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The Lake
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The Lake


Unfortunately I am no longer updating this mod myself however I have made it open source and uploaded to gitlab. So please feel free to keep the work on it going if you like the idea!

Project Link[]

Important Information

Please note that this mod is a WIP and only about 70% complete. Everything is subject change. At the moment a lot of the early and mid game is playable but I haven't got much of the late game content in yet. I still need to do most of the caves for the artifacts. So feel free to download the map and play around but it isn't ready for a full play through yet. If you are still keen enough to have a look I would love any feedback you might have.

Why make this map?

For some time now, I have really wanted to design a map with a large lake in the centre. I also wanted to make a map that incorporated the aberration content into a more traditional map design.

Basic Map Info

This ark is set high in the mountains with a pristine lake in the middle. The map is cold! So no scorched earth creatures are able to survive here. But as you go underground it gets warmer and certain aberrant creatures are able to survive. The map is the size of the island because I want the experience to be more focused and not just try and include all the content ever added to ark. Plus it should help with server performance.

The map has the following biomes:
  • Mushroom Forest (Pretty much a regular forest with mushrooms in it)
  • Mountainous
  • Redwoods (With a few shroom based twists)
  • Grasslands (I would love some ideas on how to make this area more interesting)
  • Snow Mountain
  • Snowy Plateau
  • Marshland
  • Shallow Lake
  • Deep Lake

The lake is freshwater so there are no megalodons, mantas or cnidaria but it is still plenty dangerous! I have revamped the stats and behaviour one of the more useless water creatures for the lake.


I want the caves to be an important part of the map gameplay. I want to have several resource caves that can allow easy mass late game resource collection. Of course the more dangerous caves will Also the bio-luminescent cave will be large enough to comfortably hold several big bases (with a few entrances so its not easily blocked off).

  • Easy Cave (Walk in only)
  • Medium Cave (Harder, some dinos will fit, but will contain better drops)
  • Bio-luminescent cave (Massive area for bases but will be dangerous. Multiple entrances so only the biggest alpha tribes could block it off)
  • Element Cave (Late game resources and access to the rock drake nests. Will be accessed from the above cave)
  • Rock drake cave (Will be accessed from the above cave)
  • Water Cave (This will also lead onto the element cave and will contain juicy loot)
  • Depending on resource balancing and drop accessibility I may add several more caves in the future for specific things.

What I am going to add

These are the things I am going to be adding in a rough list of priority order. Hopefully most of these items will be sorted in the coming weeks/months. I am playing on the map myself as much as possible to balance both the dino spawns and resource placement. This will change constantly.

  1. Add the distant mountains so the map doesnt just drop to nothing.
  2. Do a detail pass over everything.

My wish list that will never actually be added

These are things that I would really like to do to the map eventually (6+ months) but I am not sure if I have the skills, time or the map actually needs.

  • Underwater boss (I really dont think I could do this on my own but if any modder wants to help me they are welcome)
  • Kibble system changes (This would end up as a seperate mod but I have some ideas on how you could change up the imprint kibble recipes to remove the need for having huge egg farms and I would love for this to be implemented in my map.)
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WesNoneya Jul 14 @ 6:07pm 
Downloading and going to see what it looks like in dev kit.
WesNoneya Jul 8 @ 5:23pm 
@eatingtuna I would love to see it open sourced so we could get in there and work it, or customize it.
eatingtuna  [author] Jul 8 @ 2:07am 
No it's not but I am happy to open source it if someone want's to take it over.
TK Jul 6 @ 7:06pm 
Is it still being developed?
Granny The Gamer Apr 5 @ 11:00am 
I will add this video to my map spolight series I am working on.
WesNoneya Mar 3 @ 8:11am 
Thanks I was looking for a list of the spawn point names - then I can add or adjust spawns etc. I am already on discord, got some good answers to questions and learning a lot from vwcamper. Good stuff. I am not a gaming developer, but a software engineer, so working with unreal engine and blueprints is a change of pace. Thanks for the quick reply. I was serious about helping if I can. Thanks again.
eatingtuna  [author] Mar 3 @ 2:41am 
Thanks I appreciate it. Sure well the list of creatures not on the map is significantly shorter or do you want them by biome I can do up a list. Please note I may change my mind on some of these.
* There are no scorched earth creatures on the map (including wyverns)
* No griffins
* No Ichthyornis, hespoerornis, pelagornis or tapejaras yet (Note I might add all of these at some point)
* No dunkleosteus, basilosaurus, cnidaria, ichthyosaurus, leedsichthys, manta, megalodon, or tusoteuthis.
* No kairuku. I might add them but crabs provide such good organic poly already.
* No mesopithecus
* No oviraptor

Otherwise all the vanilla creatures and the aberration creatures are on the map.

If you are interested in modding/mapping and haven't already I would highly recommend joining the Ark Modding discord group. It is a hugely useful resource for learning how to mod and it is a great community on there. There is a link on the Ark Modding unreal forums..
WesNoneya Mar 2 @ 2:20pm 
i like the look so far. I think its an awesome piece of work so far. I would like to get involved. I'm still learning the dev kit (haven't published anything yet) but I am totally interested in helping!
eatingtuna  [author] Feb 15 @ 12:56am 
Cheers! Those are some great ideas! I might do a couple of hobbit holes.
eastern executioner Feb 14 @ 8:12pm 
for grasslands some great points of interest would be hollow hills like hobbit houses players could live in purlovia horses etc added in perhaps a cave of roll rats or something similar? metors with resources dotted around "a cool way to add element ore gems or anything else in" just a few ideas map looks like a cool concept.