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Prince Edward Island BETA EDITION
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Feb 11 @ 7:32pm
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Prince Edward Island BETA EDITION

A Province in Canada Known for it's red dirt and amazing potatoes!
To do:
-Make Gentler Hills
-Fix cutoff of new brunswick
-More towns
-Realistic Industry placement

This is my first time uploading a map for this game so i hope you guys enjoy it!
It was a real pain in the hole to get everything sorted correctly for it to work!

EDIT: I am currently awaiting the performance patch so my crappy computer doesnt die on the new version! lol
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Alguy  [author] Apr 28 @ 6:11pm 
Im working on the new edition of this currently then im going for something much larger :steamhappy:
SoftwareSimian Mar 3 @ 7:07pm 
Map won't load because the folder structure is incorrect. It should be inside its own named subfolder inside "maps", not just in "maps" directly.
Your mod should contain:

/maps/Prince Edward Island BETA EDITION/heightmap.png
/maps/Prince Edward Island BETA EDITION/map.lua
CSI Ren Höek Feb 20 @ 5:10pm 
Unturned wore it better
Alguy  [author] Feb 16 @ 1:00pm 
Thanks for all your Comments guys! I am planning on a no industry version of the next edition of this map! Also once i am done with this map ill try something with a greater scale (Like all the maritimes) but that will take a while due to me having to splice so many topographical maps together. Enjoy the map while i work on the V1 edition! PS there are 10 cities on this map
rose4100 Feb 16 @ 12:21pm 
Does it come pre-built with the least efficient railroad in the world? lol. J/k, looking forward to giving this a shot. I love Canadian maps.
SoftwareSimian Feb 13 @ 1:38pm 
@gouthrodavid: PEI is a relatively small island, and granted it can be as narrow as 5km (at Summerside), but driving one end to the other is well over an hour -- ask Google Maps for driving directions from East Point Lighthouse to North Point Lightstation and it will tell you 256km, 3h10m
kristofroth26 Feb 12 @ 5:45pm 
it dosent seem to come up in my list of playable maps, and i do have experimental map sizes allowed, am i missing something?
Captain Palmtree Feb 12 @ 11:32am 
Could you please make a no industry version and it is a medium size map?
Kuehhas [DTF] Feb 12 @ 10:07am 
How many cities are included on the map?
gouthrodavid Feb 12 @ 4:38am 
PEI is such a small island it makes no sense to use as a TF map on its own. u can drive across the longest point in under an hour. if you could include some of the other maritime provinces with it then you would have a very interesting map.