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Feb 12, 2018 @ 2:24am
Dec 11, 2019 @ 10:07am
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More Traits

This is my first attempt at modding for Project Zomboid.

This mod adds a great deal more variety to the traits available to players during character creation.

The most prominent feature so far is the introduction of 1-point-cost traits which give players a minor boon.
so far, this includes a series of Prepared traits, which allow users to spend their trait points to give them certain starting items.

The mod also attempts to add a greater variety of expense, as in there are more -1, -2, -3, -5 traits. This should help prevent the annoying feeling of having one solitary point left with nothing to spend it on.

Balance is currently an issue. I would appreciate feedback on traits.

Known Issues

- Evasive trait sometimes dodges when bandaging/unbandaging wounds. (Reported by: Ryougi Shiki)

- Scrounger trait rarely duplicating items absurdly. (Reported by: Ryougi Shiki)

Workshop ID: 1299328280
Mod ID: ToadTraits
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R4skall Jul 4 @ 6:12am 
@Ronin theres a b40 specific version called More Traits - Build 40
Ronin Jul 3 @ 7:57pm 
Can this be used in B40?
Dreeming-Royalty Jul 2 @ 6:03am 
The packer bag doesn't have any texture, or... entity, really. It looks like there's nothing on my character's back when I have it equipped.
R4skall Jun 25 @ 8:31am 
@duanethebathtub they are vanilla traits without vanilla means to correct those two
Someone Jun 25 @ 4:30am 
@duanethebathtub I think those are vanilla traits. In IWBUMS there are glasses but I don't know if they correct the vision.
duanethebathtub Jun 22 @ 10:54am 
I use the hard of hearing and sight traits, but there aren't any hearing aids or glasses to fix. Will this be fixed? Thanks.
duanethebathtub Jun 22 @ 10:52am 
@Poloski - that is what is causing that... I was watching so many zombies with backpacks (that I wanted) and when they died, they were naked with no loot. Hopefully, this and other issues get fixed. I LOVE this mod.
Poloski Jun 21 @ 7:35pm 
Martial Artist causes zombies to die naked, and I think it enables multi hit, which bugs gamemodes that have it disabled
R4skall Jun 16 @ 8:26pm 
@tilarium it does work on build 41 there are just a lot more bugs
tilarium Jun 16 @ 4:27pm 
Any word on if this mod is working with IWBUMS 41? I miss having some of these traits... like the drunkard one!