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By Aithlin and 1 collaborators
The home for artists. PlooWorks Designer List is the showcase platform for artists. It enables artists to showcase their portfolios in a slick way, discover & stay inspired, and connect with new opportunities.

Great art deserves a wide audience. PlooWorks is proud to offer artists of all genres a way to create beautiful online portfolios to present their art works to the public. All over Steam, capable artists make their own portfolio using PlooWorks. As you’re about to see, the results are absolutely stunning.
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Artist's Design Style: Character Animation, Anime Styled Artwork

About Me: I'm Aithlin, I enjoy making Anime related artworks. I make fully animated custom artworks. With the experience i've gained as an Artwork Designer, i'll do my uttermost best to meet your desired output.

Designer's Portfolio

Artist's Design Style: Static and Animated Anime Artworks

About Me: Hi i'm Dekomori from Argentina, I have some experience making artwork, cheap prices,reliable and friendly.

Designer's Portfolio[imgur.com]
FOARsberg シ

Artist's Design Style: Character Animation, Anime Styled Artwork, clean and simple showcases, picture/character manipulation, custom character artworks.

About Me: I do artworks and animations, dm me if you want something done. Btw, I'm still learning so all my artworks are free of charge! I specialize in bold and clean artworks, My goal is to work towards perfecting solid, clean, creative artworks to my client.

Designer's Portfolio[discord.gg]

Artist's Design Style: Static/Animated Showcases

About Me: I made my first artwork for myself, after that I loved it and started doing artworks for my friends, I love to do them, and I can make such a good artwork cheap, safe and fast.

Designer's Portfolio[nootrak.imgur.com]

Artist's Design Style: character animation , Particle effects , Saber effects, logos , full steam profile revamp.

About Me: I am a self taught artist , I have always had a love for art. The customer is always right , you tell me and I create it .

thats my moto! My artworks are always competitively priced , I will never over charge you and will always let you see the sample first before


Designer's Portfolio[imgur.com]


Artist's Design Style: Anime-themed artworks, Character animation, Sleek text animations, Slogans and Banners.

About Me: Name's Ranziken, you may call me Ranz or Ranzi or whatever you like. I do spend some, if not, most of my spare time creating artworks as a hobby or for clients. Most of my design choices are neat, simple, and modern. Customers will be met with their utmost satisfaction.

Designer's Portfolio

Artist's Design Style: Gfx designs, custom logo design, eSports logos - banner and more. Flyer, business cards and more.

About Me: Hello, my name is Rease or Tim i was born in 1997. I edit pictures since I was 10 years old. I cut videos, edit pictures, create animations and much more. With me you can find

everything in the field of graphic design and music, video productions. I always try to pay attention to your wishes as well as possible. You can see parts of my work on my portfolio..

Designer's Portfolio[rease-design.com]

Artist's Design Style: Character Animation, Anime-related Artworks, Templates.

About Me: An artwork maker with not much skill but very cheap prices, only work on weekends due to school work, I accept all friend requests, I never leave before having you satisfied.

Designer's Portfolio

Artist's Design Style: Complicated Animations, Simple Animations, Abstract, Minimal (Mostly everything that can be made with After Effects)

About Me: A designer, have made animations & a variety (types) of graphics for a few years now. Recently got back into using After Effects, have gotten most of my knowledge back. I have a fair amount of free time & will try to finish your artwork as fast as possible, but keep the quality and keep working until my clients are satisfied. After finishing the artwork & selling it, I still provide small tweaks (name changes, small animations tweaks for free).

Designer's Portfolio[siikgfx.wixsite.com]
' S o t o '

Artist's Design Style: Text Animations, Logo Animations

About Me: Hey! I'm ' S o t o ' and i do designing as a hobby. I enjoy making artworks for different people and reaching the expectations of my customers. If they don't like the artwork i made, i'll do anything to make them happy.

Designer's Portfolio
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