ 7:06am 

Can't find file for package 'Core'
Zero Jyllmeiko Nov 10, 2021 @ 11:42am 
I can't use the Launcher to boot up AWPF. It keeps saying that it failed to load, and I can't find a single answer for it!