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Steel and Thunder: Unit Expansion
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Feb 5, 2018 @ 9:46am
Jun 29, 2021 @ 6:27am
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Steel and Thunder: Unit Expansion

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Steel and Thunder, the sequel to Moar Units
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Updated for New Frontier Pass & Final Patch!

This mod adds 8 new Global Units to Civilization 6 (5 with Gathering Storm). The new units are: Gatling Gun, Mortar, Self Propelled Artillery, Cog, Galleass, Cuirassier (pre-GS), Explorer (pre-GS), Courser (pre-GS).

The Longswordsman, Trebuchet, Rifleman have now been made redundant by the Firaxis versions: Man-at-Arms, Trebuchet and Line Infantry respectively.

Here's how the additional Global Units fit into the upgrade paths:

... -> Swordsman -> Longswordsman* -> Musketman -> Rifleman* -> Infantry

Heavy Cavalry:
... -> Knight -> Cuirassier* -> Tank

Light Cavalry:
Horseman-> Courser* -> Cavalry

Ranged (Regular):
... -> Field Cannon -> Mortar* -> Rocket Launcher

Ranged (Automatic Guns, +8 combat bonus vs Melee, Anti Cavalry and Light Cavalry, exert Zone of Control):
Gatling Gun* -> Machine Gun

Catapult -> Trebuchet* -> Bombard -> Artillery -> Self Propelled Artillery*

Scout -> Explorer* -> Ranger

Naval Melee:
Galley -> Cog* -> Caravel

Naval Ranged:
Quadrireme -> Galleass* -> Frigate

Unique Unit Changes:
* Conquistador -> Rifleman (other religion combat bonus reduced by 1 to +9)
* Mamluk -> Cuirassier
* Legion -> Longswordsman
* Shield Bearer -> Longswordsman
* War Cart -> Knight
* War Cart replaces Heavy Chariot.
* Legion changed to 41 combat strength.
* Cost of Knight, Mamluk increased to 200.
* Samurai replaces Longswordsman.
* Khevsur now replaces Longswordsman.
* Pikeman strength increased to 45, cost decreased to 160.
* Okihtcitaw upgrades to Explorer.
* Hwacha upgrades to Mortar.
* Khmer Domrey replaces Trebuchet.
* Macedon Hypaspist and Persian Immortal upgrade to Longswordsman.
* Redcoat and Garde Imperiale replace Rifleman.

Other Changes:
* Anti Cavalry units now have +20 combat bonus vs Heavy Cavalry & +15 vs Light Cavalry
* Naturalist Base Sight Range set to 2.
* Heavy Cavalry get +6 Combat Strength vs when attacking pre-Gunpowder Melee units on non-District tiles.
* Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry now have a -6 Combat Strength penalty vs Districts.

R.E.D. Compatibility Mod by GeloDGreat:

Moar Units has proved very popular (75,000+ active subscriptions!). However a significant issue with it is that it is effectively two mods rolled into one:
1) A mod that adds additional Global Units.
2) A mod that adds another 2 Unique Units to (some) Civilizations.

Steel & Thunder: Unit Expansion is a revised version of (1), splitting out this component of Moar into its own standalone mod.

Steel & Thunder: Unique Units is the successor mod for (2) adding one additional UU per Civilization.

If anyone wants to reuse any of the Unit art from Steel & Thunder it is all available here:

This mod is meant to be used INSTEAD of Moar Units not with it! You should remove and unsubscribe for Moar Units and Even Moar Units mods if you want to use either or both of the Steel & Thunder mods.

Thanks to the following contributors:
Icon Art: ChimpanG, janboruta
3D Art: Hizkiyahu (aka Wolfdog)

Mods are free and open source but if you want to show your appreciation you can...
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chuaxzn2006 Sep 16 @ 6:42am 
Graphics issues with the ships please update soon to fix them
Jul 4 @ 1:08am 
please update this is really a great mod :hotkepa:
lamuchan13 Jun 11 @ 3:27am 
Doesn't work. S&T Unique Units and Unique Units - Enable All both work however
R3v3r3ndGizmo May 25 @ 9:03pm 
why wont this work for me?
wy3814654 May 12 @ 8:25am 




... -> 剑客 -> 长剑客* -> 火枪手 -> 步枪手* -> 步兵

... ->骑士 ->胸甲骑兵* ->坦克

骑士-> 骑兵* -> 骑兵

... ->野战炮 ->迫击炮* ->火箭发射器

加特林机枪* ->机枪

弹射器 -> 投石机* -> 轰炸 -> 火炮 -> 自行火炮*

侦察兵 -> 探险家* -> 游侠
Maitri Apr 8 @ 10:56am 
@bhk4 Found out the same thing here. Thought I was doing REALLY well and then realized I was getting double the bonuses on EVERYTHING, not just tundra tiles
Primo96 Mar 12 @ 9:54am 
Can someone tell me how to bring back Longsowrdman instead of Man at Arms?
TOR Feb 27 @ 8:50pm 
Recent multiplayer game playing as Australia, I have been unable to upgrade my Swordsmen to Musketmen. Anyone else?
xNescau Feb 19 @ 4:34am 
does this work with harmony in diversity? cause i'm playing as Brazil and don't see: explorer, gatling gun, Longswordsman and rifleman... the rest is in the game
Sleepy Feb 13 @ 5:28pm 
Is this mod broken? What have been other peoples' experiences of it