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Castle Volkihar Redux - A Player Home
You need DLC to use this item.

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Castle Volkihar Redux - A Player Home

Castle Volkihar Redux Skyrim Special Edition IS NOW LIVE on Bethesda's new Mod site!

Now the size of a city, Castle Volkihar Redux is the ultimate vampire kingdom for the true overlord of Skyrim. All blocked portals now go to new places. New towers, quests, buffs, armors, weapons, followers, amenities, crafting and more. Dawnguard DLC required.

* Must have the Dawnguard DLC purchased and installed
* Install anytime but castle won't upgrade until "Touching the Sky" (get Auriels bow) is completed
* Works fine with the Dragonborn DLC (not required)
* Does not matter if you choose vampire or Dawnguard side
* No 3rd party tools or mods needed

Prior to Harkon's rule his older brother Brunar was the head of the Volkihar family. After becoming vampires a power struggle began. Harkon created a powerful vampire army, stormed the castle and magically sealed Brunar and his small band of loyal coven members away in the family tombs.
If you are able to acquire Auriels Bow you must find the coven and set them free.Thus begins your own journey not only to restore the castle beyond it's former glory but to reign as the supreme overlord of Skyrim. You can now build your own army of Draugrs, Gargoyles and Vampires.

*Did you finish Dawnguard and wonder why Castle Volkihar didnt upgrade?
*Did you think the blocked portals would open up into a real homestead?
*Then look no further, this mod does exactly that and more, read on!

Once the castle is yours Draugr guards and a new vampire coven members loyal to you will begin to patrol the castle inside and out. Some new followers are gained through quests. Additional Draugr sentries can also be added through a quest.

Castle Volkihar Redux not only offers access to every kind of crafting station in the game, you will be provided with a special 25% bonus when using them! There are new primary crafting stations such as a Forge, Alchemy Tables and Enchanting stations. A Wood Chopping Block can be found on the upper tier of the shipyard and Cooking Pots. 4 unique Blood Cauldron/Buckets to brew blood potions are spread throughout the castle.

You will find mannequins, weapon/racks, chests, display cases, and much more throughout the Castle. You will want to visit the North Tower Vault which is specifically designed for the safe storage of your items & display's for your Dragon Priest Masks and Dragon Claws. A bust of change your face can also be found in the North Tower's bathing area. One will also unlock the Daedric South Tower through a quest (The Forgotten Tower). It provides uniquel display's for most all Daedric items found within Skyrim including Dragon Scrolls.

Knowledge of teleportation magic has been added from the soul cairn. This teleportation wing is known as 'Teleport Tower West'. It is located in Valerica's Tower. It can be found by using any of the teleporter pads found in each wing of the castle. It includes two teleportation networks, one for the castle internally and one to six major cities throughout Tamriel. A spell tome that teaches the spell 'return to castle Volkihar' can be found in this very wing.

*The Castle's Shipyard and it's boats have been restored. You can use them to travel to the shores of Tamriel.
*There is a portal to the Forgotten Vale in the castle tombs found during the quest 'Fortify Volkihar'.
*Two fast travel markers are also added. One in the Shipyard and one on the East Tower balcony.

A 5,000 gold monthly income has been added when the quest 'Port of Call' is completed. Visit Captain Wheeler each month to collect it.

Daedric South Tower (daedric artifact displays), Valerica's Tower (Formerly the ruins), North Tower (vault), East Tower (alchemy, armory, training and guest rooms), *Teleport Tower West.

*Several dungeons have been added. A Gargoyle Lair, secret cave and a few vampire lairs which must be cleared out to inhabit.

Two Molag Bal shrines are added to the castle. But let it be known that the blessing from Molag Bal trumps all those other lesser daedric blessings combined. When Molag Bal bestows his chosen with a blessing, he wants them stronger than any foe in the known planes of existence. These shrines are found in Harkon's Cathedral off of the Keep & inside the Temple of Molag Bal in Valerica's Tower.

*The Undercroft will be upgraded into a flea market with added merchants. The castle now hosts every type of vendor found in the game. You will find a Blacksmith at the Shipyard, an alchemist trainer in the East Tower Alchemy Bazaar (foyer) and many more inside the Undercroft.

It's good to be king
Fortify Volkihar
Releasing the Coven
Port of Call
The Forgotten Tower
Keep em Coming
The Smell of Death (Starts in Solitude - hideout for starter vampires)

Robes of the minions of Molag Bal. These highly enchanted robes help his minions carry out his desires throughout the plane of Tamriel and beyond. The robes (crafted in Coldharbour the realm of Molag Bal) are 2nd to none for mages, warriors and thieves. The robes are also craftable at the shipyard smith under misc should you want to create un-enchanted versions or to cloth new initiates you bring into the fold. A custom vampiric horse can be found in a small stable near the shipyard docks, two ethereal swords are found during the quest 'It's Good To Be King'.

*Custom Family Home - A Hearthfires adoption and wife moving mod! Yes you can now move your kids into Castle Volkihar with this mod!
*Axe of Disintegration (deletes corpses! A MUST HAVE!)
*Robes of Molag Bal
*Attitude Adjustment
*Ridin Dirty (one of my favorites)

FAQ & Solutions -Click Here-

This mod could not have been made without help from the following:

-Bethesda Softworks - They are Awesome
-Valve/Steam - THE BEST most secure hosting anywhere
-AARS, Insanity, Stroti, ax, DarkRider - Meshes Textures
-Darkfox127 - Tutorials
-Amel - Robes
-Paradux - Robes
-Anduniel - Scripting help
-Adura - Scripting help
-Reaper9111 - Scripting help
-Emma - .fuz help
-giskard - CK advice
-Spirit-Alu - Art

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TiTan0s May 30 @ 2:03pm 
Amazing mod bro, if I was a different type of youtuber I'd definitely showcase yours!
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR  [author] Mar 26 @ 10:33am 
I added a lot of other objects (like doors, Gargoyle NPCs and other decorations), more than I could name off hand. Nothing that could have an affect on main or radiant quests made by Bethesda.
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR  [author] Mar 26 @ 10:08am 
Hi Asriel Goddard, I do not "change" existing objects, but I do "add" objects to those areas. That said, the answer is no for the most part. However, I did "disable" many things around the keep's "cell". Such as rubble and cob webs. Most everything else are banners, a dwemer light switch and a teleporter pad.

In the Thrall prison area in the basement of the Keep's cell, I added a "metal grate". Before it was just a texture. I added a moving door to that spot. I do not believe I "disabled" that texture, but I can't remember. It is better not to disable things unless you need to incase another mod wants to access it, so I tried to limit that. Best to just drop things on top of them to hide them if you can.

By the time I was done debugging my mod nothing was 'deleted' anymore as that breaks skyrim when modding.
Asriel Goddard Mar 24 @ 4:34pm 
Except for the portals does your mod add any changes to the original areas of the castle. Meaning the entrance hall the cathedral the smithery and basically everything that can be reached by only going through the front door, and wich was already acsesible in vanilla skyrim? Btw. your mod is incredible.
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR  [author] Mar 16 @ 12:18pm 
Hi Spyro_Dragonite, once you finish the "Gargoyle King" quest, most of the gargoyle statues around and inside Castle Volkihar will now come to life and are animal follower types. As far as seeing stats, no they are very simple. They are not killable and have a bit of damage boosted on their hits and spells. Below the "Vampire Tavern" in "Valerica's Tower" you will find a red gargoyle and a very small one nearby him in a little cubby who is nice to have because he doesn't crowd you in.
Spyro_Dragonite Mar 16 @ 11:47am 
i managed to finish the quest, and it had a weird effect. some of the gargoyls are now red... its rly cool, but is there a way to see there stats? (also note that they seem to act like dogs when it comes to companion followers, and works well with another mod i use called companion vilja, essentially allowing me to have 3 followers, one dog on me, one on her, and then her following me).
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR  [author] Mar 16 @ 11:19am 
Hi Voltula, you don't like mods that don't rely on anything and easily install the way they were meant to? I only support uploads to sites that support Bethesda that they chose. I would never use a 2nd rate site when I can use steam. Too hard to support in multiple places.
Spyro_Dragonite Mar 12 @ 2:50pm 
thanks ill give it a try.
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR  [author] Mar 11 @ 11:55pm 
Spyro_Dragonite are you on PC? If you are and can use the console "~", go to this page, scroll down til you see "Quests" find any quest listed (in your case it's good to be king", click on it's link and you'll see the quest stages and their value (number).

Type this in console to push past a quest stage:

setstage CleanerGargoyleKing 90

Hit enter and that should push the entire quest to finished! (anyone else reading this, DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE QUEST YET!!!)
Spyro_Dragonite Mar 11 @ 11:43pm 
ive got an issue. for some reason, during the "its good to be king" quest, at the part where it tells me to kill the gargoyle king, im stuck, because ive already killed him. is there a way to force the quest to detect ive already killed him?