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Realm of the Forlorn
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Feb 6, 2018 @ 3:51pm
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Realm of the Forlorn

In 2 collections by LazybuttonLP
ENZ Official Public Server
25 items
Realm of the Forlorn Official Test server
12 items
Forlorn Reboot:

Other mods:
Lazy's no Durability =
Lazy Spoiler =
Harvest Dinos =

Mod Discord:

Mod ID 1293740193

Live Build:
This mod gives you:

Blaze Tier Dinos (Fire)
Arctic Tier Dinos (Frost)
Omega Tier Dinos (Tough)
Pestilence Tier Dinos (Tranq)(kill to get crystallized torp)
Liquid Tier Dinos (Water)
Seraph Tier Dinos (Celestial)
Sandstone Tier Dinos (Tank)
Archfiend Tier Dinos (Boss)
Midnight Tier Dinos (Nocturnal)
Chameleon Tier Dino (colorful)
Mini Tier (Small rideable ark bosses)
Lava Tier (2nd Tier Boss)
StainGlass Tier (You guessed it)
Utility Tier (Utility Crafter dinos)
Demon Tier (Opposite of Seraph)
Elemental Boss Tier (Multi damage types)

Admin Codes

Forlorn Spyglass (Displays stats)
Super Pick 6 total Tiers (Best for resource gathering and can hold in your hand while picking up silica pearls and such)
Super Axe 6 Total Tiers (Best for resource gathering and can hold in your hand while picking up silica pearls and such)
Hunger Tranq Arrow (Compound bow arrow that Tranqs and drops food)
Super Sedative ( Drops food and fills torpor)
Super Pike (now does torpor and drops food)
Super Whip
Test Sickle for Narco Berries (Still in Testing)

Structures: (Benches are my own models)
Super Forge 4 Tiers 25x, 50x, 75x, 100x (Max metal ingots and Charcoal fast)
Super Grinder (Crafts fast at a chem bench level)
Super Bench (Crafts all the structures and things!)
Super Spoiler (Spoils meat in bulk)
Dino Crafter Bench (used to craft the dinos that craft the 3 resources for the rare ingot)
Super Resource Crafter (1 bench that makes all the things the resource dinos do)
Super Grinder (5x Griding so it is no longer useless)
Super Incubator (Picks up Eggs in a radius)
Super Generator (wireless huge range runs on gas)
Super Shield generator (Runs off power massive range)(turn it off before picking it up)
Egg Collector (Runs on power)
Poop Collector (Runs on Power)
Super Structures (Walls, Ceiling, Doors, and Gates all with holo variations. Solid structures are one solid color with no
Larges Walls (same as normal walls only as high as the gate)
Super Stairs
Super Railing (short and Large wall high)
Super Salvage Bench 4 Total tiers (50%, 100%, 250%, 500% redone Industrial Grinder)
Stone Pathway
Water anywhere Intake
Tek Building Parts (most everything needed with a few tweeks being made daily)

Diamond Dust Resource (Used for crafting the rare ingot!)
Plutonium Dust Resource (Used for crafting the rare ingot!)
Composite Dust Resource (Used for crafting the rare ingot!)
Super Sap Resources (Used for crafting composite!)
Rare Ingot Resources (Used for crafting tools and other nice items!)
Toxic Ingot (Used to make torp items and Dinos)
Ability to craft black pearls (Legit black pearls)
Spoiled meat (added in the Grinder just cause)

Craftng Dinos: (Super Resource Crafter Crafts the same items)
Craftable Yuty (Makes the Plutonium Dust)
Craftable megatherium (Makes the Diamond Dust)
Craftable Equus (Makes the Super Composite)(Requires equip saddle to Craft in it's Inventory)
Added a Eqorter Saddle (Looks awesome)
(All 3 Dinos are small base pet scale, not ridable and you can pick them up sorta)(Might have issues fitting through doors)

Super Dinos: (all are Weight scaled cause with all those harvested resources you'll need it)
Weight Tapejar
Bulldozer crab
Bulldozer saddle
Super Wyvern (has a bone costume as well)
Super Mantis
Super Gorilla
Super Tank
Super Drone
Super Reaper
Super Griffin
Super Rockdrake
Super Quetz
Demonic Rex

Dino armor Costume:
Super costume (works on all Super (crafted) dinos with a costume slot and adds 500 armor)
Bone Wyvern costume (adds 200 armor or you can use the Vanilla as well)

Player Armor:
Torp inspiried Manticore armor
Flame inspiried Manticore armor
Auto food and water chest Piece
Sandstone Armor
Nightmare Armor
Seraph Armor
Chameleon Armor
Arctic Armor

Red manticore
green manticore
blue manticore
orange manticore

It's not cheap but it's worth it!
(Useful for anyone who streams and records and doesn't want to admin cheat, Meant to make end game feel more like end game)

Other mods:
Drag0ns Pig Flash:
VR Dinos:
Violet Rain:
Realm of the Forlorn The Abyss:
Harvest Dinos:
Lazys No Durability & Qaulity of life:
Lazy Spoiler & Fridge:

A big thanks to:
For helping me get things working within the mod.
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hablargy Jan 21 @ 8:09pm 
That's awesome!! I gave LK a head's up!
LazybuttonLP  [author] Jan 21 @ 11:34am 
I'll locate the SSD again, I have talked to LK a few times. NanoDragon also had the files at one point to. I believe he lost them due to an update though.
hablargy Jan 20 @ 8:51pm 
I don't know anything about modding. I wish I did. LK knows a lot about modding. He might be able to sort it out. You've made a wonderful creation. I hate for it to be unplayable. It's worth a shot. And with Ark 2 coming out, mods may not need to ever be updated again
LazybuttonLP  [author] Jan 20 @ 11:18am 
If the files won't load in the dev kit it does him no good.
hablargy Jan 18 @ 8:09pm 
All you'd need to do is to send him the uncooked source files, if you still have them
LazybuttonLP  [author] Jan 17 @ 11:13am 
I have tried updating it but couldn't get any of the files to work. I wouldn't know how to get the files to them currently.
hablargy Jan 16 @ 8:59pm 
Hey @LazybuttonLP would you be up for letting Leutian Kane update this so it works again?
hablargy Jan 10 @ 6:15pm 
Well now I'm getting more crashes after a day of running smoothly. Bummer. Had to uninstall. Hope you can update soon, I'm going to miss!!! Love this mod!
hablargy Jan 9 @ 8:21pm 
I play on The Center. This beautiful mod still functions perfectly with all my other mods IF I put it after Gaia. Otherwise I get fatal error referencing Lost Island. Anyone having crash issues since Lost Island came out, try shifting your load order even if it wasn't an issue before. Hopefully will help someone.
LIJyXeP1913 Dec 13, 2021 @ 8:33pm 
I tried it, but nothing changed