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CS:GO Negev for TTT
Created by Nahte
Made for TTT, it means will not work in Sandbox

So, you love the negev from csgo? well, i made it for TTT.

This weapon will autospawn, no need to change anything.

-Custom icon!
-Custom fire sound
-Better than the M249


Created by Gamefreak
This is NOT a sandbox version so please do not try using it for sandbox and then complain.

Basic Info:
Clip: 60
Damage: 20
Recoil: 1.75
ShotDelay: 0.08

All models from Gamebanana []

The map i...
TTT Desert Eagle V2 For Traitors and Detectives
Created by Gamefreak
This is NOT a sandbox version so please do not try using it for sandbox and then complain.

Only Buyable in the Traitor and detective shop

Basic Info:

Magazine: 16
Damage: 50
ShotDelay: 0.4
Recoil: 3.5

All models from him: [url=
Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands
Created by Bender180
This addon requires that you have ULX and ULIB installed on your client/server. You can get them here[]

This addon is a joint effort from Bender180 and [url=http://steamc...
Created by Colek
Introducing TTT_Casino ported from the source engine mod Goldeneye Source. I take absolutely zero credit for any textures, models or brushwork within this map.

This map currently supports the following:
- 32 players (Generally only 16 is needed howeve...
TTT Weapon Collection
Created by Fuzzik

This content is for TTT servers only (listen and dedicated). None of these weapons will show up in sandbox.

TTT doesn't take advantage of all available CS:S guns by default, so this addon tak...
MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting
Created by MiRe
MapVote is a Fretta-like map voting system for Garry's Mod 13, with a few added features. It was originally created by Willox and released in the facepunch thread here.[]

I have received permission...
Created by Dooglz
A Trouble in Terrorist Town map based in a swimming pool complex.
Small/Medium map (5/10 players)
Treacherous Traps for the Traitor to torment Terrorists with.
The 2 large waterslides are traitor detectors, a light at the top lights either red or green ...
Created by mighty baby


Fully a...
Created by V-Rico.315.黑.ulow
A very nice underground map for TTT

- There are a couple of dangerous things to be aware about, especially the moving train
- Traitor's traps
- Lots of rooms
- Much fun


I only upload
Created by Zaratusa
A small map which takes place on the three upper floors of a skyscraper for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

  • 8-24 Players are recommended
  • good C4 spots
  • many rooms
  • only close and medium ra
Created by youmenow1
Placeholder trailer re-upload:

TTT_rooftops_2016 has arrived, bringing with it an immense number of additions, enhancements and changes to both the visual and mechanical.

After years of develo...
Created by Pufulet
My very own minecraft map for trouble in terrorist town!

The map was originally created using World Painter, then worked on in creative mode in minecraft, ported over as a vmf and a lot of work to fix it up.

There is a traitor tester which needs to b...
Created by DerpliciousDerpy
No credit to me i just uploaded all credit to (=CG=) Finniesp. A Trouble In Terrorist Town MC beta map. If the owner wants it off the workshop he can just leave a comment.
1. Realistic minecraft blocks
2. Nether dimension portal
3. Small m...
Created by tc
A rooftop map for TTT. Inspired by rooftops_a2.

Find version two here:
Created by Comrade Stinger
ttt_mc_skyIslands is a medium/large Gmod Trouble in Terrorist town map.

The goal of the map from the very start was to make it look as similar to minecraft as possible. We have seen several Garry's mod maps attempting to copy the style of miencraft bu...
Created by FEИRA
A spin on Nick Alger's classic TTT map dm_island17! There now is an elevator that takes you to the top of the lighthouse! For those extra lazy traitors.

Now has weapons included....
Created by Vizzys
ttt_fastfood is a medium sized trouble in terrorist map fun for around 10-20 players.

The map takes place around a fast food place that is inexplicably unnamed (yet)

This is version a6.
(May 21st, 2013)

Probably final version

ttt_craftroom - Minecraft Rats
Created by yolokas
Minecraft rat map. Recently updated and improved

- 3 traitor traps:
-- Cake: Remove a piece of the cake and everyone on the workbench will gain 15 hp
-- Piston: Retract the piston and squash everyone in its way
-- Oven: Grill some porkchop...
Created by Zaratusa
This map is an improved version of "ttt_cluedo_b5".

The map is inspired by the game "Cluedo", so it's very suitable for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

  • 8-16 Players are recommended
  • secret passages in th
Created by Zion Fox
Almost identical to ttt_clue, however this map adds various sound effects. From eery music being played from a jukebox in the attic, rain and thunder happening outside, to various radios and gramophones playing music in different rooms, and even a recordin...
Created by Bender180
Hey check out the festive reskin of this map i made for the holidays here:

So this is one of my oldest maps its th...
Created by Zaratusa
A medium sized map based around an large passenger aircraft for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

A large passenger aircraft is seized Mid-Pacific by a highly trained, heavily armed terrorist cell. Unfortunately for them, intense training and large weapo...
Created by Asherack
a mid sized rats map based around a teenagers bedroom, multiple routes, close and long range combat areas and good sniper sitelines, best played with around 20 - 30 players

made for ttt server
server ip:

Created by Zaratusa
Very long map based around ruined city scape for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

A vast ruined city scape, with many accessible houses and floors. Featuring 2 large buildings with 4+ floors + basements, a small 2-story shop and a vast field of rubble. ...
Created by Colek

Just uploading another map I like and it's not on Workshop. Here's MW2 Terminal, from Call of Duty MW2.

thegregster101 - original creator of map (
Created by Mike93041
Originally uploaded by youmenow1 on 22nd May 2011 09:09 am

*Added destructible building.
*Added Nyan Cat to the radio.
*Made the platforiming area easier.

*Fixed some unrotated textures.
*slightly better ladders
*Removed some ex...
Created by ExpertAmateur
I take absolutely no credit for this map, and I am only uploading this to workshop so players who play on the Evocati server have ease of access to it and can download the map faster and more efficiently. The original creator from garrysmod . org is: Purpl...
Randomat for SPIN
Created by Pablo

- Auf Wunsch spawnt der Randomat nicht mehr zufällig auf der Map sondern kann nur noch gekauft werden.

This is a Weapon re-made for German Youtubers. I highly recommend beei...
TTT - Spielerinfo
Created by nerzlakai96
Dieses TTT-Addon zeigt zu Beginn jeder neuen Runde die aktuelle Anzahl an Verrätern, Unschuldigen, Detektiven und Zuschauern sowie die Namen aller Verräter am Ende der Runde.

Zum Beispiel:
In dieser Runde gibt es 3 Verräter, 5 Unschuldige und 2 Detekt...
TTT Killer Info - German Version
Created by DerRene
!!! This is the German Version. Klick here for the english version !!!


Nur eine Erweiterung um Informationen v...
TTT - Thriller (Dart)(Still working but discontinued)
Created by SithLee
The TTT Thriller SWEP is similar to a Dart Gun.

The traitor may buy this weapon only once per round. The Thriller has 2 shots so you better not miss.

If you see a error please mount Counter Strike Source

Although this weapon is discontinued, if ...
TTT Poison Dart Gun [Updated 2017, October 29th]
Created by Tim | w4rum
A silenced gas pistol that fires a neurotoxin bullet which will slowly kill anyone it hits and slightly obscure the victim's vision. If the victim has access to healing measures, it might survive long enough for the poison to wear off.

[[ Changes ]]
I ...
Created by KotBirne
Map title: ttt_dog

there are several secret buttons and few secret locations in the map
can u find them all?

Also check out the turtle-collecting game in the yellow house! Press the button and you can find them scattered around the whole map.
Death Note
Created by Blue-Pentagram
This Addon adds a working death note for your Garrys mod

The Lua of this script was made by both TheRowan and Blue-Pentagram.
While the model comes from FluxMage on the old servers.
View and World modelling was done with th...
TTT Melon Mine
Created by BocciardoLight
Stand close to a wall to plant the mine. Detonates when enemy is within visible range

CREATED BY Phoenixf129
Edited by BocciardoLight

Tags: TTT, Traitor, Shop, Item, melon, launcher, mine, bomb, melone...
TTT Holy Hand Grenade
Created by BocciardoLight
Monty Python's famous Holy Hand Grenade as Traitor Item

CREATED BY Phoenixf129
Edited by BocciardoLight

Tags: TTT, Traitor, Item, Holy Hand Grenade, Monty Python...
Created by Brick
A map for Trouble in Terrorist Town that I have created.

Hope you enjoy it!

Big shoutouts for helping with the mapdevelopment:
- Toni M.
- SteVe
- Bandit

PS: if you find any bugs, feel free to report them!...
[TTT] Boomerang
Created by LeBroomer
This is an addon for the gamemode "Trouble in Terrorists Town". Please do not try to use it in any other gamemode and report errors or downvote it due to that reason.

TTT Explosive Corpse
Created by BocciardoLight
When you identify the corpse it will explode

Created by DaywalkerNo1 and reworked by BocciardoLight

Tags: TTT, Traitor, Shop, Item, Boom, Body, Expolsive, Explosion, Corpse...
TTT - Portalgun ( Portal Gun ) - ✯ Updated & Lag Free ✯ Detective Only
Created by Keigun
This is a Trouble in Terrorist Town Portalgun!

Thx for "ώħèâţļèŷ" a Russian coder, maper, modeler, game developer
with very good English skills for the Base code of the Portalgun.
I ported it to the Gamemode TTT with bug fixes and some extras!
Apartments (TTT and Prop Hunt)
IMPORTANT THING --> Thanks to SeaNanners, Diction, Sark and Mark for playing my map! :D

Do you love playing Prop Hunt / Murderer / Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) with you and your friends? Do you want a new ex...
Created by Ahava

I've only uploaded it into the Workshop for my TTT Server....
Molotov Cocktail for TTT
Created by Maul Pax
Left click throws it and right click drops it, it then explodes after 4 seconds. The secondary attack causes a bit more damage as it is more difficult to place the molotov unseen.

If you want to change the damage yourself:
-The addon folder contains a ...
TTT - Cloaking Device
Created by Lykrast
I'd first like to thanks v_hana for helping fixing bugs.

A functionnal cloaking device for our dear traitors in TTT. For 1 credit (like all equipments), you can buy this wonderful piece of technology.

Simply hold it in your hand to be nearly i...
TTT - Defibrillator
Created by Willox
Pretty simple modification that allows traitors to purchase a one-time defibrillator that can bring allies (or enemies) back from the dead.

Installing Workshop addons on servers
TTT - Jetpack
Created by Lykrast
This device can be bought by both traitors and detectives for 1 credit. Simply hold your jump button while holding it in your hand and watch yourself fly upward !
Just be careful, as getting up is easy, but going down or changing direction mid air is a re...
TTT - Speed Boost
Created by Exho
Have you ever been in a situation where you are probably going to die if you cannot outrun the Terrorists chasing you? Now you can solve that by buying a Speed Boost!

On the purchase of this, you will recieve a large boost of speed for 15 seconds (by d...
Created by Doctor
A TTT version of the AR-15 with modified code to implement it into the TTT gamemode. Original code not by myself, just modified to implement with this weapon. This is NOT a sandbox version so please do not try using it for sandbox and then complain.

TTT Homing Pigeon
Created by Gamefreak
You can only shoot it if you look at a Player.
It will fly automatically to him and explodes him.

The map is ttt_waterworld.

I take no credits for the Code
Originally its from Ownage.
I also fixed it up a bit....
[TTT/2] Blue Bull
Created by Gamefreak

Try the New Blue Bull! For Traitors and Detectives!
Its a passive Item so it doesn´t takes a slot.
With it you can jump higher then ever before!
And you can Jump in the Air again! Two Times!
You can also run 50% faster!

TTT Banana Bomb
Created by GHXX
This Addon adds a Banana Bomb which releases many small, explosive Bananas.
It was originally made by schnul44. I updated it.

Causes error in Sandbox, but you can just ignore them.

This addon works for both Sandbox and Trouble in Terrorist Town (tro...
TTT Golden Gun
Created by Just4FunKiller.#
The Golden Gun is Dedective only. It is pretty simple for TTT, you got one shot and it does one hit if you hit a Traitor with it, but beware if its a Innocent then you're instantly dead.

I hope you enjoy the gun :)...
TTT Jihad Bomb
Created by Thick Mommy
Send those pesky infidels straight to hell with this powerful improvised explosive device. Using the classic C4 model, it relies on no custom materials or models. Custom sounds are used to indicate the bomb arming, praises of Allah and the explosion, in th...