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Feb 12, 2018 @ 2:24am
Feb 3 @ 5:07pm
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This is my first attempt at modding for Project Zomboid.

This mod adds a great deal more variety to the traits available to players during character creation.

The most prominent feature so far is the introduction of 1-point-cost traits which give players a minor boon.
so far, this includes a series of Prepared traits, which allow users to spend their trait points to give them certain starting items.

The mod also attempts to add a greater variety of expense, as in there are more -1, -2, -3, -5 traits. This should help prevent the annoying feeling of having one solitary point left with nothing to spend it on.

Balance is currently an issue. I would appreciate feedback on traits.

Known Issues

- Evasive trait sometimes dodges when bandaging/unbandaging wounds. (Reported by: Ryougi Shiki)

- Scrounger trait rarely duplicating items absurdly. (Reported by: Ryougi Shiki)

Workshop ID: 1299328280
Mod ID: ToadTraits
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UGLY May 27 @ 4:18am 
update bro?
SparkHawk May 19 @ 3:44pm 
can we have in the mod description a list of the actual traits?
_TheBunnymaster_ May 19 @ 12:45pm 
I think 'Hardy' is one of yours (great mod btw). It doens't seem to increase in fitness xp anymore. Is this because the PC is not fatigued enough to advance?
Awesomeexplorer May 19 @ 9:36am 
Update on problem: I had all the traits that sped up my character's running speed and no negative traits that do, and I can go so fast I can run through walls. Might wanna nerf things like the +25% speed.
The Scout May 19 @ 2:16am 
Thank you
HypnoToadTrance  [author] May 18 @ 11:40pm 
@The Scout
Whenever the player loads a new inventory in a container, it procs. So if you are the first player to enter a house and search its cabinets, those should be modified.
If, however, you enter after another player caused those inventories to "generate", then it will not.
The Scout May 18 @ 12:41am 
how does Scrounger work with MP?
Awesomeexplorer May 11 @ 2:48pm 
By the time I installed the mod, I've been occasionally able to phase through walls/windows. It even got me killed by making me fall to my death.
UGLY May 7 @ 7:36pm 
yes bouncer is broken asf
Renkage (Streamer) Apr 28 @ 3:49pm 
Not sure if this is known or not. But the Bouncer trait is very much broken for how much it cost. It wouldn't be that bad, but the shove does damage and on multiple occasions I have casually walked towards a zombie and they just exploded. Also, if you hit a zombie in a similar time frame (maybe at the same time, haven't tested it) as the automatic shove, it will launch the zombie a full screen length away.

Not sure how much can be fixed, but that is my feedback.