Total War: SHOGUN 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2

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No Clan Tokens Needed
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Feb 3 @ 11:18pm
Jul 17 @ 10:26pm
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No Clan Tokens Needed

Now You don't need any clan tokens to upgrade veterans' clan skills in avatar mode.:p
Since lots of low-star players(Newbees) suffered much from fighting match-made battles to gain tokens(usually long time spent, few players online nowadays,no appropriate opponents found and so on),this mod allows you to upgrade veterans'clan skills FREELY (Once your vets meet the level requirements).
Now you can get more DECENT troops.(No need wasting vets' skill points on some crap skills due to lack of clan tokens,save them for attack/defence/morale...)
Additional benefit: strongly boost units XP gain from multiplayer battles,u can get a lv9 vet almost from every battle!( TIME SAVING).

Other helpful mods:
Avatar Drop Propability Mod ----- by AggonyDuck
DLC Unit Skill Reset Mod ----- by myself

Update: It works when u start an avatar without any tokens.The UI may be a little queer...
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[S/Z] ZoneD Jul 13 @ 3:00am 

unable to use without any tokens. (have tested properly with this as the only mod running)
This mod is great. Thanks to creator.
ts Jun 18 @ 6:51am 
Can't reset my Avatar after I did a horrible mistake when upgrading him. This mod doesn't allow me to reset him without any tokens. Since you could make this mod, is it possible that you can make us able to reset our avatar skill three or gain tokens nontheless?
pengcong8 Jun 9 @ 10:18pm 
Can you modify the clan token and my clan token becomes 0 for some reason:steamsad:
[-Chosen-]^DFexpress Jun 8 @ 10:18pm 
now the server is shutted down, we could not get clan tokens.....only this mod could help me..,
[-Chosen-]^DFexpress Jun 8 @ 10:16pm 
thank you so lot!
米奇妙妙屋 Feb 16 @ 5:37am 
nikos-christos Feb 13 @ 7:47pm 
So now, is there any mod that can help us unlock "There can only be one" achievement, since ladders are broken?
Fenix Feb 11 @ 11:24am 
this is a cheat and it will cheat all units. Shame.
wreakeroflives Feb 10 @ 4:53am 
evy lmfao and the creator's comment