ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Feb 2 @ 3:29pm
Feb 3 @ 4:49am
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OP Versions of the basic Tek gear.

Not intended for PVP use, and do not expect this stuff to be balanced.
It's designed to be OP.
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Verayth Jun 5 @ 7:10pm 
A Few other problems with this version:
1. The OP Tek Tranq Rifle is missing. That was awesome for taming Dinos.
2. the helmet effect stays even after removing the helmet.
3. the armor no longer provides OP insulation

@Tigg3r00: The items in this version are overpowered (as the name implies), and easier to craft. All items require just 1 stone each, which is easily doable as a new level 1 character. This is also just armor and weapons, no saddles like the Mega version. Also FYI, all Tek helmets act the same way with the E command. Just take it off when farming.

The OPTekV2 helmet appears to have been updated for Aberration and also blocks poison and radiation. I switched to this version because of that.
Tigg3r00 May 13 @ 2:06pm 
How do Mega and OP compare, roughly? I'm trying to find other ways to have a demigod sort of farmer building fgardening experience like I had on a difficulty mod that let me have a ton of levels but I'm trying to do this with potions and gear and the like instead of playing with settings, which can be a pain and can get really wierd and wierder from trying to fix the wierd. Plus I can take off the gear and work on getting better at the game without all the help. This armor looks perfect for it... I have a problem with the helmet often in that if I'm trying to do E commands like gather berries or pick up rocks with it on the view keeps changing. ANyway thanks for working on this mod whether it works for putting together my personal magnum opus of a modded SP experience or not, it looks great!
Flamegazza  [author] Feb 3 @ 12:11pm 
i didn't bother with a shield, and I know about the issue with the rifle, will fix next time i'm on the dev kit
Mortiferus Feb 3 @ 8:23am 

The Rifle can not be constructed in the inventory like the Armor and sword.

Shield and Rifle have no engram