ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Max Level 200
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Feb 5, 2018 @ 3:48pm
Feb 13, 2018 @ 6:29pm
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Max Level 200

Mod ID : 1292904141
Basically the point of this mod is to make it, almost impossible to reach the max level and a high level guy would be level 130~
Survivor Max Level : 200 / 215 with Ascensions
1 to 115 = Regular Rates
116 to 170 = x1.05 exp of more per level
171 to 200 = x1.025 exp of more per level
201 to 215 = x1.025 exp of more per level

Few examples of the Total EXP needed to reach the following levels :
Level 100 : 203 801.0 exp
Level 115 : 1 253 174.0 exp
Level 125 : 2 143 352.75 exp
Level 150 : 7 621 061.0 exp
Level 175 : 22 878 142.0 exp
Level 200 : 42 414 796.0 exp
Level 215 : 61 429 272.0 exp

Max level on dinosaurs after tame increased to 150 instead of 71
Same as the Survivor
1 to 71 = Regular Rates
71 to 150 = x1.05 exp of more per level
Which make it almost impossible to have a max level dinosaur
example you tame a lv.150 wolf, perfect tamed with kibble it'll be 224
well his max level will be 374

This mod has to be placed first or else all the other mods will override it
[Edit]This mod is kind of safe, the only reason why it wouldn't work is if the developers decide to remake a new level system but that would break every single mods which is not going to happen, other case will be some missing engrams if they make new ones before I update it
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MasterOfBacon Oct 11 @ 8:25pm 
really be nice to updated it :)
MasterOfBacon Oct 11 @ 8:24pm 
Would you update this for 2020 and cap the levels at 500?
MonoLiion Oct 3 @ 10:53pm 
Please is there a mod like this that works? I've need a mod like this
taeles Jun 15 @ 1:21pm 
@AmeliaFC Comfirmed, read Amelia's post and then turned this mod off on my friends server. Engrams working, everything suddenly working. This is the only mod, the only thing I changed. This mod is officially, broken.
AmeliaFC Jun 11 @ 10:34am 
Had high hopes. Jumped into my single player game and immediately saw my exp arrow not static and full, so I thought it was working. Unfortunately, I noticed some really nasty side effects. I was no longer able to drink water. I had 4 canteens. They all "broke." That's not even supposed to be possible. Also, quite a few of my learned engrams became unlearned, seemingly at random. This was the only active mod while this was going on. Do not recommend. The good news is, deactivating the mod fixed everything. Except the canteens. Had to make new ones.
Chunchunmaru Apr 24 @ 2:55am 
Doesnt work.
dead.reckoning Apr 22 @ 3:48am 
What would I put in if I wanted to cap my character level to 500? I need it for some other mods.
Mr. Yellow Apr 2 @ 7:34am 
Pirate of AE Mar 28 @ 11:32am 
:/ Just moved this mod to the top of my list and my argy is all of a sudden 100k exp from its next level? (lvl 130ish) (@39k needing 139k)
Games242mine Mar 28 @ 10:41am 
It dossent work for me