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Winter Wars: A Scandinavian Expansion (Defunct)
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Feb 6, 2018 @ 4:12pm
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Winter Wars: A Scandinavian Expansion (Defunct)

Compilation Mod: Season Pass

IMPORTANT - I find that I no longer have the willpower to update these mods, I burnt myself out with HOI4 and I had been hoping that my enthusiasm would return, but it hasn't. If you are interested in updating the mod yourself, let me know and I can make you a co-owner. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I thank everyone who provided with me assets, advice and bug-testing.

Welcome to the Winter Wars Mod! I made this mod over the course of several months, complete with research. I tried hard to make it so that it corresponded as closely to Paradox's design values as possible. If you have any questions, bug reports, or recommendations, please let me know!

Winter Wars is an expansion pack style mod for the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, complete with unique focus trees and events as well as an upgraded historical roster. Where there were no historical facts available (Icelandic tanks for example) I went ahead and gave them some plausible sounding names.

Coming out of the Great War relatively unscathed, Denmark believes that its strong trade ties to Britain and Germany will keep them safe. They have down-scaled their military with a philosophy known as "Defenceless Neutrality" spearheaded by Peter Munch, arguing that Denmark would stand no chance in any sort of military situation, and as such should not provoke their neighbors by having a strong military. Due to this philosophy, the Danish military is modern, but severely underfunded and underequipped. In southern Jutland, the DNSAP works under Frits Clausen to push for the reconquest of Schleswig-Holstein, and in the cities, the communists fragment as the party splits between those who support the Comintern, and those who look instead towards a truly stateless society.

Iceland has recently been granted Home Rule by the Danish, and their desire for independence only grows stronger. Although few in number, the Icelandic people will defend their homeland with everything they have, but they have little interest in the outside world, and have no intention of being drawn into any foreign conflicts. However, there are those who wish otherwise. The squabbling leaders of the Nationalist Party look to Germany for guidance. Meanwhile, others meet to discuss how to better convince the population to join with the Soviets.

Although Norway did not officially choose a side in the Great War, they are often called the Neutral Ally for their trade policies towards Britain. Now, as war again draws to Europe, Norway will again have a choice to make. Do they support the British, or the Germans? For both seemed prepared to invade at any moment. Fighting against the mold is Vidkun Quisling, the philosophical minded leader of the Norwegian Nasjonal Samling (NS) party. However, his party is held back by internal friction between its members, and should he wish to gain power without foreign help, this will need to be quelled. In certain meetings across the country, angry debates are held as the communists fight over whether or not to join the Comintern, and should they gain traction, they will first have to deal with this issue.

Sweden is dedicated to keeping the status quo. Arguably the most powerful Scandinavian nation, Sweden must make a choice. Do they defend their neutrality at all costs? Or have those on its borders made one step too many. Inside this country politics are different than what they portray outside. The king has had the last of his executive authority removed, and there are rumblings for not only a return to old values, but also to reject the current status quo in favor of a more radical approach.

Staring down the Bear, Finland has recently come out of not only a civil war, but an attempted fascist coup. Their military is well trained and strong, but they lack the resources to fight if and when the Soviets attack. If they wish to survive, Finland must turn to the outside world, and find its allies. All that remains is for them to decide who those allies might be.

The Denmark Bug – Sometimes, for an unknown reason, the game will crash during an event where Denmark surrenders to Germany and becomes their puppet. This only happens a small percent of the time, but I have never been able to figure out why. There are 2 fixes for this, but unfortunately both involve the console. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
- Have Germany annex Denmark via console. The event can’t fire if Denmark doesn’t exist.
- Tag over to Denmark and fire event SCA_denmark.100. After the event goes through, it should be fine. I have no idea why the event works if fired manually but not regularly.

In order to keep the game's aesthetic, I will not be using any pictures for portraits, as I feel it always pulls me out. If you wish to offer a portrait that fits in with the game's art style, for any of the characters without a picture, I will happily use it. Sadly my art skills do not go that far.

Next Topic Hint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGfKi6kpdTQ (Rock you like a...)
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Paradox Forum Thread: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/mod-winter-wars-released.1069042/

Artwork Credit:
Many Portraits
Kaiserreich Team
Many Portraits
Many focus tree “goal” pictures
Broken Neutrality focus tree “goal” picture

Special Thanks To:
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PattonsFinest Nov 24 @ 8:06pm 
The mod has not been kept up to date with the patches, as it is defunct and the modder doesn't really have the time anymore to keep up with it
Shxdow Nov 24 @ 7:54pm 
Can anyone tell me why i cant play this mod?
Nicksen Nov 10 @ 9:53am 
This mod is- and has always been amazing to play. I have been enjoying it for years on end, it more or less always had a permanent place in my mod lists.

Thank you so much for your time and dedication, I wish you well!
Wraith analyst Oct 15 @ 7:08am 
Thank you for making this mod.
Amanfreed Oct 14 @ 7:48pm 
Thanks for making this. I enjoyed it a lot over the years.
Pops Sep 5 @ 4:48am 
wait guys paradox stole his idea for nrodic to have content!11!1!1!11!!!!!!!!!
Andrex Aug 30 @ 3:56am 
polsih translation pls
tkkimwizard0834 Aug 13 @ 2:21am 
Can you add a few more factories and resources to the five major countries in Northern Europe?
Elfangor567  [author] Jul 31 @ 3:02pm 
@fip I didn't, I changed them to neutrality, which changes their flag
fip Jul 31 @ 8:03am 
why in the world would you change their original flags? putting an awful png in the middle of the crosses adds absolutely nothing, just makes it feel a bit cheap