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GoreMod V2
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Feb 3 @ 11:00am
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GoreMod V2

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After 9 years in development hopefully it will be worth the wait.

This version is an improvement from the original, the blood effects no longer uses the water particles (yes, the same water that makes you run like a turtle and the same that makes the blood look awful)
Instead all the textures are now from the original L4D1 with some "improvements" in the radius because why not right?

The incap blood pool now has a different texture from hl2 instead of that ketchup that was on the pockets from all survivors

Map from the screenshots "The Ultimate Mod Testing and Reviewing Area V6.5"
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pepep__ Aug 30 @ 1:59pm 
will this impact my fps?
Connor Aug 28 @ 3:22pm 
@petri thanks for that i was about to install this mod to increase the gore
chalk Aug 28 @ 5:21am 
Parrygrip2 Aug 1 @ 2:43pm 
rico xd no le veo mucha diferencia perooooo se ve xd :steamsalty:
Petri Jul 24 @ 6:04pm 
Don't install this mod, it'll downgrade your gore. All it does is disable the real gore in the game and replaces it with blood splatter
M'aiq Loves Skooma Jul 21 @ 5:34pm 
Now if you could update this mod to where it has proper blood spilling that would be awesome! What I mean is when those blood splashes land on any surface, it should leave a blood stain. Other than that it's great! Just that one little thing would make this mod perfect!
I'd like the survivor death blood puddle (not really sure what else to call it) as a seperate mod. Not removing it from this one, I mean. Just having it on it's own. :chainsaw:
Communist Jul 1 @ 6:40am 
When every I kill an infected with this mod their ragdolls freakout.
coLan Jun 29 @ 6:22am 
i guess this only works for the uncut version right ?
Gibson Jun 23 @ 2:17pm 
vvvvvv lol nigga this is not jwfk