Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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Game of thrones: Overhaul. The Ultimate guide. Beta version.
By Lord_bold
Did you ever want to know how to play the multiplayer scenario "Game of thrones: overhaul"?. Fear not, this guide will aid you in your way to the Iron throne!
The basics

In the Game of thrones, you win, or you die. This is indeed what happens in this scenario,
where you will have to choose one of the Great houses of westeros, and gain total domination by being crowned king, or anihilating every other player.

  • Your main goal is to acquire 7 relics. If you do so, there will be a message to every Lord, warning
    them about your possible victory. To win, you will have to keep those 7 relics for about 10 minutes.

  • This is a diplomacy scenario. Everything here is allowed: from backstabbing your allies to rushing an unsuspected player, but do not give free relics to anyone. This is called "kingmaking" and it's unfair play.

  • Every player starts with a relic, in front of the main castle of its faction. Also, relics will spawn at the Great Sept of Baelor (King's landing) each 20 minutes starting from 30 minutes.

  • There is a 20 villager cap. This cap does include civil units such as fishing ships and transports, but not monks. Breaching this cap will result in a constant resource loss penalty until rectified. (in some versions units get damaged)

  • There are numerous triggers in this scenario, both faction-specific and general triggers. We shall cover such theme later.

  • Castles generate resources at certain ratios but can only be built in specific spots. (See "a beginner's guide to westeros: from north to west"). Castles outside those areas will be deleted by triggers. When a player is defeated, one of his/her castles becomes “blocked” and unbuildable, forbalance purposes.

  • There is a 25 tower limit per player. If this limit is reached the player will be taxed 1200 gold wood and 400 stone per 15 minutes.

  • Each house has one or more bonuses. (See the House you want to know about).

  • Each player has a faction leader as a main hero (a lord of the 7 kingdoms) as well as heirs, daughters and other named characters from the world of "a song of fire and ice". They can be used to trigger some events, so they should be protected.

  • "The one true king" is a title given to a random House Lord at the beginning of each game. This lord will have increased stats, and will not die when opening Braavos (see: Bravoos). He will be also capable of summoning Khal Drogo and his Dothraki at Pentos.
The Riverlands, player 1. House Tully.

Civilization: britons.
Lord: Edmure Tully.
Heir to the house: Bryden “The blackfish”.
Main fortress: Riverrun.
House bonus: “flourishing rivers”, “The brotherhood without banners”.
Difficulty: Hard.

  • The Riverlands are in the middle of the map. This means that they are always close to battle (or even the battlefield itself). Beware, bridges and rivers make the land tricky to defend from multiple attackers. Try to swiftly deal with threats, and make use of the Britons' Longbow.
  • Tully's house bonus 'flourishing rivers' is one of the strongest in the game, gifting the player 500 food per 10 minutes as long as they remain within 40 military units. Try to make use of your stone and diplomacy tactics to keep your military low - and watch the food come flowing in.
  • Between The twins and Riverrun, House tully receives help from Beric Dondarrion's outlaws by the bonus “The brotherhood without banners”, that grants special longbows. Up to 10 outlaws will serve The Riverlands, and if they fall in battle, others will take their weapons, as long as Thoros of Myr stands. The Lord of Light also blesses Thoros, and allows him to resurect Lord Beric Dondarrion should he fall. Place Thoros in the fire at the centre of the Brotherhood camp to resurect, this can be done 3 times.
  • The Greyjoy pirates find amusing razing The Riverland's coast, so they have developed heated shot earlier than the rest of the factions to fend off incursions.
The Westerlands, player 2. House Lannister.

Civilization: Franks
Lord: Tywin Lannister
Heir to the house: Jaime Lannister
Main fortress: Casterly rock
House bonus: “Casterly's gold”, “Baelor's heal”, “The light of the seven”, “A royal
Difficulty: Medium

  • House Lannister of the westerlands is probably the most important House in the game. They control King's Landing at the start of the game, so they have control over the relic spawn.
  • Oftentimes players will go to war, in the name of the Lannisters, trying to gain favour (and relics). Player 2 therefore often has a huge amount of control over what happens in the game, and who attacks who. However, given their importance, wealth, and (often) large number of relics the Lannisters can often be a target for conspiracies., especially if there are seen to be being cruel, with catastrophic consequences
  • Maintaining strong alliances will be crucial, as well utilising the bonuses. Remember: even if the Red Keep falls, there is still room for a Lannister Victory.
  • The Lannisters have the "A royal marriage" bonus. This is the biggest bonus of the game and involves multiple factions, so it has a separate chapter.
  • “Baelors heal” is a minor bonus provided by the Great Sept of Baelor, making your units heal faster (20 points every 120 seconds) while it stands, while “Casterly's gold” provides a stream of gold while having at least 50 military units at Casterly rock (200/ 5min).
  • “The light of the seven” is a bonus granted to you should Tywin be killed. Cersei will appear at Casterly rock, with a saboteur. If the saboteur manages to get in front of the great sept of baelor, or in front of where it used to stand, everything at king's landing will be destroyed, in a huge, splendorous wildfire explosion. Additionaly, if 1.5 hours in game have passed, and the red keep is destroyed, Casterly rock become fortified with more hp and you get a spawn of Citywatchmen at the castle.
  • If the Lannisters are defeated or resign, one of two things will happen. Either the Sparrows will take over King's Landing (spawning high hp monks around the city) or Danaerys will appear, riding a dragon.
The Reach, player 3. House Tyrell.

Civilization: Byzantines.
Lord: Mace Tyrell.
Heir to the house: Garlant “The Gallant” Tyrell.
Main Fortress: Highgarden.
House Bonus: “A convenient alliance”.
Difficulty: Easy/Medium.

  • House Tyrell controls half the southern lands in this scenario, far enough from everyone to not interfere in most wars. Not being even slighty surrounded is an extra defense, to be taken under consideration when playing as The Reach.
  • Beware of naval forces, as you city is totally open to the sea, and a huge Greyjoy incursion could overrun the defenses and destroy the city. However, your army is diverse and strong, having access to advanced infantry and the powerful siege ram, a very dangerous unit in this scenario.
  • "A Convenient Alliance" is a bonus that both Renly Baratheon and the Tyrells share. While the shared camp of Renly's and The Reach's forces remains standing both players will recieve a spawn of 3 bannermen each 10 minutes, making a them a very powerful team.
  • When House Tyrell resigns or is defeated, the Prince of Dorne comes from the south, with an endless army of dornish phalaxes. Conquering Highgarden can be considered really hard or nearly impossible when this happens, as phalaxes respawn with no delay at all, but if you kill the prince of Dorne, they won't.
The Stormlands, player 4. House Baratheon.

Civilization: Teutons.
Lord: Renly Baratheon.
Heir to the Faction: Stannis Baratheon.
Main Fortress: Storm's End.
Faction Bonus: “A convenient alliance”, “The real heir to the house”,
“The royal guard”.
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

  • Renly has named himself as lord of House baratheon, while his brother was still at
    Dragonstone, and now rules the ancient Baratheon's home, and desires to become king of The Seven kingdoms!. Should Renly die, Stannis will immediately assume control of Storms End Castle. It is imperative that Renly is kept safe, or else an opportunistic P8 might take whats Rightfully their's.
  • In addition, should Stannis fall in battle, Dragonstone will turn its Allegiance to Renly.
  • "A Convenient Alliance" is a bonus that both Renly and the Tyrells share. While the shared camp of Renly's and The Reach's forces remains standing both players will recieve a spawn of 3 bannermen each 10 minutes, making them a powerful team.
  • “The royal guard” is a bonus that helps you if the bannermen tents are brought down, after 1hour in game. Near stonehelm, you shall be aided by the baratheon guard.

The Vale, player 5. House Arryn.

Civilization: Franks.
Lord: Jon Arryn
Heir to the house: Andar Royce.
Main Fortress: The Eyrie.
House Bonus: “Neutrality”, “The mastermind behind all”, “The mountain clans”
Difficulty: Very Easy.

  • The vale is the easiest house to play when you start playing the game. They are very defensive, and almost impossible to invade from the land, unless you have super units or many siege rams. However, keep an eye on your coastlines, nearby players could easily sneak an army onto an undefended beach
  • “Neutrality” is a bonus granted by your knights of the vale: as long as your are neutral to the realm, they will rally by your side, being spawned aside the Eyrie every 15 minutes, they are a force to be reckoned, very powerful and fearsome. However, if you raze buildings, they will abandon you, so beware.
    (NOTE: The knights of the vale spawn as “gaia” units, and are converted by your units. If another player comes close enough, they can be stealed. Don't let anyone come close to the Eyrie unless you want to give them your knights)
  • Given the Knights of the Vale spawn conditions, its often advised for the Vale player to remain neutral in wars, allowing the knights to mass up. However, the Vale's central map position, and defensive layout makes P5 an excellent all-round civ, specially for the late game.
  • “The mastermind behind all” is a bonus granted when Jon Arryn dies, 1 hour after the game has started. Lysa must be alive for this to trigger. The cunning Lord Petyr Baelish will appear at the Eyrie, to take control of what is his now, and you can send him to form an alliance with either the Riverlands or the North, by sending him to the flagged areas of Riverrun or Winterfell. While LittleFinger is alive, the vale will receive up to 15 replaceable, weaker knights of the vale, and the ally chosen by Lord Baelish will receive them aswell. This will happen regardless of razes.
  • “The mountain clans” is one of the bonus granted by the iron Bank of Bravoos to a Great house. This will trigger anytime The vale gets his hands on the bank. They will receive powerful warriors from the mountain clans.
  • When the Arryn resign or are defeated, there is a chance of the stone crows invading it, making it fairly dificult to get their relics.
  • The vale is the only House that has a heavy scorpion since the beginning. Try to keep it safe, as they are not easy at all to obtain in this scenario.
The Iron Islands. player 6. House Greyjoy.

Civilization: Vikings
House Lord: Balon Greyjoy
Heir to the House: Reek Theon Greyjoy
Main Fortress: Pyke
House Bonus: “Raiders”, “The Iron Fleet”, “Victorion's fleet”
Difficulty: Hard

  • The ironborn are the most aggresive men of the realm.
    They seek destruction, and receive bonuses for doing so. They also have many powerful naval heroes; however, watch out for enemy monks, as these ships can actually be converted.
  • When you raze the coast, try to not anger more than one player at a time, as you could be easily overwhelmed. Do not let any House build a larger fleet than yours, as this could be your demise.
  • “Raiders” is the most straight-forward bonus: when you reach 10, 25, 50 and 100 buildings destroyed, you get 3000 gold. However, this only lasts until after 90 minutes in game, so try to raze as fast as youcan. If you get The Iron Bank, you will inmediatly raze it, getting 6000 gold.
  • “Victorion's fleet” is a bonus granted while Balon is alive. If you kill 30 units, you get it. The fleet includes hero ships such as “The Sea B1tch” and “Leaviathan”. Additionally, if you manage to reach the flag on the small island to the north of Casterly Rock with Balon, you can summon Victarion, your strongest champion, a ranged berserker super unit. “The iron fleet” is a bonus similar to “victorion's fleet”. It grants a small fleet of iron galleons for 5 in-game minutes, that are much more difficult to deal with and have a high enough damage output to destroy castles. This bonus triggers after 150 kills, if Balon is still breathing.
  • When House Greyjoy surrenders or quits, Euron will arrive with a fleet, permanently, to defend the shores from incoming relic stealers. As long as Euron is standing, the fleet will respawn.
The North, player 7. House Stark.

Civilization: Celts.
House Lord: Robb Stark
"Heir" to the faction: Roose Bolton.
Main fortress: Winterfell.
House bonus: “Our blades are sharp”, “The true king”, “Valar morgulis”, “Now my watch begins”, “And now his watch has ended”.
Difficulty: From medium to hard.

  • As lords of the north, House Stark has plenty of ground to control. Most of the time, they are overrun by grejoy razers; upgrading to keeps as fast as you can can solve this, but place the towers in strategic points.
  • While you have a lot of ground, your domains are by far the most dangerous of the realm: wolves spawn everywhere and often so beware about them. However, you will also probably own 3 castles, as Moat Cailin is too far from everyone except p7 to claim it. This, combined with the abundance of natural resources The North has, makes House Stark a very suitable House for a late game strategy. Do not hesitate to make alliances, as keeping The North as a whole from invaders will be hard.
  • “Our blades are sharp” is a faction bonus that grants inmediate replacement to Robb, as Roose Bolton can be crowned with no cost at all, becoming tougher in the process. Therefore, Robb is more expendable than many main heroes, and the Iron Bank becomes a much more appealing objective to house Stark.
  • “The true King” is a rather situational bonus that makes Winterfell the capital if 5 heroes converge on the flagged area of such castle. Try to convince allies to do so, anytime you can.
  • “Now my watch begins” is a bonus that grants the allegiance of the Night's watch while Jon Snow is alive. For the first 1.5 hours Nightwatchmen will spawn at Castle Black as long as it stands. On the other hand, “And now his watch has ended” is a "post-mortem bonus" granted by cutting the weirwood tree to the west of The Wall. If you do so, The Wall is considered breached, and when p7 resigns or is defeated, there is a high chance of the night king appering at King's landing and an army of wights marching to the same place from the north. This makes the North a rather discouraging faction to finish off.
  • If the white walkers don't appear, wilding legions will march over Winterfell, to prevent realic stealers from taking Stark's abandoned ones. The bonus also includes wilding help: take Jon snow to the statue north to the wall, and an army of expendable wildings will appear, and respawn when dead, with no delay.
  • “Valar morgulis” is another Iron Bank bonus: if you control the bank from the beginning and you control the house of black and white, Arya Stark will spawn at Bravoos. If you take her to Winterfell and you keep the house of black and white, the Faceless Men will commit to your cause and help you, spawning at Winterfell.
Dragonstone, player 8. House Baratheon of Dragonstone.

Civilization: Teutons.
House Lord: Stannis Baratheon.
Heir to the faction: N/A.
Main fortress: Dragonstone
Faction bonus: “Sacrifice to R'hollor”, “The real heir to the house”, “Come
with me and take this castle!”, “The night is dark and full of terrors”.
Difficulty: From hard to very hard.

  • Dragonstone is quite probably the hardest faction to master of the scenario, as all your power comes from your various bonuses, and without them, you are very weak. Your island, Dragonstone, is well defended, and hard to take, but as the game progresses, you will need resources. Stannis has a small fishing village north to Storm's End, but you may seek to take the land at the other side of the shivering sea too, as Dragonstone lacks space to grow.
  • When playing as Stannis, plot your conquest carefully. Dragonstone is not well suited to engage other factions than your inmediate neighbours until the late game, as it is quite isolated. Taking King's landing is an option if Lannister's army is busy elsewhere and has no southern support, but what Dragonstone needs are allies. Also, when taking the bank, arrangements should be made with starks and the vale, as having Stannis alive is always an upside. With the support you gain, Dragonstone will have its time to shine on the late game and then claim what is yours by right, the Iron Throne!
  • The Bank of Braavos is a major appeal as Dragonstone, because it will trigger one of your main bonuses, “Come with me and take this castle!”. This bonus will grant you the aid of Salladhor Saan's pirates, very modified galleons that can easily compete with ironborn longboats in tearing castles down. Consider building a combined fleet of pirates and regular galleons, to serve as shields in the naval battles.
  • If you seek Braavos, remember that your other bonus, “The real heir to the house”, will trigger, and should stannis dies, Dragonstone will change its allegiance to Renly.
    Player 8 may think that if deleting Dragonstone himself, the castle can be reclaimed later, so it does not ally with Renly. This is true, but it it will negatethe most powerful bonus, “sacrifice to R'hollor”!.
  • “A sacrifice to R'hollor” is a bonus that awards your faith in R'hollor by summoning a shadow figure, as long as Melisandre and Edric storm are alive. You can also get a weaker shadow figure if you sacrifice Shireen to R'hollor at the fire aside Dragonstone, and then place Melisandre in the flagged area. Your main shadow can be casted when you have 200 kills, and it is the most powerful unit of the scenario, even more than the Night King, slaughtering enemy heroes with ease. When any of the shadow figures spawn, you will get an especial boat just where the pirates spawn, between the bridge connecting Dragonstone and Driftmark and the sea gate. This boat will grant you a landing: it is not indestructible, yet very resilient. Shadow figures dissappear 10 minutes after being cast, so use them wisely.
  • “The Night is Dark and full of terrors” is a minor bonus that allows you to resurrect Stannis as "Stannis II" at the flag located in Essos after cutting down the trees that block your path. To do so, you have to wait 2 hours in game, and then bring melisandre there. Stannis will resurrect with additional hp and attack, making him a valuable frontline unit. This bonus might make taking Essos even more appealing for Dragonstone.
  • When Stannis quits, Daenerys claims Dragonstone with her dragons.
Marriage Guide

One of Lannister's best tools is securing alliance through Marriage, giving a resource bonus and unit spawn. Its recommended that The Lannisters choose who to marry with great care, strong allies are more intimidating to would-be userpers than weaker ones.

To marry, just put both Joffrey and its future wife in front ot The Great Sept. Both must be alive for the bonus to apply, and inside the Red Keep as King's Landing. All bonuses are recevied every 5 minutes.

  • Highgarden wedding with Margaery Tyrell: The crown receives 400 gold and a bannermen spawn at Harrenhall. Highgarden receives 300 gold.

  • Vale wedding with Lysa Arryn: The crown receives 200 wood and and up to 15 Vale axemen. The Eyrie receives 500 gold.

  • North wedding with Sansa Stark: The crown receives 500 wood and up to 15 Night's watch rangers. Winterfell gets 500 food.

  • Iron islands wedding with Asha Greyjoy: The crown receives 400 food and up to 15 ranged berserker pirates. Pyke receives 500 food and 400 wood and builds bridge to the mainland.

  • Stannis wedding with Shireen Baratheon: The crown receives 300 food and up to 10 pirate ships, next to Harrenhall. Dragonstone receives 500 wood and 300 gold.

  • Tully's wedding with Roslin Frey: The crown receives 400 food and up to 15 longbowmen, at Casterly Rock. The Riverlands receive 300 and 300 gold.

  • Renly's wedding with Brienne of Tarth: The crown receives 300 food and up to 9 Baratheon guards at Casterly rock. The Stormlands receive 300 wood and 300 food.
Places on Westeros: North, Riverland, Vale and Iron Islands, from north to south.

  • Castle Black
    The Night's watch sworn not to take part on any conflict of the Realm, however, it seems they now help House Stark. Perhaps it's Jon's Snow influence: if he dies, the nightwatchen will no longer support the Starks. Jon can also recruit wildlings if he crosses the wall and stands in front of the statue north to the wall; however, if he does so, the nightwatchmen will despise him and cease any support.

  • The Dreadfort

    Will provide:
    Gold: 600/15 minutes.
    Wood: 600/15 minutes.
    Food: 400/15 minutes.
    Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    Home to the ruthless House Bolton, Dreadfort is the secondary castle of the north. It is well suited to defend the eastern coast, and Castle Black.

  • Winterfell

    Will provide:
    Gold: 700/15 minutes.
    Wood: 800/15 minutes.
    Food: 300/15 minutes.
    Stone: 300/15 minutes.

    Ancient home to House Stark, Winterfell is an old castle, with many secrets. It hosts both littlefinger's knights trigger and the faceless men trigger, and can became the capital of the Realm.

  • Moat Cailin

    Will provide (when built):
    Gold: 400/15 minutes.
    Wood: 700/15 minutes.
    Food: 500/15 minutes.
    Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    Strategic castle at the Neck, perfect defense from pirate incursions or for a base to take the North. It will most likely be claimed by Starks, as player 7 has the neck walled. Begins unbuilt.

  • The Twins

    Will provide:
    Gold: 500/15 minutes.
    Wood: 500/15 minutes.
    Food: 600/15 minutes.
    Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    Strategic castle that defends the northern side of the riverlands from enemy fleets and armies. It is well walled and can be a major nuisance, especially if Tully stacks longbowmen nearby.

  • Ten towers

    Will provide:
    Gold: 400/15 minutes.
    Wood: 600/15 minutes.
    Food: 600/15 minutes.
    Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    Home to house Harlaw, sworn to Greyjoy. It hosts the possible bridge to the mainland.

  • The Brotherhood's camp
    Located in Riverland's countryside, the brotherhood's camp hosts the brotherood without banner's archer spawn, and the heroes Lord Beric Dondarrion and Thoros de Myr. The brotherhood will aid Tully until Thoros is killed. Dondarrion can be revived by thoros at the flagged area in the camp.

  • Riverrun

    Will provide:
    Gold: 600/15 minutes.
    Wood: 600/15 minutes.
    Food: 1000/15 minutes.
    Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    The ancient Tully's home, Riverrun, is a well defended fortress, however, as it is right in the middle of the map, you can expect enemies coming from everywhere. If needed, you can take down 2 of the bridges that lead to the city so you only need to defend it from the north. In Riverrun you can also find Littlefinger's knights of the vale spawn.

  • The Eyrie

    Will provide:
    Gold: 700/15 minutes.
    Wood: 800/15 minutes.
    Food: 700/15 minutes.
    Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    The Arryn's main castle is perhaps the most difficult fortress to take by land. The Eyrie can
    cause massive casualties to forces crossing the blood gate. It's also where
    Shagga and the Stone Crows spawn when the vale gets the Iron bank or is defeated, and where
    Littlefinger will spawn when Jon Arryn is killed while Lysa is still alive.

  • Runestone

    Will provide:
    Gold: 400/15 minutes.
    Wood: 600/15 minutes.
    Food: 400/15 minutes.
    Stone: 200/15 minutes.

    The castle protecting the Eyrie's backyard. Shall Runestone fall, The Eyrie becomes a much lesser threat.

  • Harrenhall

    Will provide (when built):
    Gold: 500/15 minutes.
    Wood: 500/15 minutes.
    Food: 400/15 minutes.
    Stone: 200/15 minutes.

    A glorious ruin, proof of the madness of Harren the Black. It is a very important strategic point towards King's Landing. Begins unbuilt.

    • Pyke

      Will provide:
      Gold: 500/15 minutes.
      Wood: 900/15 minutes.
      Food: 800/15 minutes.
      Stone: 100/15 minutes.

      Ancient home to house Greyjoy, it's where both Balon Greyjoy (an important character, as when he dies the Iron Islands lose the support of the iron fleet) and Victorion's fleet spawn. It's also located at the main military island of this faction, where the monastery stands, and it's where Euron will spawn after Greyjoy's defeat.
Places on westeros: Westerland, Stormland, Dragonstone and Highgarden, From north to south.

  • The Red Keep

    Will Provide:
    Gold: 750/15 minutes.
    Wood: 750/15 minutes.
    Food: 750/15 minutes.
    Stone: 75/15 minutes.

    King's Landing is the biggest city of Westeros, with 500.000 inhabitants, and is the capital of the Realm and the residence of the King. It is also where relics spawn, where the night king goes when summoned, the place the Lannisters can blow up with wildfire, where Daenerys or the sparrows spawn when P2 quit or is defeated and where your house lord can rule (collecting 200 gold each 5 minutes by standing on the flagged area)
    It reflects the political situation of the realm and will most likely be the first important city to be taken by any faction, specially Dragonstone or Highgarden. It is fairly well fortified and hosts both the Great Sept of Baelor (providing “Baelor's heal” bonus to Lannister) and Baelish's Brothel, where any faction can sell women heroes for gold.
    It hosts another trigger aswell: having a certain amount of towers at King's Landing will attract one of Daenery's dragons to the city, causing havoc.

  • Casterly Rock

    Will provide:
    Gold: 1200/15 minutes.
    Wood: 400/15 minutes.
    Food: 500/15 minutes.
    Stone: 150/15 minutes.

    Home to House Lannister, Casterly rock is a well defended fortress, and hosts both every spawn of marriage bonuses (except Tyrell's) and the “casterly's gold” bonus. This castle has the high ground in a very flat area, so it's hard to deal with, and lannisport has decent protection from sea. The fortress itself can be fortified when the red keep is destroyed after 1 hour in game, gaining extra hp and spawning Cersei and a saboteur that can be sent to burn King's Landing. Casterly Rock is an excellent base to launch attacks into every neighbour, and has no obvious

  • Dragonstone

    Will provide:
    Gold: 800/15 minutes.
    Wood: 300/15 minutes.
    Food: 700/15 minutes.
    Stone: 300/15 minutes.

    Impervious fortress located in an island, home to Stannis forces. It is arguably one of the hardest fortresses to take. It protects the shadow figure spawn. Shall Stannis die, the castle can be taken by Renly's faction. When stannis concedes or is defeated, Daenerys will appear here.

  • Driftmark

    Will provide:
    Gold: 800/15 minutes.
    Wood: 300/15 minutes.
    Food: 500/15 minutes.
    Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    Driftmark oversees King's landing bay. It is Stannis's secondary castle, and can punish any fleet that come near dragonstone with ease.

  • Storm's End

    Will provide:
    Gold: 800/15 minutes.
    Wood: 800/15 minutes.
    Food: 400/15 minutes.
    Stone: 200/15 minutes.

    Ancestral home to House Baratheon, now sworn to Renly. Shall Renly be killed, it will change its allegiance to Stannis. Is strong enough to fend most fleets, but not a pirate fleet.

  • Summerhall

    Will provide:
    Gold: 400/15 minutes.
    Wood: 500/15 minutes.
    Food: 500/15 minutes.
    Stone: 200/15 minutes.

    Fortress located on an strategic position between The Crowlands, The Reach and The Stormlands. His position is ideal to defend Tyrell's and Renly's Bannermen tents. Begins unbuilt.

  • Stonehelm

    Will provide:
    Gold: 500/15 minutes.
    Wood: 600/15 minutes.
    Food: 500/15 minutes.Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    Stormland's secondary fortress. In land enough to be out of reach of any fleet, at Tyrell's frontier. It protects the Baratheon's guard tent.

  • Highgarden

    Will provide:
    Gold: 700/15 minutes.
    Wood: 700/15 minutes.
    Food: 1000/15 minutes.
    Stone: n/a

    Ancient home to House Tyrell, Highgarden is a fearsome fortress, very well defended by sea, but weak to a pirate incursion, as it is a very flat fortress. It is connected to Oldtown by walls.

  • Oldtown

    Will provide:
    Gold: 500/15 minutes.
    Wood:500/15 minutes.
    Food: 600/15 minutes.
    Stone: 100/15 minutes.

    One of the most important cities of the Realm, Oldtown is home to the Magisters, who are
    honorable science men that help the Lords with their knowledge. In game, it's a fortress protecting
    Highgarden's back, and will most likely be the first building to fall to a pirate incursion.

Places on Essos, from north to south.

  • Braavos
    Will Provide (only the bank):
    Gold: 200/5 minutes.
    Wood: 400/5 minutes.

    Home to the Iron Bank of Bravoos, Bravoos will only open if you sacrifice your House Lord to the Many Faced God, on the statue of the entrance (Except if he's "The one True King". Then he does not die). The first faction entering the bay will get bravoos, 2 guard towers, the arsenal of Bravoos, and both the House of Black and White and the Iron Bank. Specific factions will want to get the bank or the house of black and white to trigger their bonuses: see “House Stark”, “House Baratheon of Dragonstone”, "House Arryn”, “House Greyjoy”. In addition, if you bring 6 villagers to the broken bridge between the house ant the Bank, it is rebuilt and you can get the relic.

  • Pentos- Dothraki Support

    The Dothraki will follow the One True king. Place your House Lord (if he's "The One True King") at the statue south to Bravoos, and it will open a path to some yurts. A relic is on the way, and you can take it to claim the dothraki support by dropping it in the middle of the camp with your king next to it for the Dothraki to spawn, or you can just take it home. Note that the relic will dissapear if you offer it to the Dothraki.

  • The Golden Company

    The Golden company is a fearsome force of ruthless mercenaries that can be purchased with gold by your hero at the statue on the Slaver's bay. They will bring their unique siege to Westeros, including Siege onagers and heavy scorpions, for the hefty price of 6000 gold.

  • The Lonely Light

    This misterious land is located far west. If you get your house lord to this faraway place, you can purchase relics for the price of 15000 gold. Just don't forget the monk to carry it back.
More information and known bugs.
  • There is a list of official kingmakers in the GOT overhaul group. Most of these people are cancerous and drive the game unfair and unfun, so don't accept them in your games, and warn the host of your game if you see one joining!

    List here

  • The heir to the house Tyrell in this scenario is Garlant “The Gallant” Tyrell. By the books, this is innacurate, as it should have been Willas Tyrell.

  • When a player is defeated, one of his/her castles becomes “blocked” and unbuildable, for
    balance purposes. However, in many cases, you can just place the castle aside the rock and it
    works perfectly. This is a bug, please do not exploit it.

  • Sometimes even 2 castles can be built on the Twins. I have yet to know if this is a bug or an easter egg.

  • If you play against the AI in this scenario, "The Stormlands" will be called "The Stromlands". This is not a bug, but an easter egg.

  • The vale's Lord is Jon Arryn. This was changed in the latest versions, however, when Jon Arryn is killed, the game announces Lord Bronze's death, which was the earlier Vale hero. This is a bug.

  • Sometimes the timer of the relics will reset. It has happened twice in a game to me, but for unknown reasons. I don't know if it was fixed yet or not, but it hasn't happened to me again.

  • As p8, do not summon the shireen shadow figure if you have available the original shadow figure. This can create a bug where you summon the original shadow figure but still lose Shireen.
Special thanks to:
Bidderlyn, for creating the original map.

LoCoDoN, for his constant updates. Dear god, I have yet to implement the latest here.

Zezman45, for his extense feedback on the Alpha version. Sometimes, I just don't see my own misspelling.

J2342, for his feedback on the Alpha version aswell.

And, sorry for the delay.

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Lord_bold  [author] Apr 5 @ 11:47am 
I have yet to update the guide again for the latest loco versions. Maybe for summer it will be updated.
Darth_Nox Apr 4 @ 6:29pm 
When Tully is OTK they get both castles at the twins, there also used to be a bug where you could build the other castpe even when they weren't OTK, but this has been fixed.

Also you can now delete relics at the lonely light as well (for the seemingly inevitable king making that has plagued some of the more recent games)

You can sometimes get Daenarys at Pentos, and if you bring her to where you get the golden company, you can get the Unsullied.
Bidderlyn Feb 26 @ 6:24pm 
Syff, that's a silly reason to dislike the map. Find people you like to play with.
Lord_bold THANK YOU once more for this wonderful guide.
I have taken priviledge to put it on the main page of the group, and add your name in the credits. Hope it gets the traction it deserves!
Wix Feb 19 @ 10:28pm 
Yeah, I can kinda agree on that but when you just open a lobby up and random people join you might/will end up wth a lobby filled with idiots.
Lord_bold  [author] Feb 18 @ 4:22pm 
Wow, such hate, this map is awesome as long as you play it with a bunch of nice people and no total douchebags.
Wix Feb 17 @ 8:47am 
I'd add one more tip to this guide:

Don't play this garbage, it has the most cancerous community of rquitters, sjw's and god knows what else...