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Cold War English

Cold War mod: English version

This is English language pack only, apply Cold War mod first

Cold War mod is a large-scale modification on the war between the SCO and NATO countries in an alternative reality on the battlefields of the series of games "Men of War 2".

The purpose of creating a mod is to inform the player about the capabilities of modern weapon systems and their role on the battlefield with the help of the game engine GEM2

The action takes place in an alternative reality. Difference is invention of an effective and relatively cheap way of destroying nuclear warheads from distance. After saturation of the air defense of NATO with anti-nuclear emitters, the last factor that kept the Alliance from attacking Russia and China disappeared.

The main single player campaign allows the player to fight for Russian motorized rifles, paratroopers and special forces. Additional campaigns reveal the themes of wars in Chechnya and Iraq, and also supplement the main campaign. All missions support cooperative, some are more suitable for cooperatives, some were developed mainly for single-player games. Some of the missions of the main campaign supports the transfer of troops and the results of the battle to the next mission.

Multiplayer bases on the principle of the division of troops by types into a small number of brigades - specialized groups that prefer a certain tactic, performing a certain role in combat and equipped with a certain vehicles. Examples:
-Motorised forces of the RF or the US Army. Armed with tanks and infantry. They prefer close contact with the enemy, they hold the line.
-Russian VKS or the US Air Force. Equipped with aircraft and helicopters. Provides air support to ground troops, destroys tanks, long-range artillery and air defense.
-Artillery and air defense. Armed with artillery, MLRS and air defense. Performs artillery barrage, coveres ground troops from air strikes.

At the beginning of the battle the player chooses one of the brigades. After that, he can only buy specialized troops of the selected brigade and common forces, but is deprived of access to the specialized forces of other brigades. The brigade can be changed during the battle, but the change takes several minutes, during which the call of any reinforcements is impossible.

Various types of multiplayer battles are available, including the "Tank Biathlon" competition - the race and shooting on the reconstructed Alabino test track.

Mod demonstrates a large number of various vehicles and weapons, from pistols to tactical missile systems. The weapon is configured in accordance with the characteristics of real prototypes - to the extent that it is possible on the GEM2 game engine and within the published data in open sources. Wherever real parameters can not be set (for example, the range of fire), different scales of translation are used. The developers of the mod believe that the transfer of technical characteristics of troops close to reality allows achieving a game balance. The entertainment of the game is realized not at the expense of realism.

The role of the player is the commander of the company or battalion, so some attention is paid to the fact that the troops under the control of the computer can independently use the new capabilities of the mod without overloading the player. For example, the refusal to manually track the target while controlling the ATGM (after all, it is not the commander's job, but the ATGM operator's) that allows artificial intelligence to effectively use them independently or in conjunction with the player.
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Timosh  [author] 8 hours ago 
"compatibility between Red Rising?" - no compatibility at all due to large amount of unique mechanics in CW.
"Is there any point in even attempting a compatibility patch between the two?" - no.
"Does Cold War include a larger variety of assets and vehicles or?" - yes, we have large enough amount of vehicles and aviation. We've build full spectrum of air support (from CAS to cruise missiiles), atrillery (sph, mrls, tac missile launchers), los of tanks, APC, IFV, SPATGM, AA, SAM, mounted vehicles and so on.
What can be said about compatibility between Red Rising? Is there any point in even attempting a compatibility patch between the two? Does Cold War include a larger variety of assets and vehicles or?
Timosh  [author] Oct 14 @ 10:20pm 
"So when you place troops, they pass on to the Stilleto mission?" - yes, troops from training ground go to "Stiletto", other troops stay on base for next mission.
"Is that why I crash whenever I load Stilleto mission?" - post proper bugreport.
"I know the supply trucks are in common troops but i can`t click on them at least when i play NATO and Russians" - the game contains a bug when you can't click on some troops if there is not enough unit groups. Supply trucks work in brigades mode, and this bug will be fixed in standart mode.
E-DiX Oct 14 @ 11:48am 
I know the supply trucks are in common troops but i can`t click on them at least when i play NATO and Russians
NobleWarrior Oct 14 @ 11:27am 
Is that why I crash whenever I load Stilleto mission?
NobleWarrior Oct 14 @ 11:25am 
So when you place troops, they pass on to the Stilleto mission?
Timosh  [author] Oct 14 @ 11:23am 
Place them on training ground. Open "objectives" to see where you should place all 3 battle groups. Everything left on the base won't be in next mission, but will appear after it on base before next mission.
NobleWarrior Oct 14 @ 10:12am 
On the Stilleto-Base mission, how do you send your forces to the battle?
Can I use this mod as a base for a mod I'm creating? Also can I use the vehicles and weapons from it also? You would get full credit for your contribution.
Timosh  [author] Oct 12 @ 4:31am 
E-DiX, supply truck for tanks, infantry, mortars etc. is availible in common troops.
"How do you refuel aircraft?" - refilling planes is hard and not needed yet. To refill heli, make it hoover and use can or barrel.