Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Origins Zoey Sleeved + New Arms
Survivors: Zoey
Game Modes: Survival
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Feb 5 @ 11:44am
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Origins Zoey Sleeved + New Arms


Lt. Rockys Sleeved "Origins Zoey" Mod, with el Almenaras "New Arms" Mod.

I prefere Zoey Sleeved, BUT! the regular arms are awful. So I decided to paire it together with el Almenaras arms. BUT! His mod replaces the arms of all L4D1 survivors, which makes it unable to have custom survivors on the other Survivors.

So I decided to bring Lt. Rockys Sleeved Zoey mod from the dropbox to the Workshop with el Almenaras Zoey Arms Only! So you can still use Custom mods on the other Surivors.

If Lt. Rocky or el Almenara want me to remove the addon I'll gladly do it!

This mod was made to represent Zoey before the events of L4D1 during the Comic flash back, which you can see above on the Images. To read the Comic click Here[www.l4d.com]

To view the Original mod from Lt. Rocky click on the Origins Image above, and to view el Almenaras Mod click Here

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LAR1134 May 18 @ 10:36pm 
yay missing textures :/
ninstar May 4 @ 8:54pm 
The only relationship I have between Zoey and Cigs is from the Sacrifice video that shoes Bill offering her one and her recoiling in disgust. Therefore, I'm against Zoey smoking too. But I won't be using this mod anyway, so whatever.
小玲子 May 4 @ 5:18pm 
FancyEvilSpy May 3 @ 1:41pm 
does it work with clothing to?
Player #RemoveRandomCrits May 3 @ 9:20am 
No need to be an asshat molly.
HotDogMolly May 3 @ 4:32am 
BOOO on the smoking thing
Player #RemoveRandomCrits Apr 26 @ 4:32pm 
Any chance we could get this version of zoey with a cig. Optional smoke particles like bill's restore smoke mod.
豆豆 Apr 20 @ 2:37am 
make hud please
Leon Mar 29 @ 11:05am 
ste men xd
lllamitas Mar 28 @ 6:44pm 
men k wen nivel de ingles arms es brazos y weapons is armas inteligencia :u