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Meatsac's Nvidia performance guide for Squad v10 (can be used with v11).
By Meatsac
Make Squad (v10) look better and play smoother.
I've created a guide to help you maximize visuals & performance in Squad. This guide is based on my system specs, If you have a comparable system or better, you shouldn't have issues with these settings.

Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark 1 MOBO, Intel i7-4790K (OC to 4.5 ghz), 32gb of system ram, PNY XLR8 GTX1080, Nvidia Graphics Driver v388.71

Even slower rigs can benefit from tweaking Nvidia Control Panel settings and locking the frame rate with Nvidia Inspector . You'll just have to adjust in-game settings to what runs best on your system.

Note: Follow the first two steps in the order below (Creating Nvidia Control Panel game profile followed by Nvidia Inspector).
First things first...
Make sure to clear Squads "datacache" after it updates from ver9 to v10. It's recommended by the developer and you should do this after major updates or version change. Some performance issues and graphics quirks can be attributed to not performing this first step.

Note: Write down your Sqaud in-game settings, clearing the cache will reset everything (key binds, graphics & audio settings, etc.).

This is the official procedure as posted in Feb 5 news release.

Image Source: Offworld Industries.
NVIDIA Control Panel Settings
Selecting The PhysX Processor.
(1): Open NVIDIA Control panel.
(2): Select "Configure Surround, PhysX".
(3): Select your GPU in the pull down menu (right).
Create game profile for Squad.
(1):Select "Manage 3D Settings" (Left).
(2): Select "Program Settings" (Right).
(3): Click "Add".
(4): Select "Squad" from list, or, "browse" button, direct it to Squad installation & "Squad.exe".
(5): Click "Add Selected Program".
Change Squad profile settings.
(1): Make sure Squad is selected in the "Select a program to customize" pull down.
(2): Enter settings based on the 2 images below.
(3): Click "APPLY".
(4): Close NVIDIA Control Panel.
Setting up Nvidia Inspector.
Download and install Nvidia Inspector.



(1): Run Nvidia Inspector and click the small Nvidia logo icon (This opens Profile Inspector). Some people have had issues with icon not working, you can run "nvidiaProfileInspector" instead (from where you installed Nvidia Inspector).
(2): Select Squad in pull down menu (little home icon).
(3): Set frame limiter to 60 fps (most monitors are 60hz) or to your monitors maximum refresh rate if you have higher refresh rate gaming display.

(4): Remember to clck "Apply: (top right).
Note:Leave other settings to default, you can adjust other settings if you know what you're doing. Otherwise leave them be.
Squad Graphics Options.
These are my in-game graphics settings and It runs a steady 60fps, Sometimes it will drop down a few frames (54-55) during large engagements with tons of particles flying around. However, generally it's smooth.

If you need a little more performance gain, try turning off ambient occlusion (a big frame hit) and lower shadows one notch.

Turn Off Windows 10 Game DVR & Game Bar
Turn off the dreaded Windows 10 Game DVR & Gamebar. They cause lag & frame drops on so many games, including Squad. There are many other programs to record or steam games with (IE: OBS, Xsplit, Fraps, etc...).

Go to Windows settings and kill these:
Final Notes
(1): Install Squad on a SSD instead of Spindle based hard drive. It will vastly improve loading times (trust me on this).

(2): Close all unnecessary applications (IE: Google chrome, background porn, satellite tracking, etc...).

(3): Temporarily disable all downloads, YouTube videos, etc, and give Squad all the bandwidth you have.

(4): If you have more than 16gb of system ram, enable "Preload Textures" in Squads Graphics Options. It'll preload textures, thus improve performance (it'll increase map loading times a bit, but well worth the performance boost).

Basically just run Steam, Squad, Discord/TS.
Guide Updates
Thurs 2/8/2018

Ambient Occlusion in Squad is not perfect. However, you can tweak a setting in the "GameUserSettings.ini" to make it look a little better. The ".ini file is typically found here:


(1). Open GameUserSettings.ini with Notepad or other text editor.
(2). Find "AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale=1.500000" (The Default) and set it to "1.000000".
(3). Save.
(4). Right click the GameUserSettings.ini and set it to read only.

NOTE: Anytime you set graphics settings in Squad, it'll reset the "AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale" back to it's default (1.500000) if the .ini is not set to "read-only". If you need to make any changes in Squad options, you'll need to disable read only or it won't save new settings. I suggest set .ini to read only after you finished setting options.

Ambient Occlusion Comparison Images:


Make sure you've updated your graphics driver (a fresh install). I can't offer an opinion on the very latest, but have stable performance with this version.

Nvidia Graphics Driver version: 388.71-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql

- Happy Hunting
Meatsac's System Performance Guide
Checkout my other guide for system performance tips.


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[BigD] Twizted May 21 @ 10:40am 
new v11.1 boosts my fps to 100 with everything on Epic lol.. even on the big maps like mestia and gorodok i've only dropped to 88. Good times. :steamhappy:
Meatsac  [author] May 21 @ 6:41am 
I'm using TXAA for Squad... It's not my first choice for AA and some people don't like it, but FXAA blurs things too much for me and Squads MSAA doesn't do enough at 1080p (IMHO).... When the DEVS finally finish and optimize things, I'll just kill all AA and run it at 4K DSR and let the down sampling smooth everything out.... I do this with Battlefield 1 and it looks awesome!
AlexGotcha May 21 @ 5:37am 
@T-112-115 What AA do I use? I have different options than yours with a 1070
[BigD] Twizted May 9 @ 3:04pm 
i dont use scaling though, im happy with native res and changed a couple other preferences to personal taste but essentially everything else is by the guide lol :steamhappy:
[BigD] Twizted May 9 @ 3:02pm 
nice tweaks bud, boosted my fps about 20-30 fps.. was averaging 40-50 now i get 60-90 depending on map size.. considering i'm only on 8gb ram it's pretty significant for me lol.. GTX 970 maxed out @ 90fps with 8gb = win lol xD
Meatsac  [author] May 8 @ 7:21am 
Yea, everything will work for V11... However, you might want to turn Super Sampling down to 1.25x if you have performance issues at 1.50. All the other stuff will work for V11... I'll update the guide later, it's a busy week for me.
HIC0M May 8 @ 6:34am 
@El Courtland Still works for me!
El Courtland May 5 @ 8:59pm 
still work with v11?
Meatsac  [author] Apr 30 @ 6:12am 
Glad to hear everything is working out for ya guys... Ya, the green screen thing is a bug in certain areas of the map (devs are aware of it and will fix soon enough).... You don't need to disable ambient occlusion if you're getting the frame rates you need, it's just an option for those who have frame rate issues.... AO is a big frame killer, but if you have a beefy system, you can leave it on.
ela Apr 30 @ 4:41am 
Does work. Didnt download nvidia inspector and didnt do ambient occlusion thing. FPS boost was significant.

GTX1060 6gb
i5-6600K 4,2GHZ
16gb 2667mHz RAM