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Simple Spawners
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Feb 9, 2018 @ 7:27am
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Simple Spawners

Spawn creatures, harvestable resources, loot crates, or nests anywhere!
Make your own biomes! Customize ANY map however you want to!

This mod:
- Adds creature spawners that spawn creatures (including modded ones!) in an area, or globally!
- Adds placeable nests that will spawn eggs or babies from any nearby creatures.
- Adds a loot spawner that spawn any Beacons, Loot Crates, OSDs, or Element Nodes you want in an area, or globally!
- Adds a resource spawner that can spawn harvestable trees, rocks, bushes, etc. in an area, or globally!
- Adds a Creature Summoner, which allows players to exchange items in order to summon creatures or loot crates.
- Adds a gun that can send commands to the spawners, and copy settings between spawners.
- Adds structures you can place anywhere: Charge Node, Wild Plant Species Z, Gas Vein, Water Vein, Oil Vein, Obelisk Terminal, and City Terminal.
- Adds a No Build Zone, which prevents anyone from building in an area.
- Adds a Radiation Zone, which makes an area radiated like in Aberration.
- Adds a Prevention Zone, which has options to prevent the following within the zone: Flying, Grappling Hooks, Cryopod Deployment, Damage to Structures, PvP Damage to Players/Creatures.
- Includes a User Interface to locate and manage spawners and structures in this mod.

Mod Id: 1295978823
Mod is clean and stackable.

Other Info
- Works on ANY map!
- All of the items in this mod are optional. For example: if you only want to set up a unicorn spawn in an area all you need to do is place one "Creature Spawner".
- The spawners have almost any option you could ask for.
- Any items you want to use in this mod must be spawned in and set up by a server admin by entering the Simple Spawners Menu.
- The spawners are invisible to anyone that does not have the simple spawners buff, which is given to you when you enter the Simple Spawners menu.
- Shift F10 will bring the Simple Spawners Menu back up if you still have the Buff.

FOR SINGLE PLAYER, PUT: -preventhibernation IN YOUR LAUNCH OPTIONS (not required, but will help control overspawning.)

Use the following command to enter the Simple Spawners Menu to access all the features of this mod:

admincheat scriptcommand simplespawners


-Detailed Spawner Creature Lists-

-Additional Mod Information and FAQ-

-Report Bugs or give Feedback-


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Federation XIV
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DankYeeter 2 hours ago 
Loving this and it works perfectly every time. No matter if Gen1, 2 or some other map. Now I was wondering if it would be possible somehow to add a lava puddle of sorts? Magmasaurs and their eggs on other maps work perfectly fine but breeding is an issue I don't think there is a solution for yet. If I am missing a function which already fulfills this need pls feel free to correct me everybody.
humbleColumn Jun 16 @ 5:33pm 
Do the light sources work for anyone else or am I missing a known trick/setting to fix this?
Flockerkill Jun 16 @ 3:14am 
read the description
CaptSilver666 Jun 16 @ 12:28am 
Love this mod!! Structures plus and then this one are always my first two mods that I activate. :D
Jetorix Jun 15 @ 8:01am 
Alright. Thanks for the speedy response.
darklore  [author] Jun 15 @ 7:24am 
When the Ark Devkit is updated to gen2.
Jetorix Jun 15 @ 7:04am 
Darklore, you're awesome, best mod in my arsenal, by far. I do have a small request. Mutagen and other Gen2 creatures are yet to be added. May we get an update with these items/dinos? Thank you sir.
darklore  [author] Jun 15 @ 6:57am 
@RoyTheBlacksmith: Yes
RoyTheBlacksmith Jun 15 @ 6:21am 
could I make it spawn rock drakes on a map that doesnt have them normally?
Agonos Jun 12 @ 6:32am 
Hi. Just a moment to say that the "Simple Spawner" mod is one of my 5 favorite mods and I'm still looking forward to its updates. So, again my thanks and congratulations to the devs