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Total War: SHOGUN 2

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Reset DLC Units Skills
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Feb 5 @ 2:34am
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Reset DLC Units Skills

Annoyed with wrong skill upgrading for your DLC Units in Avatar Conquest mode?
This mod allows you to COMPLETELY RESET the DLC Units by DELETING them.
But it DOSEN'T mean you lose them permanently.
Just RE-LAUNCH the game WITHOUT the mod, those DLC units will come back to your roster
in a fresh new condition.

P.S Additional veteran slots are available for you as the side-effect of deleting DLC units, just like my
following dudes:

WARNING :FOR RESETTING SKILLS ONLY! PLZ DO NOT use somwhat UNPREDICTABLE glitch of this mod which may cause your avatar been deleted.

Other mods may help :
Avatar Drop Propability Mod ----- by AggonyDuck
No Clan Tokens Mod ----- by myself :)

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It is Apache Myrdmiton and his friend who are true cheaters. This mod is really good.
Aen Kenji Feb 21 @ 6:38pm 
I will probably just test it out with a throw away avatar. Hope your house burns down to so you can get those insurance sheckles.
Dingus Feb 17 @ 10:35pm 
@Aen Kenji Yes, don't think CA cares about cheaters anymore but i do hope your house burns down
Aen Kenji Feb 17 @ 5:30pm 
So does anyone know if this mod is considered cheating and can cause your character to get deleted?
Aen Kenji Feb 15 @ 10:10am 
I see two people in the comments using broken english to criticize the author and his mod. I don't care about his other mods but how could this mod be considered cheating. All it allows you to do is delete you dlc veterans. A lot of people make a mistake when upgrading their dlc vets and can never change them and stuck with those units.

I am genrally concern though cause I want to get this mod so I can reset my daikyu samurai but worried it might be considered cheating.
Karl Ludwig Feb 15 @ 8:47am 
Nobody will play matching
[ANV]-R-White Lion Feb 15 @ 6:07am 
+ CA could anyway add a reset button when they did patches on this game
[ANV]-R-White Lion Feb 15 @ 6:04am 
that is a shameful behavior to hack like ❀❀Evy❀❀ do
[ANV]-R-White Lion Feb 15 @ 6:03am 
xing.eisure if you think that is shameful to cheat so why are you friends with ❀❀Evy❀❀ she/he is the beggest hacker in this game
人生能有几坎坷 Feb 15 @ 5:55am 
You to lose the game balance provides a tremendous contribution