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Halo CEA M6D (Deagle)
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May 13 @ 8:37am
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Halo CEA M6D (Deagle)

In 1 collection by Danger Wasp
Halo: UNSC Armory ( Weapon Mods and Scripts )
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"I don't keep it loaded, son. You'll have to find ammo as you go." - Captain keyes to Spartan John-117

"The M6D Personal Defense Weapon System, otherwise known as the M6D Magnum Sidearm, is a United Nations Space Command sidearm and is one of the variants of Misriah Armory's M6 handgun series. The M6D is an automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed, large-bore handgun that is controllable even during rapid fire, although at the cost of accuracy. It is most likely striker-fired, due to there being no visible external hammer. It fires M225 SAP-HE (Semi-Armor Piercing, High Explosive) rounds from a 12-round magazine. Operators can achieve an effective rate of fire of 3.5 rounds/sec or 210 rounds/min. The weapon is very accurate out to its maximum effective range. This accuracy allows incredibly precise target engagement at long range. This, combined with its decent damage against Energy Shields, makes it a viable option when faced with shielded opponents, such as Elites. It is, however, even more effective against unshielded infantry targets, being able to kill most targets in one shot to the head or two to three shots to the body."

This mod replaces the Desert Eagle in L4D2 with the M6D Magnum from Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary. Using custom animations recreated by [ΖмBя.™] Dusty for L4D2 and sounds from Halo CEA.

model - Bungie
textures - Sabre interactive, 343 industries
animations, rigging - [ΖмBя.™] Dusty
sounds - Bizargh, Masterchief117
model and texture extraction, porting, compiling - Danger Wasp
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λgent Crowbλr Apr 11 @ 7:41am 
You know what would be a nice edition with this?

Captain Keyes (Bill)
Azure🐾 Apr 5 @ 6:19pm 
Once the script drops its game over for zombies.
Danger Wasp  [author] Apr 5 @ 3:08pm 
@My Buddy Keith that is another version of the magnum I am working on. but i need my friend's help to make the phongmap for it look great. it's already rigged and the sounds are set up. just he is the best when it comes to shaders.
Bloo Kirby Apr 5 @ 9:36am 
Is it possible to make a version with the Original Halo 1 Model and sounds?
Danger Wasp  [author] Apr 4 @ 3:02pm 
@DEVGRU Emery mostly. again just waiting for renders to be made by my friends. can't rush them.
Fixions Apr 4 @ 11:40am 
What's the next mod release we should expect soon. C'mon, it's been awhile.
【CrashBash】 Apr 4 @ 7:41am 
Best halo mod ever!
Azure🐾 Mar 22 @ 10:40am 
Awwww yes. It will be the best handgun.
Danger Wasp  [author] Mar 22 @ 9:34am 
@Azure🐾 actually yes. i'm currently in the testing phase for it. nailed the rate of fire, damage, and long range as well as the ammo clip size. useful for picking off infected from a distance. but not useful when there's a horde around you.
Azure🐾 Mar 22 @ 7:40am 
Will we ever get a script to make it super op?