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Origins Civics
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Origins Civics

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"From the depths of the Pacific to the edge of the galaxy"

This mod explores the concept of origin civics: permanent civics that alter the game start and/or introduce a new way to play the game. These civics add new elements such as non-ideal starts, quest chains, and/or mid-game bonuses to enhance your style of play as your build an empire amongst the stars. Mid-game bonuses appear about 100 years into the game and add additional modifiers to the permanent civic you've chosen.

Note from Author on 2.2:
Hi All and thanks for checking out Origins Civics! I've updated the mod to the Planet & Pops update for 2.2. I look forward to your feedback and hope to bring the rest of the mod to you soon!

Check out the in-game mod trailer on YouTube for some ideas for how this mod plays.

There are no prescripted empires overwritten with this mod!
If you are sticking with 2.1.* for a while, please subscribe the following link.
If you are sticking with 1.9.1 for a while, please subscribe the following link.

Current Civics (Version 1.5 - Planets & Pops Update):

  • Climate Shift*: Start the game after the climate of your planet shifted to a type that is not preferential for your species. -10% Amenities Usage
  • Nuclear Vault (Apocalypse Required)*: Start the game on a Tomb World with the a large underground vault deposit, which gives research bonuses & amenities. Applicable for organic empires.
  • Nuclear Mutation (Apocalypse Required): Start the game on a Tomb World with tomb world habitability preference. Applicable for organic empires.
  • Hive World (Utopia Required ): Start the game on a size 12 Hive World.
  • Nuclear Start (Synthetic Dawn & Apocalypse Required): Start the game on a Tomb World.
  • Machine World (Synthetic Dawn Required ): Start the game on a size 12 Machine World.
  • Life Seeded & Post-Apocalyptic (Apocalypse Required): Civics enabled for Hive Mind & MegaCorp authority.

  • Codominant Evolution (Utopia Required): Start the game with 12 Pops being of another codominant species. You have total control over the pop's traits.
  • Syncretic Evolution & Mechanist (Utopia Required): Civics enabled for MegaCorp authority.

Update Schedule
  • Eternal Leader/Digitally Eternal
  • Voidborne
  • Lost Colony/Exiled Colony
  • Alien Message/Alien Invaded
  • Ecological Disaster/Titanic Diaster
  • Colonies of Earth/Colonies of Man
  • Dyson Engineers

  • Compatible with 2.2.*
  • Available in all languages, though all the text is in English.
  • Scripted trigger has_encountered_other_species was overwritten.
  • Ironman Compatible, NOT Achievement Compatible

Icon Art:
  • New icon art by Shokupwet .

Localisation (outdated):

  • Tbd

  • Tbd


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Future of Origins Civics - Life is Out There
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cbshing  [author] Jan 14 @ 6:15pm 
@captainradish, haha, yeah. Quite easy with console commands.
captainradish Jan 14 @ 6:09pm 
I just remove_trait add_trait. It's a lot of fun! With 25% habitable worlds it's moreso.
cbshing  [author] Jan 14 @ 6:01pm 
@NocturneOfSolace, @Kuwabara, @CaptainKampfkeks, yes I am pretty far behind in my schedule in updating. If I can stick to my schedule, I'm hoping to update ot the beta branch on Fridays and the main mod on Mondays. But my day job has been keeping very busy lately.

@Rainy67, shh, that's a secret.

@Cousin Avi, maybe it is something I can look into. Technocracy is a bit more integrated into the base game code, so it would mean possibly overwriting more files. If I can think of a better way to do it, I'll come out with something like that.

@captainradish, I don't plan for that to be a feature, but that would be pretty brutal. It might be possible to enable this using some the scripted trigger flags I embedded in the mod code, but more on that hopefully soon.
captainradish Jan 12 @ 6:27pm 
A fun, and brutally difficult, start would be the Nuclear Vault start with a Habitat preference.
Cousin Avi Jan 12 @ 2:10pm 
Any chance you could enable technocracy for megacorps? Figured I'd ask as you did it for some others :) Could be called "R&D deparments"
Kuwabara Jan 9 @ 3:43pm 
@NocturneOfSolace When 2.2 first debuted, the author was not satisfied with how several of the Civics operate, so they pulled the more lackluster and broken ones down to better improve and flesh them out (with tuned resource changes, events, mechanics, etc.).
rainy67 Jan 9 @ 12:31pm 
Can we have a civic to start with the Worm event chain?
CaptainKampfkeks Jan 9 @ 8:11am 
Yes. They are in the process of being updated.
NocturneOfSolace Jan 8 @ 8:47pm 
Um, are some of the civics missing? I seem to remember this had more
cbshing  [author] Jan 6 @ 11:25am 
@Zavatari, I'm hoping to get Voidborne on the beta branch this week and the Eternal Leaders out of beta soon. I decided to change up how districts work for habitats and will need to test how the new civic bonuses will work out.

@labgnome, thanks for clarifying.