ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Reusable Tools Ver 0.1
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Feb 5 @ 11:11am
Feb 11 @ 2:16pm
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Reusable Tools Ver 0.1

- Reusable Grappling Hook
- Reusable Bola

coming soon
- Reusable Spear
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NoSkinNoSkill Apr 14 @ 11:22pm 
what is the mod Id for on a server

syy195 Apr 2 @ 4:06am 
Hi, will u update this mod in the future? it is nice! ARK needs guys like u to make game funny!
Purple Dragon Mar 1 @ 6:08am 
grappling hook only seems to work on dinos, not on anything else.
jintoya Feb 15 @ 5:15pm 
oh, how about a stun rod that uses no gel?
i have never used it, i just think that might be nice, maybe it takes more gel to craft?
Pyro Feb 15 @ 3:58pm 
So far the only kinda weird thing i have seen is the lack of animation when throwing the bola. Otherwise seems to function quite well. If you're noticing crash tactic nonsense since v278 try turning down your settings sliders. I had my harvest amount slider crashing me.
BlackDragon  [author] Feb 15 @ 8:41am 
I plan to do more and some things on your list are already on my list. This mod is my first one, I start with a few things that I want to have on my own server. This mod is also intended to be bug free as soon as possible.

When my mod are ready and bugfree is then I will try to add some paramenter for the "gameusersettings.ini" into for the mod to do it adjustable (but at this time it is nice to have).
i think the reuseable bola ist realistic too, but it need a chance to break or maybe something like that :) BUT PLEASE make :

- Reusable Bola
- Reusable ClimbPick
- Reusable FishingRod
- Reusable FlareGun
- Reusable GrapplingHook
- Reusable Parachute
- Reusable Spear
- Reusable Whip
- Reusable Boomerang
- Reusable Soap
- Reusable Zipline
- Reusable Lasso

with individual settings. i know thats work .. but the F ****** workshop needs more complete and adjustable mods for different purposes.

thumbs up for great moders :)
jintoya Feb 13 @ 3:55pm 
honestly, for me its the things that you use, and they are gone, i use neverbreak, so things that just have durability are not a problem. but things like a bolas and spear, realistically are reusable.
i dont consider this mod unrealistic or gamebreaking, i dont think they should vanish to begin with.
Kisston Feb 13 @ 2:12pm 
I do hope this expands to include more items, especially the boomerang ^_^
WildDew__ Feb 13 @ 10:01am 
yea i did and got it fixed this morning meant to post back