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LC Megabites
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LC Megabites

In 1 collection by hawk20011
Server 1 LC PVE 25x Island Extinction Core
30 items
The Megabite mod adds large, ridable trilobites that will spawn on the beaches of your map. They spawn in many beautiful colours and have an aberrant glow at night.
They are like fast racing cars and can swim underwater. These scale steep slopes and are true all-terrain amphibious vehicles.
Weapon handling while riding is enabled.
Kill them for their chitin and their drops, or knock them out and feed them spoiled meat to tame them! No saddle is required to ride them.
On wander, a tamed Megabite produces oil, silica pearls, cementing paste and occasionally black pearls and angler gel in its inventory.
If dung beetles aren't producing oil on your server because of poop stacks, this might be a good alternative for you.

100% clean & stackable.

Server Settings Info:

If you wish to increase or decrease spawns use the dino tags:
Dino Tag: Megabite Example: Increase spawns to 3x more: DinoSpawnWeightMultipliers=(DinoNameTag=Megabite,SpawnWeightMultiplier=3.0,OverrideSpawnLimitPercentage=true,SpawnLimitPercentage=1.0)

To block:

Spawn Code:
cheat spawndino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/LCMegaBite/AberrantMegabite2_BP.AberrantMegabite2_BP'" 0 0 0 200

Mod ID:

INI Settings:
You do not have to add anything to the gameusersettings.ini file. If you want the change the default settings though, you will have to add the following section.

[LCMegabites] ProdSpeed=300 OilChance=50 CpasteChance=50 SilicaChance=35 BlackPearlChance=2 AnglerGelChance=1

ProdSpeed is the interval in seconds that the Megabite produces resource spawns. The default is 300 seconds (5 minutes). At that setting, every 300 seconds, the Megabite adds items to its inventory.
Even at what seems like the slow speed of 300 second intervals, in a 24 hour period, this occurs 288 times. Keep that in mind if speeding it up by making the interval smaller.

OilChance, CpasteChance, SilicaChance, BlackPearlChance and AnglerGelChance must be integer numbers between 0 and 100. They are the odds of that item being spawned. The defaults are shown above.
Eg: OilChance=55 means there is a 55% chance of Oil getting spawned.
If you don't want that item to spawn at all use OilChance=0

Made for but not exclusively for Lost Continent PVE servers at
These mods can be used on any servers!

Don't forget!

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Cig Insomniac Gamer Jul 25 @ 12:56pm 
Does this dino have an attack?
Fishkeeper Jun 26 @ 5:21pm 
I like these guys, but what the heck is up with their topor? I can put half a dozen tranq darts out of a high-qualitiy rifle into one and it doesn't slow down. For something that appears mostly on beaches and therefore seems like an early-game creature, that doesn't make much sense.
Bonedragon1300 May 15 @ 8:10pm 
For some reason I can't hitch mine up with S+ hitching post
Myst Apr 16 @ 3:02am 
Thsi is one of my favorite mods, their not just a cool little gokart I love the facted that when on wonder it crafts all the hard to get stuff. Thanks so much!
AhAhAtreyu Apr 10 @ 12:05am 
Fast racing car? I tamed a high level and it was very slow on land and water.
Dr.Gummy Mar 14 @ 5:12pm 
i cant find any, does it have to be a fresh world?
HELPY Mar 4 @ 6:06pm 
How rare are these?
Turner_tv Feb 22 @ 11:16pm 
works on abaration?
Terrorizer2003 Feb 16 @ 8:02pm 
ok cool hope its works out
Dark Trey Feb 16 @ 1:33pm 
Please fix it so that the megabites cant go under walls and through barriers. They manage to get out of my enclosure all the time despite there being no way to get out for other dinos. Otherwise great mod thanks