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More Reapers!
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More Reapers!

This is the new version of more reapers mod! This mod adds more reapers! (sorry for making a new version, because i couldn't update the original mod.)this is mainly for the other maps (including not scorched earth), if you want to spawn in specific level of a reaper, use the Admin Command Menu because i don't know how to make custom spawn ids.

(they are all knockout tames, for now)

Reaper Toad
Reaper toad is like the Beelzebufo, it has the same jump, fast and a licking attack. They can be found in the jungles and becomes more active in dawn


Reaper Master
Reaper master is the most interesting reaper, it has one spinning-like attack and a powerful bite attack. It's unique and can be found almost everywhere

Elemental Reaper
Elemental reaper has an attack that can inject molten element in to dinos (doesn't work on players). Because of the element, the elemental reaper is super fast!

Reaper Emperor
Reaper emperor, the biggest and baddest of them all, it likes being in the redwood biome and has a fire tail. One hit from its fire, you're done dead.

Xenosaurus is a nocturnal hunter, they ambush from behind where you can't see them. In the jungle, you can't see anything.. (if you see a xenosaurus, ONE reaper master must've spawned nearby it)

Reaper Titan
The reaper titan looks smart, but it isn't. It is the second largest and doesn't see very well. Taming one of these titans can give you power.
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M.R. Smith
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MrPunkerGamer Aug 1 @ 8:26am 
Mod ID : 1291724319
Deus Jun 29 @ 12:01pm 
Mod ID?
YuraSonic Jun 24 @ 12:05pm 
excuse me please. Where do they spawn on the Ragnarok map?
werewolfess18 Jun 14 @ 9:33am 
any way to tweak the reaper emperors walk/run speed so they arent running at a snails pace? even pumping speed doesnt really help very much. not sure if theres an ini option or not. maybe could suggest making their stride longer? sort of like godzilla. otherwise enjoyable mod.
Stupid Sid  [author] May 24 @ 7:23am 
I am trying my best to update this mod but it always makes a new mod instead of updating this. But yeah, i've fixed it
dragonrage5454 May 23 @ 4:18pm 
How is the work coming along on fixing the Reaper Titan taming? I have been eyeballing a max level for some time now :-D
Vocal Tune May 8 @ 12:59pm 
[OME]Trux Yes l although I didn't want players to run into it right away in Ragnarok when I also have an Aberration server. So I intentionally block them on Ragnarok.
[OME]Trux May 8 @ 11:14am 
Does this mod works on Ragnarok ?
mkiewski Apr 29 @ 11:19am 
Where are spawn codes?
spikemule Apr 20 @ 10:57am 
That's awesome. I love the reapers, I currently run ( ok lumber slowly) on the emperor, it's great fun.