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TP Scroll Guide
By SkyyStørm
A guide on how to effectively use a Town Portal Scroll
General Information

A Town Portal Scroll, or TP Scroll for short, is a cheap item that is buyable from the fountain or the side shop in the bottom and top lanes. This item allows you to teleport to a friendly structure after a short channeling time. This item is extremely useful and important item, even in Public games, yet I see so few people that use it.

First some info on the TP Scroll from Dota 2 Wiki :

Town Portal Scroll
Bought from Consumables and Side Lane Shop
Cost : 135
Charges : 1
Active : Teleport

Teleport - Channeled, affects self.
Description : Teleports you to within 525 range of a target friendly building. While channeling, gives 200 range vision on the target and pings your allies' minimaps.
Teleporting to a non-fountain building takes additional time if any allies have also teleported within a 1100 radius of your target within 25 seconds.
Range : Global
Casting Time : 3 seconds (5/6/7/8 for 1/2/3/4 recent nearby allied TP's)
: 65
: 75
Although it sounds silly, knowing how to use a TP Scroll properly can significantly increase your chances of winning a match.

Always carry a TP Scroll
It's almost an internet meme now, but its true. With the exception of a few heroes that can travel far on their own (such as Nature's Prophet), you should always carry a TP Scroll on you. It will allow you a global mobility to help attack or defend towers and other heroes.

1. Defending a Tower or Hero
When a lane starts to get pushed, be it naturally by creeps, or aggressively by one or more heroes, it is always in your best interest to defend it. Although farm and kills are important, the end game is protecting your towers, and destroying the enemy's. Thus, if your tower is under attack and there's nobody to protect it, using a TP scroll to defend the structure is an excellent idea.
This also goes for a hero in trouble, especially a Carry. TPing in to help him is always a good way to get counter-gank kills.
Notes : Never TP in front of a tower unless you want to perform a specific tactic. You never know what heroes are standing just outside of the tower's view range, ready to disable and kill you. Remember, they can see you teleporting in.

2. Ganking
Sometimes you can catch a lane off guard by doing a very quick gank. You dissappear from the lane for a few seconds, and before they can call the missing lane, you've already TPed to a nearby tower and rushed in to gank another lane. The important thing to remember about this is timing and visibility. If you communicate well, and the enemy is near to your tower, you can have your team support disable the target enemy Carry, buying you time to TP in before he can respond. Alternatively you can TP to a tower where they don't have visibility.
Notes : This method of ganking does help a bit if the enemy wards well, because you can bypass river wards, and even some jungle wards. If you run up the lane they'll only see you when you are on them.

3. Escaping
When you are farming on your own bottom, the enemy clashing with the rest of your team top, its easy to get distracted by last-hitting and denying. But then, suddenly you realize the enemy are all alive and missing. And you see two heroes running across the river from a ward's viewpoint. There's no way you can get past them without being cut off. This is where the TP Scroll is useful, allowing you to escape before they even reach you. To make them search longer, make sure you are out of vision before TPing.
Notes : Juking in the forest with line of sight can save your life with a TP Scroll. If a Hero is chasing you in the Jungle, and you are able to run around trees cutting off his vision for a moment, you can immediately start channeling Teleport. By the time he has vision again, you will have teleported to safety or at least leave a light show for him to anguish at. Some areas such as the long lanes have tree lines you can run into that makes for easy escapes with a TP Scroll.

4. Advanced Techniques.
There are various strategies that can be pulled using a TP Scroll. I've seen many of them used in The International by professional teams. It is in your own best interest to figure out ways to use the scroll to your advantage.
One example was a game of the LGD (if I remember correctly). Their carry Sylar, a Naga Siren, was farming solo bottom while the rest defended towers. Using Smoke, the entire enemy team came upon him from the jungle, catching him off guard. He then instantly cast Naga's Ultimate, putting them all to sleep. As he did this, his entire team TPed in one after the other. By the time everyone was TPed in, Sylar's song ended, and a huge clash ensued, with LGD winning the counter-gank.
Last Notes
As you can see, the TP Scroll is an important item in both structured games and public matchmaking, so I urge you to consider using it. It can save your team's life.

Remember :
  • Always carry a TP Scroll
  • The cast time of Teleport increases if some of your allies have teleported within a 1100 radius of your target location.
  • Double-tapping or clicking the TP Scroll will automatically teleport you to the fountain.
  • When you teleport near or onto trees, they will be destroyed around the target location.
  • Going invisible while channelling will not cancel it.
  • Switching your Power Treads however, will cancel it.
  • Teleport is a channelled ability, and as such, can be cancelled by many skills, including stun, mini-stun, or any disable that affects your ability to use skills. This includes silence too. If you move, or attack or use a skill, it will also cancel the channelling.
  • A tower is more important to a support than getting farm.
  • Don't TP in front of towers, always on or behind.
  • Teleport has a 65 second cooldown. Don't TP for no reason.
  • If you get Boots of Travel, the TP Scroll is redundant, so you don't need it anymore. Also, it shares a cooldown with the boots, so you cannot double Teleport.

Thank you for reading this guide, and I hope you will use Town Portal Scrolls more effectively in the future. ;)

Pictures from Dota 2 Wiki, and the deviantArt artist, d-k0d3[]. Please check out his Dota 2 art, its amazing.