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Stilgar's Immersive Flight
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Stilgar's Immersive Flight

NOTICE: Due to unforeseen modding circumstances, the mod is broken on my end. I have to remake all of the flyers from scratch, as their files have become corrupted (I was attempting to make a Total Conversion, and it kinda backfired because I forgot to make backups). So,
PLEASE: Evolve your flyers back to vanilla, and disable the mod for now! There's no telling when the next update will come, and it may delete your dinos when it does come, so be prepared and just stop using this mod until I get it fixed!

*If you don't mind your flyers spontaneously disappearing when I update, go ahead and keep using it as this version is still functional. I just don't want anybody's most prized Wyvern to go missing if it doesn't have to.*

Put the thrill and joy of your first flight into- well, every flight!

Thanks to @DragonBrigade for the flashy image and @The Croc Gaming for the mod showcase! Thank you as well to the whole community for showing such support for this mod!

Want to discuss the mod further and in more detail than just leaving your report in the comments? Add your two cents in the new Immersive Flight Discord![]

Supported Flyers
-Wyverns (Including Ice)
-Argentavis (Beak-hold animation is a little weird atm)
-Quetzal (No dive, altitude-based speed)
PLATFORM QUETZ USERS: Structures will not be kept when evolving your Quetz to an IF Quetz, take them off with S+ or another mod, and put them back on after you've evolved your Quetz!

In the works, but incomplete:

Current Features

-IF Flyers will not spawn naturally, they must be Evolved from a vanilla flyer or spawned, as the flyers' AI is not prepared to handle such speed.
-Flyers can be toggled from vanilla to BF and back again with the Evolver, crafted with 5 Stimberries.
-Flyers can accelerate/decelerate by holding or releasing Shift.
-They can be aimed downward and enter a dive animation, increasing acceleration and max speed.
-Reaching a certain speed will cause a flyer to 'soar' when Shift is released, and spend less stamina.
-Releasing W will not stop a flyer, it will auto-align with the horizon and keep flying forward until X is pressed.
-Colliding head-on with the ground or other objects will knock a flyer out of the air.
-Colliding with something on its wings but not body will slow it down, but not ground it.
-Shift + S tucks in its wings, avoiding the slow-down mechanic but still allowing for head-on collisions.
-For strafing flyers (such as Tapejara) hit 'X' to switch between 'Hover' and 'Flight' modes.

Known bugs will be in the discussion, if you have a bug to present please post in there

Spawn Commands

admincheat summon BFPtero_Character_BP_C

admincheat summon BFArgent_Character_BP_C

admincheat summon IFWyvern_Character_BP_(type)_C
Replace (type) with Base, Fire, Poison, Lightning, or Ice (Base is basically fire)

admincheat summon BFQuetz_Character_BP_C

admincheat summon BFTapejara_Character_BP_C

Give Evolver:
admincheat giveitem "Blueprint'Game/Mods/BetterFlyers/PrimalItemConsumable_BFEvolver.PrimalItemConsumable_BFEvolver'" 1 1 0

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License. []
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Servers using this mod?
< >
Gæm Pancæk Aug 6 @ 7:00am 
Yeh, advanced codes is what i need.
Frillface Aug 3 @ 12:36am 
can i have the Long spawn codes pls?
Stilgar  [author] Jul 18 @ 9:02am 
@NoahOliv99 Are you playing in Multiplayer?
NoahOliv99 Jul 18 @ 4:41am 
My argentavis is just lagging when i fly
Stilgar  [author] Jul 17 @ 9:38pm 
@M.M. Thanks! Hopefully I can get it fixed up soon, so I can continue adding to it.
DragonforceFirebreather Jul 17 @ 5:46pm 
yup. that's what it was. thanks. btw one of the best mods on the workshop imo.
Stilgar  [author] Jul 16 @ 8:27pm 
@M.M. I think there was a version a few months ago that was bugged, it interacted strangely with maps' hitboxes, specifically it would interact with every spawn volume and post process zone, so in every part of the map save the very corners the flyer would act like it was experiencing a collision, and would be slowed down.

This is not a feature, and the current version should not have this problem, Pteras, and all other implemented flyers, should be able to accelerate either with Shift, or while aiming downward.
DragonforceFirebreather Jul 16 @ 5:48pm 
I just wanted to ask: I played around with this mod a few months ago and found that every ptera I flew with was "slow as molases". I just wanted to ask if this is a universal feature and if there's a way to increase the speed on pteras. I really like this mod and the idea you had making this. Props to you.
Stilgar  [author] Jul 4 @ 2:35pm 
@Skellex Yeah, I think what I thought was going to be a viable solution to the stuttering has turned out to be more of a band-aid patch for low-latency servers like mine. I'll be working to try and provide an actual solution to the underlying problem of replication on a system that has latency of any sort.

@Swampfox If you don't see the Evolver in your engrams tab, then the mod isn't working. Try reinstalling or changing your mod order.

@$Hawk_the_immortal$ No, it doesn't support any modded creatures right now. I am open to collaboration with other modders though, so if they ask to get my flight coding I will let them apply it to their flyers as long as they give credit, and I will update the Evolver to work on their flyers.
$Hawk_the_immortal$ Jul 3 @ 6:06pm 
does the evolver wrok with modded wyverns?