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Eco Beginners Guide! Tips & Tricks included! - Outdated -
By Wolf Leader
This guide is to help those new to the game, or wanting to know some tricks to the game. Eco has some hidden tricks up its sleeves that newbies do not take advantage of, but this guide shall teach all! -note-This guide is a work in progress
Before You Play
If playing singleplayer, please ignore.

This game is mean't on working together. Do not use people because you will rely on them as you keep playing. It is best to be organized in the beginning so that everyone knows how to help each other. You will only be able to go down one main profession, unless server skill point rate is higher. Also, do not hop on a server just to leave, or claim land too close to someone else. Think ahead before you do stuff.


This game, takes a long time. You have one month before you have an asteroid crash into the planet. You HAVE TO work together to destroy it. Make sure you don't destroy the enviroment in the process. This game is honestly fun, you can make a lot of new friends. People love nice people, and will help you and can play other games with you if you make friends with them. Work together, for the sake of yourself, the server, everyone else, and Eco.
These are the controls for those who don't know.
W = move foward
S = move backward
A = move left
D = move right
Space = jump
Left Mouse = action button when holding tool (like digging)
Right Mouse = secondary action button (but down dirt)
M = map
G = graphs
O = list of players (click on a players name to change reputation)
C = chat channels
L = laws/voting
B = backpack (also where third person button is)
E = Interact

Splitting Items, use shift+left mouse, drag meter, then drag item from splitting popup box to wherever.

Nothing can be deleted from you inventory, make a chest! In future update you can drop stuff, but not yet.

Game is primarily for multiplayer, but you can still play solo. The skill rate in singleplayer is 24 times higher than multiplayer, so you can have all the professions you need.


This is what the game focuses on, which is really fun if you find the good people. When everyone works together, life is pretty nice, but there are the few trolls and meanies. If you don't like playing with random people, just get your own server! You can host it yourself, which is some details I cannot explain well, or pay a company to host it for you! Also, the skill rate is 24 times less than in singleplayer, which makes gaining one profession possible entirely.

If the server starts to lag, you usually need more ram, which you can tell if EVERYONE is lagging.
Starting off
1. The first thing one must do when starting the game is start or join a server.
2. Next, follow the in-game tutorial as it teaches you the basics.
3. Once you have made it through the tutorials, your life begins!

Note: You can skip tutorials, top left hover by them, you'll see an X to get rid of it.

You should have all the basic tools after completing the tutorial. While one step of it is to build a house, you want to build a house near a well wooded, and food filled area. You WILL use a LOT of wood in this game.
Once you have found a spot, build a small house, I recommend to start off with a 6x6x4 house. 6 blocks long, 6 wide, and 4 tall (not including the ground). That is only if you have a lot of trees, otherwise just downsize it. You will have to make it big enough to put multiple benches in, the benches you craft stuff on.

P.S. Tutorials give you the tools to start the game with!
Managing your diet 101:

Balance your diet for maximum skill points. Hover over the circle pie chart at the bottom left of your HUD (heads up display) and the food your about to eat to see what you need to eat/what food offers. A chef can make better quality food which gives more skill points. Your stomach contents will empty over time, so if something changes all of a sudden, one type of food in your belly is gone, which takes a long time.

You have to eat food containing the four food groups to maintain a balanced diet. Animals give you far more in one group, such as fat. Plants give you more vitamins than animals. Beans and Huckleberries are decent in the beginning. Animals give you multiple meat, so you can kill one big animal and be okay.

Cooking your food is better than not cooking your food.

Sorry Vegans who want to max out skills to the most, unless someone finds a work around.

(Next information for food is from a friend, it may or may not be correct)

Here is a link to a google sheet my friend made showing all the different food and properties:

Best Type of Food:

Teir One:
Basic Vegtables
Protein: Charred Fish (Only by cooking fish)
Vitamins: Charred Beats
Fat: Charred Camas Bulbs
Carbs: Charred Corn

Teir Two:
Wheat Products, Mixed Items from Teir One
Protein: Charred Fish (Butchered then cook if in butchering, or cook)
Vitamins: Wilted Fiddleheads, Boiled Shoots
Fat: Camash Mash
Carbs: Bannock

Teir Three:
Salads and Soups
There is two main purposes of a house. 1. Serve as a place for your indoor benches, 2. Give you more skill points. A house without multiple rooms and decorations will give you nothing besides a shelter. To add quality to the house, build a few small rooms off to the side. You can build a bedroom, a kitchen, a general room, bathroom, and industry.

Items in the rooms:
--Bedroom: beds (pretty easy right?)
--Kitchen: Bakery Oven, Butchery Table, Cast Iron Stove, Cast Iron Spigot, Farming Table, Mill, Salt Baskets, and a Stove
--General Room: Bookshelf, Chair, Square Pot, Round Pot, Small Rug, Medium Rug, Large Rug, Shelves, Stone Braizer, Table, Tallow Candle
--Bathroom: Latrine
--Industry: Anvil, Blast Furnace, Bloomery, Saw Mill

Other Items:
Rug (Large, Small), Couch, Washboard, Padded Chair

All items (except industry items) will increase the quality of your house. Be sure to balance the rooms, otherwise you will not be able to get the full points out of your house. You can only get up to 50 points per day out of your house maximum.

IMPORTANT: When building a house, a dirt floor is fine, as long as the roof is covered and you have walls you will be fine, doorways are 1x2 and windows are either 1x1 or 2x1 if empty. You can even dig into a mountain and place a door down and be fine... but to make a door you need a house (Ironic right?)
(Will create a chart to show relations better, and show subsets of specialties and what they do)

IMPORTANT! You need to specalize in one skill set and maximize efficiency so you do not waste a lot of resources. When you get to end game content, instead of needing 800 Iron ingots for an excavator (rough number not actual), you can get efficient and use only like 300 or so. This applied to everything.

Skills you may choose from (You automatically start with survival) are:
1. Carpenter
---Hewing, Logging (<--useless unless lumberjack), Paper Milling, Wood Construction (Allows building of roofs, stairs, window frames), Lumber
2. Engineer
---Basic Engineering, Electronics, Industry, Mechanics, Oil Drilling
3. Mason
---Mortaring, Glassworking, Mining (<--useless unless a miner), Stone Construction, Bricklaying, Cement
4. Survivalist
---Self Improvment
5. Chef
---Advanced Campfire Cooking, Campfire, Advanced Baking, Advanced Cooking, Baking, Cooking, Cutting Edge Cooking
6. Farmer
---Digging, Farming, Fertilizers, Gathering, Milling
7. Hunter
---Butchery, Hunting
8. Smith
---Smelting, Advanced Smelting, Metal Contruction
9. Tailor

Each Skill set has specializations that you can follow. Such as, part of the Smith professions Smelting specialty is metalworking.

IMPORTANT: Skill costs increase from 0, 0, 5, 15, 50, 100, 300, 500 (This means at the multiplayer rate, if unchanged, you cannot have all professions. Mainly one entire profession.)
It is most efficient in multiplayer to have one person research everything, so that way it saves resources. You have to research different books, learn scrolls by right clicking them, but you have to put skill points into the specialty to actually have the skill.
When people run for office, they are running for a position to manage the tax rate if there is a treasury, and set a world objective. It is up to the people to honestly listen as the "Leader" is only a figure head to the government without any actual power. However, if someone does make a good leader, that leader is able to unify many and get everyone to work together as an organized society.

The laws are all made by players. Players vote for what they feel is right. Any player can propose a law, unless there is a law stopping them from proposing a law.
Laws can also be put in place for:
-preventing killing of animals
-reducing pollution
-limiting animal killings
-restricting certain actions in certain areas
-giving certain rights to people
-many other things.... almost everything

You start with your own credit, which is only usefull for trading at your own store. You can have people sell you items for your credits, then they can buy items from you for the same credits. Once a mint is built, and there is an official currency, it is easier to use that. A currency backed by gold (gold ingots make new currency), will have the value of gold. You will be able to tell when someone has prices far too high, or too low based on gold. This makes it easier to make money, which also a official currency allows it easier to use at every shop.

Taxes are used to fund government projects, or to take money out of currculation. They can be useful when used correctly. When taxes are out of control, it would be wise to get a better leader. Leaders are the ones who set taxes. Real life taxes are usually 10-20%, so in game, that would be a normal amount. Taxes can also make people mad and destroy the economy, so listening to the majority of the people is a really important thing to do.
1. When you first start off, notice how you can select two FREE skill specializations. If you select digging and get a shovel, unlearn it, you just recieved a free shovel! You can do this with mining, farming, and lumber also to recieve free tools! Not many people know this!

2. When chopping trees, yellow highlight color means it still needs to be chopped, green you can pick up.

3. When placing benches, remember to check the status because benches like the research bench need to be indoors with so much room to function. The room must be completely sealed like a normal house would for the game to register it as a valid location.

4. Hold the mouse button instead of clicking, this isnt minecraft even though it has somewhat of that minecraft feel. Sometimes clicking will get you nowhere.

5. Better food gives you more skill points, keep a balanced diet.

6. The Wood Construction Skill gives you the option to turn hewn logs into the roof block using a hammer.

7. NEVER type /unstuck on a powered cart unless you want to go flying across the world. If you want to go flying, keep typing it.
Additonal Information
Allows currency backed by gold to be made. One gold ingot makes 10 of whatever the currency is called. If player one places a mint and names the currency Bucks, THAT mint can only make that currency. If player two places another mint and makes a currency called Dogs, then there will be a currency called Bucks and Dogs. If player one changes the name of the currency in the mint player one first placed, then it can change the name of Bucks to whatever he/she renames it to.

Allows the controlling of tax rates and allocating goverment fund from taxes to be given to people. This allows new people to be able to be given a little bit of money to start with, if there is money in the treasury to give.
Guide Not Complete
This guide will be updated as I learn and find out new things. If you know anything, please comment what you know!
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For plant fiber you need to Cut gras with a scythe
Magnito Dec 30, 2019 @ 6:56am 
Martinowitsch Dec 17, 2019 @ 3:52pm 
House Skillpoints are not maxed out at 50!
You can have 3 variants of each room type and so generate up to 500 House Skill Points